store down

Apple has taken its US web store down as it prepares to begin selling the iPhone 5s. The handset will be available for online order starting at 12:01 am Pacific Standard Time tomorrow morning, and in stores at 8 am.

AT&T also seems to have taken a majority of its site down, and replaced it with a countdown splash page. Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile sites seem to be working fine though, and they will all be selling the 5s online…

As we’ve said before, folks hoping to score a 5s in the near future will want to place their orders quickly. Shipping times in other countries dropped almost immediately to 7-10 days, and some have fallen back to October.

southpoint-iphone5sSouthpoint Mall in Durham, NC via MacRumors

Unfortunately, though, those opting to go buy one in-store tomorrow won’t likely have much better luck. Long lines have already started forming at Apple and carrier stores around the country, and again, supplies are limited.

If you are thinking about ordering online tonight, make sure you check back with us around midnight PST for an update on iPhone 5s availability. Until then, check out some of our more notable 5s posts from the past few days:

  • Nasser Cedeño

    Same Shit Again …nahhh

  • Tony

    Could go to my local at&t there’s no lines currently, but I figure I’ll try online and if it gets crazy like previous releases then I’ll just go down to the store and wait.

  • ifunphoneguy

    Went pass my local ATT and Verizon stores tonight.
    No one outside the stores yet. Guess everyone’s at the Apple Stores.

  • G. Andrade

    I just bought it online at bestbuy, plus got a 50 gift card because I signed up for phone freedom earlier in the year!! 16gb space gray PICK UP ON RELEASE DAY!!!!!!!!!

  • G. Andrade

    A full 45min before the official launch! First!

  • Qasim Bashir

    already got it from BB

  • Baby Damulag

    40 minutes til order starts! yes!

  • G. Andrade

    Order from BestBuy online, and choose store pickup. Order will be ready for pick up Friday Morning!

  • Baby Damulag

    update: was able to order from best buy, will be picking on friday as well! nice!!!

    • G. Andrade

      Nice! Way better than crossing your fingers at the apple store

  • johnnylicious

    For those who are thinking of order from if you don’t qualifity for a full-upgrade and wanna pay the partial upgrade fee $250, they won’t honor it online and will ask you to visit in-store for the 2-year upgrade agreement. Better wait for or

  • Tony

    Does anyone know if Walmart will have the same thing as Best Buy where you order and go pick it up same day? Cause I’d rather order from them then just go down the street to get it.

  • Carl

    hey buds
    I got a question
    can I trade my galaxy s4 in at apple store in order to get iphone5s?

    • G. Andrade

      PROB NOT

  • Joonyaboy

    Ordered! 3:01 through ATT. Silver 32Gb. Ok. Back to sleep

    • solidsephiroth

      How long is shipping?

  • Ignacio Virgen

    Got mine already 🙂 Space grey 32 gb

  • Steven Miller

    Got my Space Gray iPhone 5s ordered with a leather case at 3:15am…..BOOM!

  • solidsephiroth

    I ordered it. Had to change the family AT&T address to our physical address temporarily.

  • solidsephiroth

    How long does it usually stay in the “We’ve received your order” stage?