To say the smartwatch industry is on the verge of exploding would be an understatement. In addition to the Pebbles and the i’m watches, both Samsung and Sony just made major plays in the space. And rumor has it that Apple is also working on a wearable.

But out of all of the smartwatches we’ve seen thus far, this new one from Nissan might just be the best-looking. That’s right, believe it or not, the auto-maker just introduced a connected watch of its own called the ‘Nismo.’ And it’s actually pretty awesome…


Nissan unveiled the Nismo this morning, ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, which begins tomorrow. As you can imagine, many of the functions and features of the watch are related to car and performance data, but it’s capable of syncing with your iPhone as well.

More specifically, this beautifully-crafted accessory will be able monitor the efficiency of a vehicle by doing things like reading its average speed and fuel consumption. It can also provide telematics and performance data, and receive in-car messages from Nissan.

Perhaps most interesting, though, is that the Nismo will also be able to read its user’s biometric data via a heart rate monitor. And, between its lithium battery and use of low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, Nissan says the watch will last an impressive 7 days with normal usage.

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on pricing or availability, but the device will be available in black/white, or black/red when it launches. Sure, its niche features will keep it from being a mainstream product. But here’s hoping other smartwatch-makers are taking notes.

What do you think of the Nismo?

  • Jackson Grong

    Still better than Samsung.

    • thetomthebomb

      Samsungs watch just looks like a piece of sh*t.

      • Guest

        Talk for yourself men, my shit actually looks better 😀

      • Cameron Chao

        To be honest, so does their galaxy line of smartphones.

    • Maxim∑

      Samsung HQ:

      “We have made flexible low power OLED displays, but just to show off”

      would make way to much sense for Samsung if they put it in the watch

      • Lagax

        I can Understand them there: Nobody Wants a Black-White Display. Well ok, no average comsumer. That’s why pebble will Never become Mainstream.

  • Jackson Grong

    Isn’t it funny how everybody now is making smart watches only because Apple is rumored to be working on one, and Apple still didn’t even release anything. Lol

    • Jason Masters

      Actually people were making smart watches before apple even made a phone i mean it goes back all the way back to the first guy Dick Tracy yup i said it lol

      • Guest

        They were never cool before.

      • Jason Masters

        Are you insane dick Tracy was awesome he had a video watch and everyone wanted it

      • Go, go gadget watch!

    • JaeM1llz

      Isn’t it funny how Apple fanboys think that Apple came up with everything?

      • quitcherbichinn

        i think the point he was trying to make was that it wasn’t a rush to product or a concern for the vast majority of companies or consumers until Apple was rumored to be creating one. he’s really not wrong. yes the concept of a watch phone has been around for decades…so was the cell phone, the tablet, the laptop…the list really goes on and on. a pipe dream in a sci fi story doesn’t cut it for me as far as something being considered as “it already existed.” no…the concept of hoping one day such a thing would exist was there…but an actual living working functional product was not.

        Apple didn’t invent the tablet but they sure did make them popular and profitable. prior to Apple putting out the iPad the industry for it was what? the .5% share MS had with their giant laptops with swivel screens that we once called a “tablet”?

        so no…Apple wasn’t the originator but as soon as companies hear Apple MIGHT be working on a specific item they go into overtime trying to guess what it is, how to make one quicker, and how can they make profit in the shadow of Apple MAYBE making something like it.

        if you don’t think that other companies are influenced HEAVILY by what Apple does, creates, and sells….then sir you have your head up your ass and need the jaws of life. none of this has anything to do with fanboys…it has everything to do with business and common sense.

      • JaeM1llz

        The idea of wearable technology has been around for ages. It has only recently become a feasible idea with the advent of OLED screens. It has absolutely nothing to do with Apple, it is a natural progression of technological advancement.

      • quitcherbichinn

        i really wish people would READ what is typed…not what they THINK is typed.

        the reality is….if Apple wasn’t rumored to be making a smartwatch then there wouldn’t be a push by Samsung and others to rush one to market. i’m well aware of the existence of the Pebble and other smartwatches out there but the point remains the same.

        prior to the iPad coming out no one thought such a device would be successful….as soon as it was EVERYONE and their mother jumped on the train to make one to get a piece of the pie. the same was true of the iPhone before it…prior to it coming out such devices didn’t exist and no one was clamoring for them..many thought such a device would fail. as soon as it came out and sales were on fire…every company and their mother (especially Samsung) was rushing to put out clones.

        the fact remains exactly as i stated….where a product may have existed in reality or in concept….as soon as Apple makes one or is rumored to be making one…every company is in a rush to put one out first. so yes…Apple does lead the way most of the time…be it by being the first to introduce a product or the first to introduce a product of quality.

      • JaeM1llz

        How to spot a fanboy: they respond to every single-sentence response with 6 paragraphs attempting to justify their views on how Apple is superior in every way imaginable.

      • quitcherbichinn

        i never said they were superior. again read what i type not what you THINK i typed. pull your head out of your ass k?

        reality is reality….companies copy Apple…they jump on the bandwagon to make money from what Apple does. that’s not stating Apple is superior…that is stating BUSINESS choices. if you don’t see that then you are blind and stupid…i’m going to argue you are just stupid period!

        i’m a chatty person…i will give you pages to read on any topic i reply to.

        and see this is the problem you are having….you aren’t reading what i typed…you are skimming over it AT BEST then assuming you know what the effe i said! you know what they say about those who assume….

      • @dongiuj

        Pull your head out of apples arse. Look at what you typed. You read things on apple devoted blogs and most probably failed to research any other companies ideas/ plans/research/break throughs. Now playing down somebody that has their opinion that may not be loyal (like a dog) to a specific company.

      • quitcherbichinn

        i’m quite aware of what i typed and what it meant. apparently you have your head lodged in the same place as JaeM1llz does. what i said is in fact reality. if you choose to believe otherwise then that is up to you but like always…i am spot on.

        again i will state…you should not ASSUME anything…you do know what they say about those who assume, don’t you? when you assume you make an ass of YOU.

        i’m gonna go with…sales figures…they state how well a product sells. DUH!

        then there is the common FACT of reality. before the iPad was released…no competitors. since it was released…THOUSANDS of competitors.

        do i really need to go on? the facts are the facts. if you want to live your clueless life with your head up your ass then by all means do so. i live here….here in reality…the air is quite refreshing! try visiting some day.

      • @dongiuj

        TBH, I don’t think even you know what you have typed.

        I think it’s best if everyone here agrees to disagree and leave at that.

        Take care mate.

      • felixtaf

        How to spot an idiot? Who doesn’t read what is written and utter the same non-sense again! Your hatred towards Apple shouldn’t make you, not to understand a valid comment.

        Jus reply to this… Touchscreen phones were there even before iPhone. But iPhone changed the touchscreen smartphone industry. Do you agree?

      • Lee

        You made no sense in that and, for the life of me, I can’t tell what you are trying to argue, for or against.

        In any case, yes, the iPhone to change the touchscreen smartphone industry, and just the phone industry as a whole.

      • felixtaf

        reply was for this, “The
        idea of wearable technology has been around for ages. It has only recently
        become a feasible idea with the advent of OLED screens. It has absolutely
        nothing to do with Apple”

        I asked him, “Touch screen phones were there way before iPhone,
        but iPhone changed it all.”

        from that I implied that May be Apple change smartwatches with their iwatch (If
        they release one). Sorry for being very confusing, because I replied for all
        his comments in my one comment. Don’t want to be a spoiled brat to reply
        and choke him in all his comments.

        this watch is looks promising and impressive.

      • n0ahcruz3

        U missed his point. Lol and i wouldnt call him apple fanboy based on his comment.

    • What if

      Apple never was working on a smart watch

  • Danuel Carr

    Ha! Even a CAR COMPANY know how to design a smart watch better then Samsung.

  • sdhn97

    We won’t even see our wrists in the future anymore… :/

  • sadaN

    Take that Shamsung, a car maker can do far better than u…

  • Memo Contreras Zapata

    looks pretty good if i drive a nissan 370z but looks good and i hope they can connect with any other car too .!!

  • You gotta love how a car maker teaches Samsung how to make a wearable

    • @dongiuj

      Maybe even apple too. We don’t know yet.

  • Nipasaurus

    That looks like it’s straight out of a video game, awsome!

  • jocastro

    i kinda dont like it, but it looks way better then Samsung

  • Nice, now Apple has more Artists to steal from and patent..better be something very revolutionary.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Don’t be too quick to assume anything. At this stage we do not even know if Apple is making a smartwatch. I read an article the other week that was so obvious it wasn’t obvious. It was discussing how Apple has been securing iWatch trademarks around the world and how this could be for a TV called iWatch as opposed to some form of wearable…

    • felixtaf

      You really hate a company that much? No one can steal a patented idea and patent again. Its jus a foolish assumption.

      • No, I hate hypocrites, it’s just a coincidence that Apple is one. Regarding patenting a patent, that didn’t stop them from creating a broad patent that covers any rectangular tablet with curved edges…

      • felixtaf

        This is where people are confused by media and pathetic sites. Apple was never awarded a patent for a rectangle with rounded corners. The patent claim clearly states that “The ornamental design for a portable display device, as shown and described.”

        And here are the links for USPTO patent links. It never says that a rectangle with round corners. The design is the iPad 1 design.

        www dot google dot com/patents/USD670286
        www dot google dot com/patents/USD627777

        Its NOT a broad patent that covers any rectangular tablet with curved edges

  • quitcherbichinn

    now if that Samsung POS looked like this i’d be giving it major respect. THIS is how you design something like this! it’s not a bulky ugly dick tracy looking piece of garbage. take note Samsung!

    • Stefano


    • LiusGustavsson

      Are you choosing products after their looks or what?

      • quitcherbichinn

        appearance certainly is a factor in any purchase. appearance factors into your clothing, shoe, car, house, decoration purchases right? if you say no you are a liar. of course functionality is more important than appearance but if it is butt ass ugly then it doesn’t matter how well it functions. as far as functionality…the samsung watch thing is less than impressive and to be completely honest IF apple does bring out such a product and it is comparable to the samsung watch…it’ll be a huge skip for me. if it comes out and is anything like this nismo watch then i’ll be all over it like a cheap slut!

  • Wamid

    It’s really cool!!
    Even though it was obviously influenced by the Nike FuelBand, particularly in app design!

  • felixtaf

    Sigh… Need to buy a Nissan car to enjoy this!

  • Canchume

    i love it but the best part is so JDM i wish i could have a JDM nissan in this moment

  • Ted Forbes

    Impressive!, Now this is what I call a smart watch with futuristic and dynamic designed. Samsung in the rush to beat Apple to the market missed the mark by far. Samsung watch just looks like a cheap watch and it is to expensive for its looks. So far this the watch I will go for. Lets see whether Apple tops this, Samsung “eat your heart out”.

  • Alexander Reimann

    Wonder how long it will stay scratch free… If I didn’t have a screen protector on my iPhone I would be in trouble and that doesn’t have to go through as much as something I wear on my wrist. I had the Nike fuelband for a while, which is rubber and the rubber was scratched when I returned it after 6 months

  • A B

    Well Samsung will continue to be shit till they have apple make one to ape….

  • LiusGustavsson

    I’ve owned a iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S but I recently switched to a Samsung Galaxy S4. So I haven’t been on iDownloadblog for a while, but now that I’m back checking some stuff out, reading these comments is like trying to make sense of any Nicki Minaj song. For example: “Ha! Even a CAR COMPANY knows how to design a smart watch better than Samsung.” and “Samsungs watch just looks like a piece of sh*t.”… What is this? /r/circlejerk? Grow up.

  • LiusGustavsson

    And from what I’ve seen about 40% of the comments include Samsung, but most aren’t anything nice about them. I’m not a fanboy nor do I hate Apple, but some of you have got your head up their ass.

    • Ted Forbes

      Perhaps there are some who are fan-boys because they are, but then again there are some of us because of facts. So you got mosts of this wrong pal.

      Here is just one of those facts that are rear. Have you dropped your phone in water or know somebody that did? The water drop test on the two phones is unbelievable! The the circuits and soldering material in the Samsung Galaxy flagship are made from cheaper materials and rust develop within hours rather than days.

      Apple iPhone on the other hand might experience some power issues but it will come on allowing you some time to at lease backup your stuff (hours and even days after unless it is salt water) if you haven’t done so before.

      I know this as a fact and have managed to save a few people from this disaster. So there you have it, but then again this means nothing if you don’t care about facts. While this result might not be so for every phone it is so for most. And welcome back to iDownloadBlog and do come again.

      • @dongiuj

        Nah, matey’s got it perfectly right.

  • Craig Keller

    dear god these pants are tight