Apple’s much-expected iPhone 5C, noted for its multi-colored plastic body and inexpensive price, could become known for something more: mortally wounding cellular contracts. The test could come this month as Apple unveils the less-expensive iPhone at around what analysts believe will be $400-$500, unsubsidized. For the first time, US carrier T-Mobile – which doesn’t require subscribers sign a two-year contract – will go head-to-head against traditional carriers AT&T and Verizon.

Both carriers may lose customers to T-Mobile as all four domestic carriers offer the new iPhones simultaneously, analysts say. While both AT&T and Verizon provide a subsidy on the iPhone’s price in return for a two-year contract, T-Mobile lauds its absence of such a requirement. T-Mobile began selling the iPhone in April of 2013…

“AT&T and Verizon Wireless, which used to be the only iPhone carriers, are now in jeopardy of losing users to T-Mobile’s more flexible service plans in an already saturated U.S. wireless industry beset by slowing growth,” reports Bloomberg.

Industry observers describe the fourth-largest US carrier being “in the right place at the right time with the right product.”

iPhone 5C (blue, volume roker)

While much of the talk surrounding the iPhone 5C’s attraction has centered on China and India, where handset subsidies are not common, an inexpensive iPhone could benefit a carrier in the tight US cell phone market.

Our own Christian Zibreg noted as much back in January.

For domestic subscribers, AT&T and Verizon – the first two US carriers to offer the iPhone – are attractive due to their offers of lower-priced Apple handsets in exchange for a two-year commitment.

Indeed, an unsubsidized iPhone costs $649, according to Bloomberg. Making the iPhone cheaper could increase T-Mobile’s no-contract plan.

“The cheaper iPhone might fit T-Mobile’s budget plan like a glove,” Roger Entner an analyst at Recon Analytics, told Bloomberg.

  • Maxim∑

    Tmobiles 30$ a month plan is excellent

    • FOFF

      i will say that when they get LTE data speeds..

      • Alex Rodriguez

        At $30 a month you want LTE speeds?

        Obviously, this plan targets the lower end market, and to say something to discredit the plan like “no LTE” is well… a really unnecessary comment. We all know there’s no LTE it’s a $30 plan. Biggie said it best….”if you don’t know now you know!”

      • PimpinBitch


  • Good for T-Mobile being able to get more customers with their plans and phones. All 3 of the other carriers suck with price and/or coverage. I’m moving to T-Mobile as soon as my contract with AT&T is over next month. Totally using their $30 pre-paid plan.

  • Boss

    iPhone 5C will probably only have a 5 mega pixel camera and lower specs or it will stop the sales on the iPhone 5 which will have 8 and the iPhone 5S which might have 13+

    • FOFF

      the 5 is going away the 5S will be the high end model… the 5C should have same power as the 5 at least

  • I think will fit not only T-Mobile (which is my carrier in US), but also Aio Wireless (the AT&T pre-paid carrier) and all the other pre-paid carriers too.
    I think will see iPhone 5C as a good solution for people who need or prefer pre-paid plans, not only in US but all around the globe (that includes my country, Brazil, i hope).
    PS: I love the T-Mobile daily plan! As I spend something like 15 days in US, it’s awesome for me.

  • n0ahcruz3

    400-500 for a shitty plastic low spec pos. im sold. Lol

    • FOFF

      yeah well as long as the specs are equal to the 5 specs it will be okay .. if it goes below the 5 then lolool

    • mehrab

      My 4s is fast enug for any of the apps or games of today and percorms better on games then my htc one opens some apps faster as well.

  • Dante Arellano

    iPhones c will kill to androids bye bye androudes