Apple made its long-rumored September 10 media event official this morning, as it sent out a number of invites to the presser. It’s widely believed that the company will use the event to unveil not one, but two new smartphones.

And according to a new report, those smartphones have already begun shipping to the US. Citing a reliable source, MacRumors claims that Apple has begun stockpiling both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C in various channels…

MacRumors’ Eric Slivka reports:

“…MacRumors has learned from a reliable source that the company has already begun shipments of at least some of the new hardware into the United States.

As is not unheard of for the company, Apple is already beginning to stockpile units in the United States for quick distribution to carrier partners, other third-party retail partners, and its own channels.”

Slivka goes on to note that there’s been little to no specific evidence of iPhone 5S handset models being ready for shipment, but we have seen a number of photos allegedly showing the lower-cost iPhone 5C in its final retail packaging.

Blue iPhone 5C packaging closeup

Over the weekend, several images surfaced claiming to show Apple’s rumored budget smartphone in an iPod touch-like transparent box, ready to be shipped to customers. There was even a purported video of the device running iOS 7.

Combine all of this with the fact that both the 5S and 5C are expected to launch Friday, September 20, in many countries, and it’s no surprise that Apple is already stockpiling units in the US. The question is, how many will they have at launch?

The last we heard, supply for 5S was going to be short initially due to production issues with its built-in fingerprint sensor.

  • Thomas Flores

    Lets say all this is true cause nothing is official yet and their will be a 5s & 5c. So next year when the iPhone 6 comes out does that mean no more 6,7,8 and so on. Just 5s & 5c then 6s & 6c and so on and so on. What’s your opinion?

    • Martin 

      I think there will be no more numbers. Just like with iPad. I think we can expect iPhone Classic and iPhone colour every next year.

    • Grande PHD

      It could be iPhone xC and iPhone Pro, just like MacBook line.

  • Jonathan

    I’m excited about the iPhone, but what about the iPad, and iPad Mini?

    • mehrab

      There might be a new ipad mini. But ipads get annouced most of the time in november-october

    • Pitchy

      iPad gets it’s own launch event. You will have to hold out a bit longer.

  • Martin 

    Maybe iOS7 GM will come out Today?

  • Core

    thats fake

  • Lé Andy

    Waiting for the Mac refreshes :3

  • QuarterSwede

    According to a very good friend at a very large US airport they’re in the Central US as well. Guarded of course like every year.

  • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

    This is news? All stores do this with highly anticipated new goods. Tweet me when there’s news.

    • QuarterSwede

      It’s news because Apple doesn’t always release on announcement day. This pretty much guarantees they will.

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Not really. I’ve heard of video game companies shipping products (games and systems) over a month earlier to gamestop so the stores will be stocked. I mean if that’s the case than I’m all for it; seeing as the new devices are said to ship with ios 7, that means it will be released on the 10th as well.

      • QuarterSwede

        Video game companies aren’t Apple. They don’t ship anything till it’s being released as close as possible. You can thank Tim Cook for that. They are selling something on the 10th. I’d put big money on it.

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Remember, they need to train their employees with the new software as well. It’s possible that is why they were shipped so early and that they may release them later in September. Again, if it happens I’m all for it cause I want ios 7 ASAP.

      • QuarterSwede

        Historically that would be a departure for them. It’s possible but highly unlikely.

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Everything Apple has done as of late is a departure from the norm; from the overhauled ios and constant leaking of information to having 4 different colored high end model phones and a cheap colored one.

      • QuarterSwede

        That’s a weak argument. Cook is a supply chain genius and he’s still in the executive office.

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Point is that Apple has had a standard for a long time and now they are showing a large break from the norm. I mean the iphone is their biggest seller so I don’t see how these massive changes to not only it’s hardware, but software and color as well wouldn’t be considered big changes; even the Mac Pro got a huge overhaul. Tim cook wants to leave his mark in Apple and doing this is how he will be remembered. I don’t see how Tim cook being a supply chain genius had anything to do with releasing the phone on a specific date; I’ve pointed out proof of changes that we all know Steve wouldn’t have made anytime soon.

      • QuarterSwede

        Time will tell.

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Either way; we will have some awesome devices to play with real soon.