Mophie Spectrum

Mophie’s Helium series of battery-extending cases for Apple’s iPhone 5 are a no-brainer for power users who can’t get through their day on a single charge. The California-based accessory maker offers the Helium cases in three flavors: the 13 percent thinner standard-edition Juice Pack Helium with a 1,500mAh battery, the even thinner Juice Pack Air (just 0.63-inches thick) with a bigger 1,700mAh built-in battery and the latest Juice Pack Plus which rocks a 2,100 mAh battery, good for an additional ten hours of 3G/LTE talk time/web use.

And now, in time for Apple’s September 10 big reveal of the colorful iPhone 5S/5C, Mophie has introduced a burst of color options…

The Juice Pack Helium Spectrum Collection for the iPhone 5 takes the original Helium case’s 1,500mAh battery and repackages it into five distinct color options: blue, purple, pink, green and red. The new colors feature a matte finish and jewel tone.

Also found on these cases: a standby switch, LED power indicator, microUSB charging port, 3.5mm audio jack, holes to access to all your iPhone 5 hardware buttons and a forward-facing speakers which redirects sound from the bottom of the phone toward the user.

Like the original Helium, the new Spectrum Collection is thirteen percent thinner than any of Mophie’s previous iPhone juice packs.

“It’s so thin, you won’t believe there’s a battery inside,” the company boasts.

In case you were wondering, the built-in 1,500mAh battery delivers 80 percent more battery life to your iPhone 5 – enough for an addition six hours of usage – while providing edge-to-edge protection against the drops, bumps and scratches.

No, they don’t offer a champagne option.

You can purchase the new Juice Pack Helium Spectrum Collection over at Mophie’s web store or through Apple’s US online store, priced at $79.95 a pop.

  • RarestName

    Mophie Juice Pack C

  • Dan

    they actually look pretty good

  • Rares

    My case has a battery of 2400 mAh and it costs only 60 dollars, this mophie case is just crap.

    • Malan Raja

      what’s it called?

      • Rares

        Unu dx extended battery case

      • Linton Findlay

        That looks good, doesnt look like itil protect your phone as much as a mophie pack plus though. Its cheaper and higher capacity. Im not sure about the volume cut outs either

    • Dany Quirion

      yes, but yours looks ugly tho

      • Rares

        Well…yeah but I am not using it all the time, I just keep it in my backpack while I am at school in case I am running out of juice. My 4 is starting to have a pretty bad battery, it is down to 1100 mAh and with 2400 mAh from this case I can charge my iphone 3 times if I start charging it at 30-35 % so I really don’t care about the design as long as it does its job well

  • quitcherbichinn

    no orange? really?! come the frig on! 🙁