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Some new photos hit the web tonight, showing what is believed to be an iPhone 5S shell in a gold/champagne color next to black and white versions of the iPhone 5. If legitimate, the photos reaffirm recent speculation that Apple will offer its new handset in three colors.

Talk of a golden iPhone reached a fever pitch earlier this week, following a number of reports and corroborating part leaks. And while many have scoffed at the idea of Apple releasing such a gaudy-looking device, others believe that the champagne color will be a hit…

gold iphone 2

The images come from parts dealer Moumantai and were published to the blog of weekly Japanese tech magazine ASCII Plus (via The gold iPhone in the photos is said to be the upcoming ‘5S’ model, but with just the shell showing, it’s hard to confirm.

If it is the 5S, note how it doesn’t appear to have any significant design changes compared to the iPhone 5 models. Look at the button layout, the speaker holes and SIM card slot position—they’re all the same. Even the antenna windows and rounded edges are identical.

gold iphone 3

But of course, that’s not surprising. The iPhone 5S is expected to look just like its predecessor, with internal upgrades and new software features differentiating the two handsets. The 5S is said to have an upgraded camera, faster processor and a fingerprint-sensing Home button.

Apple is widely expected to unveil its new flagship smartphone at a media event on September 10, alongside a low-cost iPhone 5C. A recent report called for the two handsets to launch simultaneously on the following Friday, September 20, in a handful of countries.

  • Roland Adi Nugraha

    I dont see dual led flash on 5S, is that image legit?

    • insp1112

      Only champagne iphone is ‘5s’ and the other two are just ‘iphone 5’

    • Eric Mason

      The top part of the phone is missing on the alleged 5S, of course you can’t see it.

  • Dontwannaknow

    rumors everywhere. Kind of uncertain to believe which.

  • Sean Cua

    The champagne color is actually good.

    • iosPixel

      Indeed, I want to see if the home buttons ‘Square’ is also in champagne/gold. Small touch but I’d like that,

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Oh great, gold. More Apple Picking. PPL are going to get jacked left and right. Remember to just give it up. Your life is not worth it. Oh and add insurance so you aren’t aszout on the replacement cost. Sayin…

  • diggitydang

    The firs pics were gaudy. This isn’t so bad… But I still won’t buy it! It’s still a little too “Kardashian” for me.

  • pauleebe

    Wonder what the non-metal/glass backplates on the top and bottom rear portions of the shell will look like!

    • Jedediah Kramer

      I think I saw somewhere, and I may be wrong, but they’re going to be white.

  • rosssimpson

    That’s all well and good, but how does the “champagne iphone” go with the child-like iOS re-design? I thought Apple were about linking and complimenting both hardware and software in unison? I don’t see it, but I would buy the champagne colour, it’s nice and not too OTT with the gold “gangster chain” look as I thought it would be when rumours first started. Ahha.

  • Fevostone

    Don’t care about ip5 s or ip5 c just bring me the iOS 7 jailbreak my ip5 is good enough man. Just want to make it a beast with jailbreak tweaks first one will be quick replay sec is going to be movie box SWEET

    • lemonhead

      You know u can get Movie Box on your iDevice right now, right ?
      I got it and it plays well.
      If u have Certificate just download the .deb form the web & put it in ReSign Tool form Uhelios.
      Sign it and install it with iFunBox on your iDevice ! ;-D

      • Fevostone

        Would be cool if I new wot you mean matey is there anyway you can show me or tell me in a easy way LOL

  • Aha, thats nice then, so now i can order my BookBook for the upcomming iPhone 5s? This time in white cause i dont’ like the black or gold finish.

  • Manuel Molina

    I’ve liked the gold one since they began these rumors, and I think it’s smart to get the one if you try to stand out. I’m not big with cases and phones, so I would prefer not to have the black or white and one that will turn a few heads.

    I still cannot believe that Apple went with the idea of not developing more colors for their major product phone, and decided colors for a cheaper phone was a better idea.

  • OMG

    its a very light subtle gold color so it will be okay

  • Josh Hylton

    My Iphone 5 is already gold. i just ordered the back offline and put it on. its pretty awesome with the white lol

  • J™

    Nice…. but black is still the best looking