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I’m not what you would call a ‘stand kind of person.’ I don’t have a dock for my iPhone 5, and I’m not sure where the chintzy little tripod thing is that I bought for my iPad a few years back. I just never used it.

If I was in the market for something like that, though, I’d consider this new Magnus Mini stand from Ten One Design. It sports a very minimalistic design, and it uses magnets to hold your iPad mini into place…

The Magnus mini is crafted from soft ABS plastic with a tough rubberized coating and rubber feet, and it weighs just 19 grams (5/8). Ten One says that makes it one of the most portable iPad stands on the market.

magnus mini

So how can it possibly hold your iPad mini up? Magnets. The Magnus uses 10 individual embedded magnets that connect with those in your iPad mini. This both holds it in place and makes it easy to quickly remove.

The minimalistic, magnetic design also means that when viewed from the front, you don’t see the stand at all. And even from the side, you can only see your tilted iPad and the base plate. I really dig the way it looks.

The Magnus Mini, for me, is one of the best-looking iPad stands I’ve come across. I may even eventually pick one up for my mini. If you’re equally impressed, you can order your now from Ten One’s site for $29.95.

So, what do you think?

[Cult of Mac]

  • Linton Findlay

    In the UK you can get a perfectly good, changable angle stand for £1(about $1.50) from poundland

    • Pez Tickles

      love Poundland – Lighting Cables for a £1 , Thank you very much !

  • Husam Hamed

    Looks awesome.. Though I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting magnets near an electronic device :/

    • dpacemaker

      They are already have them inside it, and that’s how the smart covers work.

      • Husam Hamed

        Yeah I know, but I figured the magnets on the stand would need to be strong to hold it in place even when using it. But the smart cover magnets aren’t that strong..
        Idk.. Maybe you’re right

      • dpacemaker

        They are on the back, where the smart cover spine attaches. I’m assuming this stand would connect to it. If it connected on the other side I would think it would put it to sleep. I wouldn’t feel comfortably putting it on the Top or Bottom.

    • samdchuck

      The last time that magnets messed with electronics was when floppy drives and CRT’s were around.
      If you want to mess with single electrons in circuitry and chips you’ll need to bring in an industrial electromagnet. At that point you should be more worried about the iron being ripped from your blood (and Magneto escaping prison) than your iPad being damaged.

      • Husam Hamed


      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Damn son, chill.

  • Antzboogie


  • A piece of plastic with an magnet in it for 29,95$ man thats pricy man. They make it for under 1$ in cost of material.

  • sptechnolab

    This is awesome ….!