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It is starting to become a tradition at this point instead of a new post series. We are celebrating six weeks of Wallpapers of the Week and, as you guessed it, we are still going strong with submissions coming in each week.

I read through all of the comments each week and try to appease different suggestions moving forward. Some people still comment about the lack of a specific resolution. Listen up, not all artists create wallpapers for each device. We are at their mercy. Often, it is only possible to find a quality image for one device. However, this week we are in luck, again.

Thanks to Marie Sturges, the line up this weekend includes stunning photograph wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop…


A portrait artist at heart, Marie Sturges, takes excellent photographs, which she displays on her homepage and Deviant Art gallery. In between portraits, she spends time dabbling in iOS wallpapers. This weekend, I chose to highlight her raspberry and blueberry wallpaper photographs in honor of the fading summer months. They are excellent on a Retina screen, as you can tell from the photographs.

To keep up with Marie, check out her artwork sites or follow her on twitter @mariesturges.

Marie Sturges Raspberry Marie Sturges Blueberry

Raspberry (ZIP)

iPhone 5, iPhone 4/S, iPad retina, Pad 2/mini, Desktop

Blueberry (ZIP)

iPhone 5, iPhone 4/S, iPad retina, iPad 2/mini, Desktop

Downloading basics

If you are on a desktop, the easiest option is to download the ZIP file, which includes all of the versions in one easy to use file. As a quick note, the Raspberry ZIP has a compressed desktop version due to file size restrictions.

For those on iOS devices, click the image you would like to download and your corresponding link. The image will appear in full resolution. Tap and hold until you can save the image. Once saved, head to Settings > Wallpapers > and find the newly saved picture.

Your walls on iDB

Of course, this section would not be possible without talented readers. If you have images, photographs, or scratch created digital art, we want to see it. To get your information over to me, the easiest way is to either tweet @jim_gresham or embed your images in an email and send them over to Each week I receive more wallpapers for consideration and post the best for your enjoyment.

What do you think about the section? Are real photographs preferred to digitally created art and patterns?

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  • Bob

    I think wallpapers aren’t significant enough to be eligible for their own article. It’s petty articles like this that impact iDownloadblog’s professionalism.

    • Matthew Cleveland

      I love these articles. Some great wallpapers are showcased.

    • David Woje

      I like the wallpaper posts. Look forward to them weekly

    • dpacemaker

      Just like Mr. Woje I too look forward to these each week. Especially with iOS 7 a wallpaper truly does change the look and feel of the device. What hurts professionalism is what I see on other blogs. I see a lot of click bait, and purposeful Android vs Apple posts. Here they tell the tech news, and commenters start the fandom wars. Of course there is a little anti-android here, it is an idevice blog, but its never an article about how bad or good a OS is, it’s always about what we the consumers and users of them should be expecting. I love iDB, and it is the first one on my Safari favorites list.

      • JimGresham

        Thank you for the support. We love writing content the readers enjoy and try to be objective. Yes, we are an Apple blog and all prefer those products, but try to give a fair shake where appropriate.


  • Michael Crabtree

    Thank you!! Love these articles on IDB keep them up please!

  • Marie Sturges

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for featuring my wallpaper! I really do appreciate it. Hopefully I’ll be making some more soon!

    • Prasoon Singh

      Did you take these pictures? They’re really nice!

      • Marie Sturges

        Yes I did! Thank you! 🙂

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      Love it 😀

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      How cute!! 🙂 Love it!

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    Why not have apples instead?

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    I like these articles, but i wish they had m0ar content.

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      Yes, more than 2 wallpapers would be nice.

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      Agreed. I love knowing each week has more wallpapers but only having 2 usually is disappointing at times.

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    Dat fruit be lookin tasty doe!

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