iPhone 5 now on T-Mobile

If you were planning to pickup an iPhone 4S or 5 on T-Mobile anytime soon, you better act fast. According to a new report, the carrier is ending its popular ‘$0 down’ promotion on the two handsets that it just started in late July.

The deal, which is said to be ending tomorrow for the aforementioned models, allowed new T-Mobile subscribers to purchase an iPhone with no downpayment, and monthly payments of around $25 until the phone was paid for…

But starting tomorrow, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 will revert to T-Mobile’s original pricing: up to $145 up front (for iPhone 5) and 24 monthly payments of $21. Deals on the iPhone 4 and other smartphones will still be available.

AllThingsD confirmed the news with the carrier:

“T-Mobile confirmed to AllThingsD that, starting Saturday, neither device will be available as part of that promotion. (The iPhone 4 will still be available for no money down.)

“As is the nature of promotions, pricing moves are temporary,” a T-Mobile representative toldAllThingsD.”

Folks still looking to score a deal on an iPhone 5 can still head over to their local Best Buy this weekend. The retailer is running a few promotions of its own—one of which is knocking $100 off Sprint-flavored iPhone 5 32GB models.

  • Falk M.

    Make up your mind, T-Mo… People get tired of this back and forth game.

  • At

    They probably realized how much money they were losing by offering this. I really don’t think tmobile will be able to sustain the kind of numbers they have had because of all the changes. Like everything, the excitement will dwindle and people will realize paying a little more for better service is worth it. Tmobile should really be focusing on improving their service.

  • Felipe Lopez

    Too many new customers commiting fraud T Bag mobile? You mad?