iOS 7 beta 5 featured

Like we did with the iOS 7 beta 4 release, we’ve put together a brief video highlighting some of the changes and features included in Apple’s latest beta release. This beta, the 5th so far in the series, includes quite a few subtle updates that may be looked over if you’re not intently looking for them. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside for a hands-on glimpse at 10 of the new features included with the latest beta.

As mentioned, none of the features are particularly outstanding, but it’s nice to see Apple continue to iterate in order to make sure that iOS 7 is well thought and stable come release.

Here are the features that you can view via our video walkthrough above:

  • Speedier animations
  • New settings icons
  • Disable control center in apps
  • New Yahoo branding in Notification Center
  • New Twitter icon
  • Privacy settings for microphone input
  • Accessibility on/off toggle labels
  • New in call icons
  • New banner to Notification Center slide down animation
  • New slide to power off overlay

I encourage you to read Cody’s in-depth iOS 7 beta 5 release overview for an even more detailed look at some of the new features included in iOS 7 beta 5. What do you think about the new features? Which one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Apple_King98

    Say goodbye to the sound of unlocking your phone

    • takenlife

      you can get rid of it already in ios6

      • Apple_King98

        True, but Im sure some ppl like that sound of slide to unlock. Speaking of…whats the point of the bar where it says slide to unlock if you can slide outside the bar from left to right and yet it still unlocks?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Probably to give it context 😉

      • John

        Would you rather it said “Slide anywhere on the screen to unlock this iOS device”?

      • Apple_King98

        Yes. In fact I want it to say, “Do Anything to Unlock”. with a scribble logo.

      • Burhan

        Then I guess your pocket would unlock your iPhone for free 😀

    • dedegarrido

      It’s probably a bug….

      • Apple_King98

        A Beta Bug

    • Guest

      It’s a bug on iPhone and iPod touch but not on iPad. Apple didn’t remove it. You can sleep tonight.

      • Apple_King98

        Yes but with Nightmares of no unlocking sound.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I don’t hear it on my iPad 3 so the bug does also affect iPads one thing I have also noticed is that my iPad (which isn’t that old) takes ages to boot up.

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Same here on iPad 2. Also the notification center is very dark and the control center is white and less transparent than the previous betas. The 4 or 5 fingers pinch to home gesture breaks the whole springboard for me sometimes. Beta 3 had less bugs than 4 and 5 but unfortunately it was also slower.

    • John

      Yes, I am sure this is going to stay away forever and ever and never return.

    • Eduardo Marquez


    • Ishaan Malhotra

      But it has that little vibration instead

  • Dayton Lowell

    The microphone privacy stuff was in previous betas. Same with the banner slide down animation. But the pull down indicator on banner notifications is new.

  • TinTonB

    2 main things i’d like to see implemented/changed;

    – Icons. They still look too childish/bright. In the words of Dr. Evil “Tone it dowwwnnn a notch.”

    – In control centre. Please allow toggle customisation (highly unlikely, wait for the JB’ers) or add/replace the do not disturb toggle for cellular.

    Other than that I rarther like it.

    EDIT: Also the lock screen text now appears to be black on my phone, which has now put me off my background image. Off to find another one… [i’ve tried a reboot, not fixed it, bug or ‘feature’? like the install screen matching the phone colour?]

    EDIT2: Ok, re-applying the wallpaper fixed it. Bug. 🙂

    • Mads Teland

      Emoticons is very dark on my home screen, but i am not sure it caused by the wallpaper or black font 😉

    • John

      No doubt you also sent these ideas to Apple instead of just writing them here 😉

      • TinTonB

        I should really shouldn’t I. It is a beta, certainly with the bugs I should write a bug report. 😛

      • TinTonB

        Well, I’ve submitted an official bug report and as they call it ‘enhancement’ request to apple via their developer center.

        Just have to wait and see, not getting my hopes up for anything anytime soon… 🙂

        I didn’t mention the Icons, merely because I’m sure they have heard it a million times over by now. Hopefully but the way they have been changing the settings icons we may see something in a few beta’s time.

      • John

        Yeah, you’ll be amazed how often Apple look at those reports. I think the first beta that came out for iOS 6 I had lodged 98 ‘reports’, 42 of them were closed by the time the second beta came out and especially for iOS 7, they seem to be listening, which is nice.

    • Saeed Ghattas

      When the background is white the font turns black, and when the background is black the font turns white… Try it.

  • Apple_King98

    Suppose someone you know disabled iMessage. You send them a message and it gives you an exclamation. Once selected its asking you to try again or send as text. I recall iOS 6 doing this automatically. Has anyone else seen this?

    • iViperzLTD

      This is a feature that has been out ever since iMessage was introduced. If you go into settings, messages, you’ll see the “Send as SMS” toggle. This allows you to decide whether you want to automatically send an SMS when iMessage fails, iOS 7 has that same feature I believe, it’s been there since iOS 5.

  • Wamid

    I hate the slide-down indicator on the notification banners. Seems useless to me.
    We already know you could slide them down. I just wish you could still swipe left to hide :(((

    • Bibek Ghimire

      You can swipe UP to hide now.

  • Damian W

    Apple is playing with visuals a lot now. They could just save themselves a headache and let people choose the themes. The thing is , instead of trying to create one perfect theme ( which is impossible, yet apple thinks they can do it), they should create 10 different themes and let people decide what they want. It is that easy…and now they are wasting the time on updating size of icons and colouring them. Just like in kindergarden. Meanwhile, the quick reply function and few other essential functions are missing. Apple you suck.

    • daniel bonnells

      I disagreed with you up until the quick reply comment. We really do need that.

  • Darryl Barnes

    Still need data toggle in control center.

    • LTE toggle instead of ‘DND’, I honestly find DND so pointless and have done since it’s introduction

      • Sero Eskandaryan

        I actually love that feature but I don’t think you need a toggle for it. You turn it on and gets activated once the scheduled time hits

  • iViperzLTD

    Clock app bug on iPad (well iPad for me at least) still hasn’t been fixed D:

  • a R>jg;dzfjnb

    the mic option has been there from beta 1

  • marcus1324

    iOS 7 has everything a jailbreaker could possibly want it an iPhone, well almost everything. The main reason I am looking forward to a jailbroken iOS 7 device will be for heaving WinterBoard theming.

    • Damian W

      for me the main reason will be 200 hundred still awesome tweaks from cydia (for which I happened to pay too).

  • blastingbigairs

    I don’t care how cool it all looks, until there’s an untethered JB for IOS 7, I am staying 1000 feet away from it.

  • Ramraj gupta

    Now plant versus zombies 2 works perfectly in this beta which I loved the most 🙂

  • Ramraj gupta

    One more thing i noticed is tht whenever I used to backup my phone to iCloud it always try to connect to my 3G network even there was a wifi connection,so for this to work I had to switch off my cellular network & then backup,this has been now rectified in beta 7 🙂

  • Nathan Kalish

    My iPod evidently wanted to update itself! I booted it up (It was dead) and saw this article and decided to update. I go to settings and it is already in the “Preparing update” phase! I hadn’t even been in the settings app since it booted! Weird… Auto system updates maybe coming?

    • suitjackets

      Same — my iPhone 4S was also dead and automatically downloaded the beta. If this is a real feature, it’s awesome.

  • Acedoesdmg

    I just downloaded beta 5, and I am only allowed to send messages as text messages, even with my wifi or LTE on.. Any clue as to why this is happening ?

  • Petar

    It starting to look like a nice change from ios6, but apple designers needs a little more work to make all the business people stick with ios and not change it to android… it is very risky thing to play around with look and feel of ios in terms of sales…

    • the feel is exactly the same, the only difference is control center which is a massive improvement, and notification center, which admittedly, will take some time to get used to.

  • Sandeep

    Finally when s iOS 7 getting release fr public

  • Greg Warren

    Still no SMS quick compose/reply. Unacceptable.

  • Apple_King98

    UGH!! When you lock your phone and someone calls you…why dont we have the option to decline the call? How about Slide the other way to decline? Unless someone knows how to decline the call without using the other options of remind me later because I dont want to be reminded or reply as text and I dont want to block the caller. If the phone is in the home screen and you get a call, then the Decline option is available. Why tho?

    • Press the power button twice, it will decline the call.

  • Apple_King98

    Has anyone tried rebooting their phone to see how long it takes to reboot? In beta 1, it took like 10 seconds. Beta 5 you might as well go grab a sandwhich across the street and start a conversation about How to win in Monopoly. Also at times Siri justs randomly ask me “What can I help you with?” Im like ???

    • suitjackets

      Yes, it took me about five minutes to boot up. 🙁

    • Yes, I rebooted my devices 10 times each, and it took an average of each reboot device reboot time, it took an average of 30 seconds to reboot my iPad third generation, it took an average of 45 seconds to reboot my iPhone 4S, and it took an average of 22 seconds to reboot my iPhone 5. All devices are running the latest beta version of Apple’s iOS 7

  • s13

    I just updated to the beta 5 on iphone 5 but when I receive a txt It doesn’t ring or even shows me in the txt icon, I have to open my messages to see if anybody has txt me

    • Chris Johnson

      I too have this affliction on my i5…

  • Benben

    Since iOS beta 3 my notification center is all black, no more transparency.. Anybody else having same issues?

    • Having the same issues as well since beta 3. Wondering what gives there…

    • Found the fix…. Under settings, general, accessibility, turn off the increase contrast option. May have to reset wallpaper but that should fix it.

      • Benben

        Did the trick!

    • suitjackets

      Here’s your problem: Go to Settings – General – Accessibility, and then turn off Increase Contrast.

      • Jason

        Thx a lot ! It fixed 😀

  • TheLegendro

    How do i get this TweetBot Banner at 2:13? I have changed every combination in Notification Center, but no Banner appears -.-. Someone knows how to activate this “feature” ^^

  • Kassie Sorokach

    When I updated to this, my sound stopped working. I can make phone calls, and my phone rings when a phone call comes in, but the texting sound no longer works. Anyone have a solution?

  • Jason

    Anyone knows how to fix it ? Since beta 3 and my notification and control center is no longer transparent , I want to turn back , how ?

  • Guest

    If you put the voice memos icon as the second of the second row, in a different dashboard page than the stocks icon and then tap on a stock from notification center, the final “s” on the voice memos tag will get stucked while zooming in from dashboard to the app. Check it out on ur iPod touch 5.

  • Andrés Lucena

    If you put the voice memos icon as the second of the second row, in a different dashboard page than the stocks icon and then tap on a stock from notification center, the final “s” on voice memos tag will get stucked while zooming in from dashboard to the app. Check it out on ur iPod touch 5.

  • Guest

    You can not decline a call. They removed the button.

  • Xel Naga

    You can not decline a call . They removed the button.

  • Xel Naga

    You can not decline a cal .They removed the button.

    • Joy Alexandria

      Yes you can. Just double click the lock button. I have a 3gs