facehalt jailbreak tweak

Samsung’s Galaxy S4, released back in the spring of this year, is loaded with a number of unique software features. And one of them that has been getting a lot of attention is Smart Pause, a mechanism that auto-pauses a movie when you look away.

While I myself have never lusted after such a feature, I can see how it would come in handy in a variety of situations. So I was happy to find out that you no longer have to buy a Samsung device to get it. You just need the new ‘FaceHalt’ jailbreak tweak…

FaceHalt is a recently-released tweak that, again, works just like Samsung’s Smart Pause feature. Using the front-facing camera of your iOS device, it can detect when you look away from your display and automatically pause the video you’re watching.

The tweak is compatible with iPads 2,3,4 and the iPad mini, the iPhone 4S and 5 and the 5th gen iPod touch. And the developer says that it can hook into most applications, though apps with custom implementations (like VLC) need a little more work.

FaceHalt is activated via the Settings app, using the enable/disable toggle. Once it’s enabled, your videos will play and pause based on your gaze. For manual control, you can double tap on the Pause button to stop it, and press Play again to restart it.

This is one of the reasons I love the jailbreak community. Here you have this feature that a major tech company like Samsung uses to advertise its flagship handset, made by an independent developer for iOS users. FaceHalt is in the BigBoss repo for $2.

Let us know what you think of FaceHalt down in the comments.

  • takenlife

    nice, gf will realize how useless and redundant that s4 she bought. gotta shove it in her face

    • opt1mus

      Someone will not be getting laid tonight.

      • takenlife

        haha. man gotta work his magic.

    • Chuck Finley

      Do you and your right hand argue all the time?

  • Liam Mulcahy

    damn that is cool

  • Ahsan76

    thankyou jailbreak community i love u guys thanks alot

  • Brandon Higgins

    Finally! When the feature was first announced I knew we would see it.

  • Julio Cesar

    Imagine the surprise of the owners of S4 when they find that there is now this function for iOS, uses less battery and works better …

    • Zero

      Not just S4, LG too,lol.

    • Matt Dowdy

      Do you have battery stats to support your madeuppyfact there?

      • Julio Cesar

        How many tweaks people tend to have on their iGadgets?
        How many functions TouchWiz has?
        How many people disable the TouchWiz functions to prevent battery drain?
        How many people let all the tweaks they have enabled and get more than 4 hours of continuous use (gaming, 3G, calls, etc) and all the day or more in sleep mode?

        With TouchWiz I have to disable wifi when I’m in home without power source because battery drains like water. (Even the 3G from an iPhone drains less battery than the wifi + screen from S4)
        With this Galaxy I have to set brightness to medium during days and minimum during nights. Disabling all that “TouchWiz tweaks” if I want to use the device for at least 4 hours.

      • RarestName

        Sounds like a lot of work. Do you use an automation tweak on your phone?

    • jp2002

      IMO this too will drain battery. If i am right this tweak will use the camera to detect the face. So the camera runs in the background, except that, its not rendered on screen which in turn WILL drain battery. Other tweaks do not drain battery due to the fact they do not constantly poll the camera to detect face while watching any video. So this tweak will drain battery at a faster rate while watching videos. Nevertheless you can buy this to support the dev and to show off to friends the power of jailbreaking:)

  • Antzboogie

    This tweak will actually help Apple huge! Come on Apple you cant hate on the Jailbreak community we have your back even when you dont have ours! Thanks for a great Tweak!

    • Pitchy

      Apple hasn’t done anything major cool with iOS in years. It’s all been coming from the jailbreak community and Android. Apple takes it and integrates it and claims it’s the next great thing, even though it was already being done. This is what makes me sad about Apple and iOS 7 and the next iPhone better unveil something spectacular or I am ready to switch.

      • Julio Cesar

        Remember: TouchWiz is not part of the Android.
        It’s just an skin / launcher with some new functions included by the manufacturer of the device (not Google).

        TouchWiz = Just like jailbreak tweaks but pre-installed
        With the difference that you can’t uninstall it.

      • mickey

        But if your device is jailbroken (rooted) then you can easily debloat touchwiz and/or install a different rom.

      • Guest

        Yeah, but can you install only some functions from TouchWiz after this?
        And the stability? Performance? How is it going?
        Nothing is like have the true clean Android.
        At least jailbreak don’t turn your device into a brick if something goes wrong.

      • mickey

        It’s possible to brick your ios device although not as easy as on android that’s true.

        As for touchwiz you can have any function or S-app you like. Debloating doesn’t have anything to do with stability but it certain helps to increase performance drastically.

      • Julio Cesar

        I don’t think you can remove only some functions from TouchWiz or remove the TouchWiz itself without a custom rom…
        And about stability I was talking about custom roms.

      • mickey

        If you’re talking about smart screen and air view then no but those are settings anyway. Everything else Samsung yes. Rom stability can vary especially for AOSP/Google versions. But stock touchwiz based is a pretty safe bet unless it’s heavily modified.

      • Julio Cesar

        I prefer choose what I want to install than have a lot of trash to remove.
        So I prefer iOS + Jailbreak.
        I’m not doing well with Android.

      • Just like LaunchDaemons and stock apps on iOS…good to know, ’cause will probably be doing that whenever I switch to Android on a GS# Active.

      • Tom GarcΓ­a

        Actually, you can’t brick an iDevice. Jailbreaking is really safe nowadays

      • mickey

        Soft brick maybe. Only Done it once myself in ios 6 installing an incompatible tweak. But then that was my fault for not checking (same goes for anytime you soft or hard brick a device).

      • Lol, you’re missing out on all the threads at SiNfuliPhone com. Every now and then, there’s a thread of someone who’s iPhone got messed up and had to restore via iTunes, losing their jailbreak. Even the so called Semi-restore is causing problems…just saying.

      • Julio Cesar

        At lest with iOS you can restore before that…

      • Uhm, can’t you restore your Android device to stock if it gets bricked? Or what exactly happens when its bricked? You lose your $500+ device just like that?

        In the case of iOS, you’d most likely be stuck with dull official stuff that dictates what you can and can’t do with your $500+ device. I don’t know about you, but I can’t rely on iOS without a jailbreak, and the kid-painted iOS 7 just makes it worse IMO.

      • Julio Cesar

        How to restore an Android device that don’t get connected to the computer and don’t work?
        I don’t really need jailbreak to like and use the iOS.

      • There’s gotta be a way to restore it; like every other computer, software malfunction shouldn’t be the end of the hardware use. I’d think this could help: http://bit ly/18T5kcg

        Here’s another one: http://bit ly/18T6d4B

        Both found after just 5 minutes of Googling…

      • Julio Cesar

        But what if the computer itself can’t detect the device?

      • Then you could probably do a hard reset on the phone itself, like in the second link I posted. Hard reset varies from SmartPhone to SmartPhone. If it’s a hardware fault, then you’re in no worse situation than an iPhone user with a hardware fault…

      • Julio Cesar

        But you can’t reset something that actually don’t turn on…

      • Yeah and you can’t detect an iPhone connected to a computer if it doesn’t turn on…so, what’s your point?

      • Julio Cesar

        But you can put it in restore mode and it actually can be detected in this mode even if it can’t when try to boot normally.

      • Oh, that’s the same as hard resetting your Android Device then it should be detectable, just like described here for the GS3: http://bit ly/1eiaijm

        It’s not a dead hardware if it turns on.

      • Julio Cesar

        Only if you don’t f*ck up the part of the system responsible for connecting the usb… Many users that updated to 4.3 bricked their phones without a chance to do hard resetting these days with the Nexus 4…

      • Really? You can actually screw it up to that extent just with software? Hmm, might be staying with freed iOS longer than I anticipated…

      • Julio Cesar

        What manages the hardware? Software, drivers, etc.
        If official updates can turn you phone into a brick then you know you’re in trouble.

      • Julio Cesar

        “Kid-painted iOS 7 just makes it worse” said the guy with the kid super hero cartoon in your profile pic

      • Yeah I use a cartoon character as my avatar (it was actually from a Coca-cola commercial), and how does that imply I want a cartoon phone? That’s like me saying you look Pakistani so you’re probably one of those terrorists killing muslims…

      • Julio Cesar

        Better have an cartoon phone than an cartoon face

      • K…

      • Julio Cesar

        Anyway, you can find better themes and “launchers” in Cydia using iOS if you don’t like the stock theme.

      • Yeah I know that, but it “requires a jailbreak“, that’s what my point has been 3 posts above…

      • Julio Cesar

        Yes, but root is more difficult and problematic to do. I know that you don’t really need it to install launchers and themes on Android, but these apps cost money. Or you pay or your notification center fills with nonsense advertising.
        Most of these themes, launchers, etc. are free in Cydia for iOS.
        Not to mention that many sofwares that root the Android device are paid as well.

      • It’s a trade off. With Android, you pay with cash for the convenience of finding a jailbreak/root on the PlayStore. On iOS, you pay with your 6-month waiting period for a jailbreak…

      • Julio Cesar

        Only if you want something untethered for beta OS.
        Tethered Jailbreak arise quickly. Don’t really need untethered jailbreak if you don’t let the battery die.

      • mickey

        Depends on what you mean quickly? Each device generation as gradually
        taken longer to jailbreak. The Iphone 5 took 4.5 months. That wait was
        pretty excruciating for me. But then I am rather impatient πŸ™‚

        for rooting, most modern devices are fairly easy to root. It’s nowhere
        as simple as evasi0n or jailbreakme but not much more involved then
        older redsn0w methods. And I have never heard of having to pay for a
        root method.

        As for paying for software/tweaks
        it’s pretty much the same. A launcher can cost 3-4$ but will provide
        functionality of multiple ios tweaks that cost 1-2$ each. Premium themes
        cost a couple bucks just like in ios (ayecon, jaku, boss, etc…).

      • Chuck Finley

        Your stupidity is honestly baffling.

      • Julio Cesar

        I don’t really understand why you feel offended by something that does not even have to do with you.

      • Rooting and jailbreaking is not the same

      • mickey

        Not exactly the same but often serves the same purpose to the end user.

    • Nikolas Kovack

      The jailbreak community is keeping iOS alive!

      • patmack


    • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

      well said πŸ™‚

  • Je

    Just bought it. It works flawlessly, very cool tweak.

    • Alex Marwaha

      sorry to be mean, but there is a free app that does this. lookaway player.

      • Chris Simpson

        You’re right, there is. But its a standalone app… This affects /everything/ in the OS.

      • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

        purchased it but it refuses to populate the System and User apps in the settings πŸ™ meaning the app does not work πŸ™

  • abdullah575

    if iOS 7 has this features it will be great!!!

  • Awesome

    I bought this tweak. It’s amazing.

  • Matt Dowdy

    I have that feature on my s4 and it’s been turned off since just after the first time I used it. I’m pretty sure it was dismissed as a stupid android gimmick by a lot of people on here and other apple sites until it was available on ios and then it’s a different story as is the case with most features that get ported from Android or lusted after like swype keyboard for example by users of rival os’. It’s things like that that annoy me about the whole android apple rivalry. Both operating systems have their strengths and weaknesses and I’m speaking from experience as I have owned every gen of iPhone and 4 different android devices with an ipad and a nexus 7 so I’m not a fandroid or a fan boy. Just trying to make my point and wasn’t there outrage yesterday about a developer ripping off apples action center on Android……..

    • Well said, was just going to post the exact same thing as soon as I read the title…fanboys never realize the potential of a feature until they have it.

  • Victor Rosales

    Worth the two dollars to see the reaction of S4 owners

  • Gorgonphone


    • DroidDoesnt_2

      Extremely lame

  • BrawlBro1

    Damn. Now I don’t know if I should buy Aplo or FaceHalt. I only have $3.65 in my account. :/ I’m regretting buying some tweaks in Cydia.

    • Alex Marwaha

      buy aplo. there is a free app in the app store that does exactly what facehalt does. its called lookaway player.

      • xmassacrex

        You mean the app that you have to load every video through? Unlike the amazing jailbreak one in which it intergrates with the apps on your iphone..

      • Alex Marwaha

        wtf you mean by load every video through? and anyway guys im sorry i gave bad advice. facehalt is definetely better than lookaway player. i assumed that this facehalt would not work in the youtube app. please accept my apology

    • Chris Simpson

      Give me your Cydia Store # and i’ll gift you a copy πŸ™‚

      • Alex Marwaha

        scam alert

      • Chris Simpson

        Except for the fact that I’m the developer of this Tweak (as you can check since I’ve logged in via Twitter…)
        No copy for you, BrawlBro1 still give me your cydia # πŸ˜‰

      • RarestName

        Don’t worry about this guy, he’s a hater and a troll.

      • xtrandrix

        Chris.. any suggestions on how to get the tweak to work?

    • Chris Simpson

      Found your Cydia #, Copy Granted, go buy Aplo πŸ˜›

      • BrawlBro1

        That was nice of you! I appreciate it! Aplo wasn’t released yet, but I’m guessing the price for it would be $1.99-2.99 (developer said the price is standard theme price). I would be short. If Aplo costs $1.99 I will donate the $1.65 to you.

        Just curious, how did you found my Cydia #?

  • MagnificentN

    Jeff showing his face :ο»Ώ /watch?v=sHU9cLGZeYo

    • RarestName

      He’s already shown his face while interviewing someone else on his channel. Not sure when that was though, I think it was before he joined iDownloadBlog (iPhoneDownloadBlog then) when he uploaded the video.

  • jocastro

    battery drainer?

  • Alex Marwaha

    hey guys there is an app that does this!! on iOS! it is called lookaway player. I assume it has better functionality than the jailbreak tweak, but it facehalt might also be quite useful in some cases. lookaway player basically is youtube, just with this functionality.

    • :/

      So what? This works everywhere. Why would I want an app that’s on the app store so is automatically restricted in its capabilities? Plus I just checked this app and it has all bad reviews.

      • Alex Marwaha

        but this doesnt work in the actual youtube app. lookaway player creates a youtube app for you with facehalt features.

      • Alex Marwaha

        oh crap i feel so dumb. sorry im am really sorry. this does work in the youtube app. i just watched the video. i am actually sorry.

  • GoatFace.

    Welp don’t need to save money for S4 when you can get the same thing on iPhone, thanks Jailbreak lol!

  • Ryan James Christensen

    There’s a YouTube app that does the same thing. It’s Look Away Player. And it’s on the App Store

    • Alex Marwaha

      and its free πŸ˜›

      • RarestName

        And it only works in that application.

      • patmack

        It’s also crap! You get what you pay for.

  • patmack

    I’ve installed this on both ipod t and ipad mini, and I get no toggle for app.

    • Alex Marwaha

      it happens when you get the tweak free from a source like BYA or Hackulo. if you want it to work well, buy the tweak.

      • patmack

        Excuse me, I purchased it in Cydia! I never use pirated apps!

      • patmack

        For 1.99 I hoped that it would work!

      • RarestName

        I hate it when people automatically assume that the person pirated the tweak when it’s not working as expected.

        Some other guy did the same to me and even arrogantly asked me for proof, so I made a video about my list of purchased Cydia packages.

        This tweak has a bug which makes the list of apps inaccessible, and the developer is currently working on a fix.

      • patmack

        They assume that all people have the same behaviors as they have!

  • Nikolas Kovack

    As long as iOS has jail breaking, it’s going to continue to be awesome! This is a PERFECT example.

  • zonkered

    Does it burn more battery?

    • Khoa T Ngo

      Yes it does. Halt the purchase and wait for updates πŸ™‚

      • zonkered

        I thought it would. Thanks!

  • Nathan Kalish

    ACK! I want this! I work at Best Buy, so I love cool little things, because it’s my job! Too bad i just bought Auxo! I don’t regret it, but I do feel sad. D:

  • Jay Phillips

    Well, that was a waste of $2. The setup menu has no toggles, can’t turn it on. I tried reinstalling it and tried rebooting it. Nothin. Anyone else have this problem?

    • patmack

      I’ve been having this problem with both my ipad mini and ipod touch since first installing.

    • RarestName

      Just wait for a fix from the developer, it’s coming!

      • patmack

        Good to know. Thank you.

    • xtrandrix

      Having the exact same problem

  • Prathik Nair

    im just excited that i got to see jeffs head in real time for the first time ever.

  • xtrandrix

    Just bought.. Looking in settings under app it says: Kill app from multitasking switcher and relaunch for settings to take effect.. that’s it.. not settings to configure and it doesn’t work.. Grrr!

  • This is precisely why I haven’t switched to a GS4 already. Every software feature on competing platforms just keep making their way into Cydia and I just don’t find myself missing out on anything on my freed iPhone πŸ˜€ Long live jailbreak!

    • Kurt

      pressure sensitive stylus will never come for obvious reason. split screen? How long do we have to wait for that? Jailbreak is absolutely great, but not good enough for me to stay with the iPhone.

      • I personally haven’t seen the need of a stylus on my iPhone; I type fast enough with my thumbs. Only place I’d find a stylus useful would be on websites for hovering over certain stuff to get a tooltip (like Discus’s rating system showing who’s voted), but I can manage without one. All other stylus stuff (hand note-taking/document-signing/form-filling/drawing), I handle with my Surface Pro.

        Regarding split screen, I would find that very useful on a bigger screen. On small screens like the 4S, I find faster app switching (Zephyr+Background Manager+Speed Intensifier) more practical.

      • Kurt

        definitely better on bigger screens. but so many times i wish i had it, even on this baby screen of our 4S. I’d love to have it for the iPad. Currently I use two tablets while I work when I could just use one tablet if I had split screen. So thats part of the reasons why split screen on a tablet is my number one request from Apple. Thankfully, we at least have Zephyr to go back and forth quickly when copying information that can’t be copied/pasted.

    • n0ahcruz3

      Yup.. If only apple would offer a 4.5″+ screen iphone. With longer battery life then im sold.

  • :(

    Arrghhh. I’m stuck on ios 5.

  • Mongo

    Lookaway player though

    • Yup


  • Bunna Chea

    So when s4 debut with this feature apple fan called it useless. Now since jailbreak exist they said it the best thing ever. Such dumbas people. If you not one of them don’t comment back

  • rasengan720 .

    Why do I have the feeling that this may tend to consume more power then usual if you’re watching a video? πŸ˜›

  • Aman

    How bad is this for the battery life?

  • Cesar D

    Never expected Jeff face i believed it was like a fat-old man so wise.

  • Guest

    Jeff is an African-american? All this time I thought you were white American…

  • Dominic Bung

    Having a problem with the YouTube app. The tweak works perfectly with the ads but when it comes to loading the actual video the YouTube app hangs and crashes. Anyone having this issue?

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

    both my i4S and iPad 2 does not show system and user applications in the settings of this tweak πŸ™ sent a tweet to dev also mailed him and got no reply as of for now

  • StarViruZ

    No iPhone 4 support? I give up, my device is going to be on the crap list soon…

    • Pedro Gonsalez

      You won’t be alone… there are millions of us who feel your pain.

  • Tarak

    Simply awesome feature, Works Damn cool ….#FaceHalt

  • Tyler

    lol well it worked twice

  • PiraCee

    Well this was fun..
    Installed on my iPhone 4.. didnt work, At All!!
    Uninstalled and it created over 4gb of shit which resulted in my iPhone re-springing every 30 seconds until i restored with iTunes..

  • Benben

    Aha! Could it be that the secret identity of Jeff Benjamin is partially revealed?

  • Bob

    How do you get cydia?

  • Hongky Pcx

    does it support iphone 4