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In April of this year, Netflix announced that it would be introducing some new family-oriented features to its video streaming service over the next several months. Among those mentioned was a new $12 family plan, and a new user profile option for multiple accounts.

Netflix hasn’t launched the $12 plan yet, which allows families to stream different shows on up to 4 different devices (instead of 2). But it has started beta testing the personalized profile feature with a number of its users. And tonight, it starting rolling out to Apple TV…

MacRumors reports:

“According to multiple Twitter reports and a tipster who contacted MacRumors, individual Netflix profiles are now showing up on the Apple TV…

While the feature is not yet available to the general public, the infrastructure has been launched on the Apple TV. According to a Netflix customer service representative, Netflix users who previously set up profiles when using the DVD service will now see those profiles show up on the Apple TV. “

I don’t currently have access to the profile feature, but MacRumors says that they cannot be altered at this time, and additional users cannot be added. Folks who do have access to the feature, though, will see the option when opening up the Apple TV Netflix application.

netflix profiles

For those unfamiliar with Netflix’s user profiles, it’s essentially for those who have multiple people on their account. This way, each user could have their own ‘Recently Watched’ streaming history, and their ‘Suggestions for You’ tab would be better curated to suit them.

Netflix said it will make the feature available to all users by “late summer.”

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  • Anthony Antunez

    Still waiting for the feature that automatically plays the next episode when watching a series. But this is cool too.

    • Rupinder S

      Are you in the US? That feature is already available on my PC and Mac.

      • Anthony Antunez

        I’m specifically talking about the Apple TV

  • CPDigitalDarkroom

    Actually the $12 family plan is available. I know because I upgraded to it. They simply don’t advertise it, go to your account settings and click ok your subscription plan, it’ll let you choose the family plan option.

    • Scott

      Yep, just confirmed and upgraded my account to the $11.99/month plan since my family uses it on our iPads and ATVs and I share it with my dad as well since it gives him access to a ton of movies and TV shows.

      Now I can cancel my wife’s account so we are not spending $16/month. $4 saved.

      • CPDigitalDarkroom

        I’m surprised they don’t actively promote this option to users. They’d get upgrades from a lot of subscribers.

  • pevensen

    I have an old profile that I created ages ago when I had a DVD plan. It just started showing up and I can’t delete it. It now takes me and extra step to go into Netflix. I called and there is no way to get rid of it. Without the ability to edit, this is a dumb feature!!!