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Ladies and gentlemen, ayra, one of the more polished tweaks that we’ve seen in recent weeks, has finally touched down on Cydia. This is a tweak for users of iOS 6, and among other things, brings an iOS 7 inspired Lock screen to the table. Along with its gorgeous Lock screen design, comes the ability to open Notification Center directly from the Lock screen to interface with toggles and notifications.

This is a tweak that has been developed by two well known figures in the jailbreak community — Surenix, the designer of many things, but best known for his legendary ayecon theme, and Bensge, a great developer in his own right, and the mind behind the uber-popular Velox. When you combine good design with good development, then the results are usually more good than bad, and that’s exactly the case with ayra. It may not knock your socks off like some of the other projects that these two have been involved with, but it’s a solid jailbreak tweak for those of us who are still proudly using iOS 6.1.x as our daily driver.

Of course, I previewed ayra a week ago, but now I’ve had the oppurtunity to play around with the completed version of the tweak. What did I find? Have a look past the break as it’s all broken down via our video walkthrough…

The settings found within ayra’s preference panel are very straightforward; you’ll find a kill switch for the tweak, and a list of toggles for the Notification Center Lock screen pull down, and that’s it. Using the tweak’s kill switch does require a respring, but thankfully, the ability to rearrange toggles has no such requirement. In total, there are 12 toggles included with ayra, along with a link to the stock Settings app. Each of these toggles can be easily rearranged using the drag handles located to the right of the preference panel.

After installing ayra, you’ll notice an immediate change to the look of the Lock screen. First and foremost, the slide to unlock and camera grabber nubs have been redesigned for a more modern look that’s much akin to iOS 7. Like iOS 7, the slide to unlock and Lock screen clock backgrounds has been ditched to provide more real estate for your wallpaper. It can’t be understated how big of a difference it makes to remove these background cells. As a result of ayra’s design, iOS’ Lock screen feels more free, open, and modern.

But those features play second fiddle to the biggest feature of them all — the ability to access notification Center from the Lock screen. Not only can you do that, but you’re also graced with the Notification Center toggles mentioned earlier. One of the things that I appreciated about ayra is its ability to know when you’re cycling through your row of toggles. When ayra senses that you’re doing so, it will prevent the device from going to sleep. Each of the toggles can be turned on or off using a simple tap gesture, and you can open to specific portions of the Settings app using tap and hold gestures.

Lastly, comes the ability to use tap gestures on your notifications. For example, if you tap on an email, you’ll receive a preview of the body of the message. Buttons appear at the bottom of each notification in order to launch directly into the Notification, or to remove the notification from Notification Center.

Needless to say, ayra is a tweak that’s a treat for iOS 6 users. The great tweaks for iOS 6 are becoming less and less common as of late, but it’s nice to see that the well hasn’t completely dried up prior to iOS 7’s public debut. If you decide that you want to try ayra, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be downloaded for $1.99. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.

  • jacobkwright

    Didn’t know you were a wild nothing fan Jeff!

    • Jeff

      Yeah, it’s a pretty amazing album.

  • Kurt

    Nice tweak, but I’m sticking with Forecast, Jellylock and LivePapers. I love the look of iOS 7, can’t wait for it to come with a jailbreak

  • The3rd

    It’s nothing special…NC in LS & Toggles, theres so many different ways to set this up, already been done by a whole bunch of tweaks/apps. Springtomize 2 + Battery Doctor Pro would give you the same thing and they’re both a LOT more useful. Not saying its bad but it’s not anything to get excited over.

    • Damian W

      “clean the air” and subtlelock together with Grabby and Lockinfo can make the lock screen look the same or even way better.

      • Chazy Ronnie

        I have had those tweaks and all of them a battery hog

      • Damian W

        To be honest almost any combination of advanced tweaks is a battery hog. This is the sacrifice we do sometimes to have a better system.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Personally I’m not a fan of NotificationCenter on the LockScreen; I don’t like the overall look of this.
      I’m sorry, it’s a NO for me.

  • Guest

    Please, Jeff, *PLEASE* tell me how you got that lock screen… And don’t say Winterboard. :-X LoL

    • Fahim

      It’s included in ayra

  • Kevin Osborne

    Does it work with LockInfo?

    • Kevin Osborne

      Reporting back, it doesn’t work wonderfully, but it kinda works… And it doesn’t work wonderfully with biteSMS either. :- Hoping for an update…

  • Fahim

    Shouldn’t the redesign be in the notification center be throughout iOS and not exclusive to the Lock Screen

    • Jonathan

      I agree.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Try IntelliScreenX; I know, it’s too expensive but it does what it states and what you described. There might be other options out there for those who cannot afford it, but anyway. 🙂

  • bobby

    Bensge is on fire!

  • Steroc

    Not working on my phone when I have a passcode set. Is that normal or do I have clashing tweaks? If that’s how it’s meant to be then I don’t see the point.

    Edit: think it’s a bug. Works fine unless you swipe to unlock then press sleep instead of entering passcode. It won’t work after that.

  • Joseph an

    just awesome

    • Ben Giddings

      Nice picture. 😛

  • Steroc

    Spotted another bug. Quite an important one. If you click on launch on a notification it bypasses the pass code and allows full access to the phone. So think I’ll be disabling it. Won’t delete yet in the hope it’ll be fixed.

    • Chazy Ronnie

      Its works fine with AndroidlockXT

  • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

    One question. Would this beat IntelliScreen?

    • dedegarrido

      Obviously no; this tweak has nothing special… intelliscreenX is way better

      • Chazy Ronnie

        ISX is a battery hog though

  • Kamrul

    Someone give me this wallpaper pleeeease!!

  • Necter

    It appears to bypass password setting. It’s a loophole that might leave one’s phone vulnerable.

  • J™

    Must say this is a good tweak… however this is not the 1st tweak that allow NC on the LS… its already doable during iOS5 era.

  • Nguyễn Trung Dũng

    Does it drain battery, Jeff ?
    @Surenix: I rearrange the toggles in the settings after respring it back as default. Is it a bug ? i’m using 4S 6.1.2.

  • Adil Hussain

    Maybe alot of people dont understand even though you might be able to get this end look with other tweaks, this does exactly what you need with just ONE tweak.

  • Doug

    I’ve tried everything… uninstalled all tweaks dealing with the lockscreen that I had (subtleLock) turned off the lockscreen themes in Winterboard, (iOS7 theme) tried it with different themes (Jaku) and also no themes applied at all — And whenever I have Ayra enabled, I’m not able to “slide to unlock”. It doesn’t look like the slide to unlock bar in the screen shots… the bar is gone, and it’s only text. Sliding on the text does nothing. In order to unlock my phone, I need to drag the camera up and get in that way. Is anyone else experiencing this “slide to unlock” problem with Ayra? If not, I’m dealing with two tweaks or a theme not agreeing with each other, but I can’t figure it out!

    • assassin

      I also have the same issue, I was using androidLock with it but later disabled. Still no luck 🙁
      if anyone can treat us with a fix it would be great!

    • Frei Pinto

      Same problem….”I’m not able to SLIDE TO UNLOCK” with AYRA. Help Please !

  • assassin

    Slide to unlock does not work any suggestions guys!!!!!
    I keep sliding but there is no response on the lockscreen im using iphone 4 ios 6.1

    • Surenix

      I heard ayra is incompatible with LockInfo and MyAssistant or something like that.

  • Chazy Ronnie

    Settings toggle not working

  • iosPixel

    Set the toggles to be invoked from a swipe at the bottom of the screen and govie me something new already!

  • Kamrul

    Haha you cunt that was a good one

  • Hugh Jassol

    How can you get the wallpaper to display behind the charging battery like the video shows?

    Is there a stand-alone tweak to do this like the old Frostbite?

    I know Springtomize can do it but I don’t want/need all the other BS it also installs. Flex has some patches that disable the battery charging screen altogether but I can’t seem to find a way to display the wallpaper BEHIND the charging battery.

    Any suggestions?

    • johnsdoe00

      ChargingBackground tweak?

      • Hugh Jassol

        Thanks. Ill give it a try on my iphone4 test device.

    • Surenix

      ayra does this as well.

  • PA Nard

    Awesome tweak! I’ve bought it but disabled it 2 days after! It needs serious performance improvement! There is quite lag using the some toggles and it drain ram memory like hell! Would like to choose which toggle to show or not and a better biteSMS & Luna compatibility. Works well with atom as well 😉
    Thanks guys

    • PA Nard

      Btw, I was using it with an iPhone 5 A1428

    • Surenix

      Thanks for the report.

  • F P

    Incompatible with Abstergo & Intelliscreen X. Bummer.

  • Golo Sierra

    i cannot delete ayra, its no longer under setting but it is still there in my lockscreen. please help

  • Golo Sierra

    is there anything i can do? can i use ifile and see if is still on the phone?