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Earlier this year, developer Eric Castro previewed a gorgeous-looking jailbreak tweak called LyricFlow. The utility is essentially a standalone music player, though it can be integrated into the stock Music app, that offers up a number of features.

As the name suggests, LyricFlow provides the lyrics to your favorite songs—that’s the main focus of the tweak. But it also enables you to browse through your music in several interesting ways, like spinning through your albums on a carousel…

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From Castro’s original announcement (via iFans):

“Here is a demo video of an upcoming Cydia tweak I’ve been working on, LyricFlow. It’s an iTunes 11 inspired CoverFlow replacement, with song lyrics.

Highly focused on aesthetics, visual effects and simplicity. Interface color scheme matches album artwork as seen in iTunes 11.”

And here’s the demo video he mentioned:

I’ve been playing with the tweak all afternoon, and I have to say it’s pretty solid. Scrolling through albums is much more fluid than it shows on the video (Castro said this was a limit of display recorder), and the number of cover flow options is impressive.

As for the main function of the tweak, it works as advertised. Admittedly, the albums I have right now are of the more popular, mainstream variety. But out of the 10 or 15 songs I tested, LyricFlow was able to pull up accurate lyrics for every single one.

The tweak isn’t available for purchase yet, but if you’d like to try it out for yourself, just add to your Cydia sources. The beta has some limitations, like it doesn’t include full song lyrics, but I think it’s still worth playing around with.

Have you tried LyricFlow yet? Thoughts?

  • Brandon Higgins

    Too bad it’ll be obsolete in a few months.

    • Wes

      Why would it be obsolete within a few months? Because of iOS 7? Not everyone upgrades straight away you know, some people don’t even upgrade. I myself am still on iOS 5.1.1. Heck only reason I even upgraded to that is because there was a tweak I wanted otherwise I’d still be on 4.3.3. In any case once (if?) iOS 7 is jailbroken it won’t even matter.

      • Liam Mulcahy


      • rasengan720 .

        What tweak is it?

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      Not with iPod Touch 4

    • bobby


    • Eric Castro

      That should not be the case. I have pans on doing the required efforts to have it on the AppStore in the future. Of course it would lose its tweak nature but would work as a stand alone app with almost the same functionality.

      • Brandon Higgins

        Great idea! An app would be open to more users too!

  • arrontaylor

    This is awesome!

  • CPVideoMaker101

    It would be great on PornHub when you want to see certain stars’ videos on the mobile version.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      How is that related to this?!

    • TeddyBearStand


    • EPIC Comment bro!

  • Al

    iPad compatible?

    • Cesar D

      Hope so.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    I may be one of the few who’s happy enough with the stock music app.
    No, thanks.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Whatever happened to ‘LSBackView’ ?? Was really excited about it… never came out….. >:(

  • Max

    I would like it better if he could allow you to browse through Artists rather than Albums. Keep everything the same and just pull a profile pic of the artist kinda like how iOS 7 does now in the music app.
    Besides that, I’m a lyric guy and like the design and feel of the app and might put money into this.

  • Looks dope

  • Speezy

    It’s very awesome. I love this tweak!