I’ve long been in search of a proper wallet-iPhone case combo that would allow me to leave my conventional wallet at home. I’ve tried the BookBook, the HEX and several others, but have yet to find one that met my requirements for form and function.

This new Strap-E case looks interesting though. It’s a slim (only adds 3mm to your iPhone) plastic, slide-on case that has durable, injection molded loops on the back that allow it to carry cash, credit cards and almost anything else you can fit in your pocket…

strap-e 2

The creator, John Nodilo, pitches the Strap-E as a “fun, flexible, and limitless case that can hold anything you can imagine and look the part doing it.” It’s made of high quality materials, and is set to be manufactured in the USA—which isn’t common these days.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the Strap-E isn’t available yet. Nodilo says he has the molds ready and has turned to Kickstarter to help get production underway. He currently only has $2,500 of his $19,000 goal, but it’s still early, with 30 days left in the project.

A pledge of just $25 scores you an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 case pre-order, in a variety of colors, and shipping is expected to begin in September. I think that’s a bit pricey for what it is, but I’d have to use it myself to really determine it’s worth. It looks cool on paper.

What do you think?

  • Brandon Higgins

    Looks cool! Might like this better than my Rollin slider case.

  • Boss

    So if you lose your iPhone you lose your credit cards along with it seems a bit pointless

  • Matt Beaulieu

    No thanks, so when I lose my iPhone not only did they get $400+ alone there, now they have my credit cards, debit cards, etc? lmfao.

    • Maxim∑

      if you lose your wallet you lose your credit cards to

      • Boss

        I don’t have a wallet for that reason I keep them in my pocket

      • perro

        if you lose your pants, you’re not only semi-naked, you lose your credit cards too

      • At least my wallet isn’t some $400 device…

    • Sara

      It’s not the First Mobile Case!

  • Chad

    You’re concerned that if you lose your phone, you lose your wallet!?!
    This is better, how many wallets can make an audible noise if you lose it or have a built in GPS to locate it? This is better than any wallet I’ve ever had!

  • Nestea80

    This is great for when you want to show off your money and credit cards while you talk on the phone in public.

  • Zaidan Umar

    Until your iPhone gets stolen….

  • Bob

    I think it’s a great idea. When you’re on your phone, you can advertise your phone, credit cards & money to everyone and look like a more appealing target to thieves. If/when you do get robbed, you will not only loose your phone, but your credit cards and your money, fantastic.

    Why do these stupid projects keep getting funded?

  • Nitsud

    Haters hatin’. I think it’s a good idea as long as the elastic doesn’t get stretched out and stuff starts falling out. It’d be good for certain people who travel light.

  • SMDH

    Anyone with a brain knows this is a terrible idea.

  • Mohamed Nasser

    so when u lose ur phone u lose every thing

  • “Strap-E iPhone case carries your cash, credit cards and more”

    …so you can lose them both at the same time…

  • Evgeny Boutvilovski

    Beautiful case.

    If you really lose your phone so often, looks like you need a little more than a good case

    If you’re worried about getting robbed for displaying a credit card.. Well you just sound like a pussy

  • Karan Patil

    so now the robbers wud evn harm u to death 2steal ur iphone+credit card+debit card+xtrazzzzzLolzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Yaseen AlSuwaidan

    and you can put our candom, too. loooool

  • Will Grand

    18 comments about get stolen. That’s the first thought comes up in everyone’s mind. Except the makers did not think about this at the first place. If they would, they would figure out something else instead of this time and energy waster. Sorry guys!

  • Luis M. Maldonado

    This is a terrible and pointless idea!