Cal 1If you are one of those iOS users that has gotten tired of Apple’s 6-year-old operating system design and are on the edge of your seat waiting for iOS 7 to drop, you will be happy to know that app developers are already on the move, making apps that reflect the whiter, flatter look that we will be seeing in a few weeks.

Cal by Any.DO is one of those apps that is taking on the cleaner, more minimalistic look. This calendar app looks so much like iOS 7’s native app that it is a wonder Apple even approved it…


Obviously, what makes Cal stand out is its design. It is the app’s most important feature. The basic calendar is white with red, gray, and black accents. I am not a font expert, but it appears that this app even shares the same font type as the Calendar app in iOS 7.

The dates are displayed by month. If you have events or projects listed, you can “push” the to-do list by dragging your finger upward so that only the current week is showing while the rest of the screen displays your calendar items. To view the entire month again, drag your finger downward on the screen to pull it back down.

The current day of the week is highlighted in red with a red line below it. In the upper left corner, you will see today’s date, or the current month, depending on how you are displaying the daily calendar items.

Underneath the flat, white calendar are high-quality images. On days when your calendar is full, you will only see the white background. If you don’t have very many items on a certain day, you will be able to see a picture peeking through. You can also drag your calendar upward to see the image that is hiding underneath.

If you want to get a full screen view of the image, tap an area on the screen where it is showing and your calendar will hide behind it. Each day features a different background picture.

When you tap on an event, the information will be displayed in white blocks that sit on top of an image. An event may list the title and time in one block, the people attending the event in a second, and a map of the location in the third.

When you are done viewing an event, you can drag your finger up or down on the screen to bring back the full calendar.

To see another month, swipe the calendar from right to left or the reverse. To add an event, tap the plus (+) symbol in the upper right corner.  When you invite others to join your event, you will be able to access your device’s contacts list. Strangely, the app doesn’t automatically display the names of all of your contacts, only some of them. However, you can search for names just by typing into the search bar. If your contacts have a picture attached to their account, you will be able to see it.

You can also add a location, set a reminder, and include a note. If you include a location, you can use it to get directions. When you tap the navigate button, you will be redirected to the Apple Maps app.

There is a Taxi button that I think connects you to a particular taxi-calling app. However, it doesn’t appear to be available in the U.S. App Store.

Cal 2

App Use

When you first open the app you will be asked to either log in with your Any.Do account, or connect using Facebook. If you already use the Any.Do app, you will be able to sync all of your tasks so they appear in the Cal app.

The app will sync with your iCloud calendar. If your iCal app on your desktop or mobile device is connected through iCloud, all of your calendars will appear. I sync iCal with my Google calendar and all of my calendars were imported into the app. It doesn’t appear that new events that I add to the app are synced with my Google Calendar, but they do sync with iCal.

The Cal app will sync with your contacts. I had problems with the contact section. It only showed me some names from the “A” section of my contacts. Additionally, many of them were listed twice. I don’t know if it is because I was seeing an email address with a phone number or a Facebook contact. The only thing you can see when selecting contacts is their name and a picture if they have one. I also found that some of my contacts weren’t accessible at all in the app. I tried inviting a family member whose contact is definitely in my iPhone, but it didn’t show up in the app when I typed his name.

When you create or edit an event, you can name or rename it, add a recurrence, invite others, include a location and tag the location as either home, work, a bar, a restaurant, or a coffee shop, add a note, set a reminder, or trash the event entirely.

If you connect your Any.Do account, you can also create and edit tasks within the app that will sync with the Any.Do app.

Cal 3

The Good

This app looks beautiful and is very useful. It syncs with iCal so you can access your daily events from your mobile device or your desktop. I love the location and navigation feature. The gesture-based integration works smoothly with iOS.

The Bad

The contacts feature doesn’t seem to be working correctly. I also notice that the “Animation” theme wasn’t working either. There are a few minor bugs to work out and features to clean up.


The Cal app is free and syncs perfectly with your iCloud calendar. It is a great value and a fantastic looking app for fans of what will be the new look in iOS 7.


There is no reason not to have this easy-to-use calendar app. It offers additional features that are not available in Apple’s current iCal app and looks a whole lot better too. If you are looking for a new calendar app that is simple, but useful, download Cal for the iPhone in the App Store today.

  • omrishtam

    and what about the ipad? 🙁

  • It’s pure awesomeness !! Any.DO people are awesomeeee <3

  • nmpraveen

    From their website, it seems like they are preparing to launch mail and memo apps too..

  • Mike Kirschbaum

    Date display on the icon would bring this almost neck in neck w Fantastical.

    • Apple doesn’t allow this unfortunately.

      • Mike Kirschbaum

        Justin that is incorrect. Fantastical has a “App Icon Badge” option which allows you to see today’s date. Not pretty, but it adds an essential function to ( IMO) the current best calendar app for iOS.

      • Ok technically yes, you are right about the badge. But it’s ugly as hell and I actually consider this a negative as opposed to a positive.

    • Kenny Woodard

      That’s like the only reason I use the calendar, without date display, the new app is useless to me. I love the looks and UI of it, and I could probably find more ways to use the calendar if it was that app, but no date display is a deal breaker.

  • I think I’ll stick with Week Calendar

  • JKJones

    You barely touched on, and didn’t include under “the good” the most important and useful feature. That being its Any.Do integration. For me (and many others I expect) without this there’s not much use for a calendar app aside from checking the date.

    • I didn’t spend a lot of time talking about Any.Do integration because I don’t use Any.Do and could not speak to its performance inside Cal. I disagree that there isn’t much use for the app without Any.Do. I love Cal and will use it as a replacement calendar app, at least until iOS 7 comes out.

      • JKJones

        Perhaps there is some usefulness to the app without Any.Do, i wouldn’t know as i’ve not had to use it without Any.Do. But the point still stands that if you’re going to do a good review of an app you’ve got to properly consider (and thoroughly use) all of it’s major features. At the end of the day this apps main differentiator is it’s Any.Do integration because despite how beatiful it is graphically, that doesn’t change the core funcionality. For an Any.Do user, this app lives far past iOS 7.

  • selambert

    The dealkiller for me is that you don’t have the dot indicators on days with events. I like to see at a glance which dates I have open.

  • abdullah575

    نظام IOS 7 في الميزان
    نشرت بواسطة: كاتب ضيف بتاريخ 13 يوليو 2013 في أصدقاء 6 تعليقات 9
    بالنسبة لي قمت بتجربة النظام ويحوي الكثير من المميزات التي هي جيدة، إلا أنها غير مفاجئة ولا تعتبر نوعية وحصرية وثورية، لأنها خليط من إبداعات المطورين في السيديا ومن بعض مزايا الأندرويد والويندوز فون، لكن لا أخفي كون إخراجها وسلاستها كان موفقًا من أبل فقد قامت بجمعها وأضافت إليها إبداعاتها ولمساتها الساحرة. ومع ذلك وبالرغم من كونها قفزة على صعيد ابل وليس على صعيد عالم التكنولوجيا والهواتف الذكية، فإن الطريق ما زال طويلاً أمام أبل لتحقيق إنجازات نوعية، وقد يكون أحد أهم الأسباب وراء عدم كشفها عن مميزات ثورية أو مفاجئة هو سياستها القائمة على المماطلة واستغلال براءات الاختراع الهائلة وربما سبب آخر رغبتها في إطلاقها مع الهاتف الذي سيصدر بالخريف.

    وبالرغم من كون نظام iOS 7 نظرياً لم يأتي بمزايا فريدة لكن بتجربتي له أعجبت ببعض المزايا التي سأذكر بعضها مثل:
    تطبيق منفصل للفيس تايم للآيفون:

    بعد الآن لن يكون تطبيق الفيس تايم جزءًا من الهاتف، حيث أصبح متاحًا كتطبيق منفصل تمامًا مثل الآيباد والآيبود تاتش، بالإضافة إلى أن عدد كبير منا كان يواجه صعوبة في طلب الارقام في تطبيق الهاتف، لكن الآن الميزة أصبحت سهلة الاستعمال.
    الليل في الخرائط:

    الآن أصبح تطبيق الخرائط يظهر لك أي المدن أصبحت ليلاً وأي المدن نهاراً وأيهم ليلاً، بالإضافة إلى أن الخرائط بشكل عام أصبحت أكثر سلاسة من زي قبل وننتظر من أبل تحسين الجودة ودعم الملاحة في كل الدول العربية.
    وضع التركيز

    أضافت أبل ميزة جديدة على خاصية عدم الإزعاج وهى إمكانية تفعيلها والهاتف مفتوح، وهذه الميزة يمكننا إطلاق اسم وضع التركيز عليها لأنك بتفعيلها فجميع المكالمات والرسائل والإشعارات ستأتي في الخلفية ولن يقطع أي شيء العمل الذي تقوم به في جهازك.

    سفاري الآن أصبح أفضل بكثير من السابق، بل أصبح يتفوق على جوجل كروم من حيث التصميم والمميزات، وليس هذا فقط، بل أيضًا آبل قامت بالتخلص من الحد الأقصى لعدد التبويبات المفتوحة وهو 8 تبويبات، خطوة رائعة من آبل للتخلص من القيود التي فُرضت على النظام منذ سنين. كما أن مزامنة كلمات المرور وكروت الإئتمان وغيرها ميزة رائعة كنا ننتظرها.
    ميزة الـ Level في تطبيق البوصلة

    مثل التطبيقات الأخرى تمامًا، حصل تطبيق البوصلة على تصميم جديد كليًا، وأيضًا جاء بتطبيق البوصلة ميزة جديدة تُدعى “Level”، وهي تعتمد على مقياس درجة التسارع في الآيفون، هذه الميزة تتيح لك معرفة درجة الخروج الصفري عن سطح الأرض. الميزة متاحة في الصفحة الثانية من تطبيق البوصلة.
    السحب من اليسار للرجوع

    جاءت هذه الميزة متوفرة في جميع النظام حيث أنك إذا قمت بفتح رسالة للاطلاع على محتواها وأردت الرجوع لقائمة الرسالة فما عليك سوى سحب إصبعك من الشمال لليمين لفعل ذلك وهي موجودة في النظام ككل سواء الاتصالات والإعدادات والبريد وغيرها.
    الوصول إلى مركز الإشعارات والكنترول سنتر من شاشة القفل

    تحديث وإتاحة بسيطة ولكنها في غاية الأهمية، ففي السابق يجب عليك أولًا فتح الجهاز ثم إلقاء نظرة على مركز الإشعارات، لكن الوضع مع iOS 7 تغير! يمكنك الآن الوصول إلى مركز الإشعارات مباشرة من شاشة القفل لتشاهد ما فاتك من إشعارات، وهناك أيضًا زر “المسح” السريع.

    قامت أبل بالكثير من التحديثات في نظام فحظي مجلد الصور بحظ وفير من هذه التحديثات والإضافات والتي تمثلت في تغير كامل في الشكل والمضمون فأصبحت القائمة السفلى تضم ثلاث خانات وهي الألبومات والصور المشتركة عبر iCloud والصور -مرتبة على شكل فترات زمنية-، وقد قامت أبل بتقسيم الألبومات الى أربع ألبومات رئيسية وهي ألبوم الكاميرا والفيديوهات والصور البانورامية وتدفق الصور.
    عيوب في النظام:

    ولا نقصد بعيوب النظام هى مزايا يريدها البعض، لكن المقصود بها بعض المشاكل التي تحدث بسبب المزايا الجديدة، فبعض المزايا تسبب مشاكل نذكرها منها:
    عيوب البحث الجديد:

    قدمت أبل خاصية البحث الجديدة والتي تسمح لك بالكتابة من أي صفحة بالشاشة فقط من خلال سحب الشاشة من الأعلى إلى أسفل لكن أبل قامت بإلغاء بحث الويب والويكيبيديا من قائمة البحث لا نعرف إذا كان هذا خطأ أو أن أبل قامت بحذفه وهو يعتبر عيب في النظام إن تم هذا فعلاً.
    عيوب الكنترول سنتر:

    قدمت أبل هذه الميزة الرائعة والمنتظره مع نظامها الجديد لكن هذه الميزة قد تكون غير مناسبة أو مزعجة في بداية الأمر فمثلاً إذا كنت تتصفح الفيسبوك وقمت بالسحب من أقصى أسفل الشاشة إلى الأعلى فسوف يظهر لك الكنترول سنتر أو كنت تلعب لعبة subway أو غيرها فعلت نفس الخطوات فسيظهر لك وتتوقف اللعبة.
    كما أن على أبل تمكين المستخدم من اختيار التطبيقات المفضلة وأيضاً الإعدادات، فمعظمنا يريد وضع إغلاق الـ 3G أو الداتا بدلاً من وضع الطيران على سبيل المثال.
    مركز الإشعارات:

    مركز الإشعارات الجديد رائع ومنظم ويمكنك من مشاهدة كل الإشعارات الفائته وغيره، لكن يعيبه:
    تم إزالة الطقس واستبداله بالشكل الجديد والذي لا يمكنك من معرفة الأيام القادمة.
    يظهر لك التقويم بشكل دائم حتى وإن لم يكن لديك أي مهام مما يشكل إزعاجاً.
    الأسهم الجديدة مظهرها رائع لكنها تشغل مساحة كبيرة جداً.

    • mehrab

      English please

      • Cameron Nelms

        IOS System 7 in the balance

        Posted By: Guest writer on 13 July 2013 in Friends 6 Comments 9

        For me you experience the system and contains a lot of features that are good, but it is not a surprise does not consider the quality and exclusive and revolutionary, because it is a mixture of creative developers in Cydia and some of the advantages of Android and Windows Phone, but I can not hide the fact that reformatted and smoothness was successful Apple has had collected She added to her creations and charming touches. However, despite being a leap at the level of Apple and not at the level of the world of technology, smart phones, the road is still long before Apple’s achievements, quality, and may be one of the most important reasons behind the lack of detection of features revolutionary or surprising is the policy of procrastination and exploitation of patents enormous Perhaps another reason desire to launch with the phone which will be released autumn.

        In spite of the fact that the system theoretically iOS 7 did not come unique advantages, but my experience has impressed some advantages, some of which I will mention, such as:

        A separate application for FaceTime for iPhone:

        No longer will be the application of Elvis Time is part of the phone, where it became available as a completely separate application, such as iPad, iPod Touch, in addition to a large number of us were having difficulty in application numbers in the phone application, but now it has become easy to use feature.

        Night in the maps:

        Now it has become the Maps application shows you which cities become night and any day, Ayham cities at night, in addition to the maps in general are becoming more smoothly than before uniforms and wait for Apple to improve quality and navigation support in all Arab countries.

        Focus mode

        Apple added a new feature on the Do Not Disturb feature is the possibility of activating the phone open, and this feature we can release the name of the focus on them because you activate it, all the calls and messages and notifications will come in the background and will not interrupt anything work you do on your computer.


        Safari is now much better than before, but has become superior to Google Chrome in terms of design and features, and not only that, but also Apple has the disposal of the maximum number of tabs open an 8 tabs, a brilliant move by Apple to get rid of the restrictions imposed on the system since years. It also synchronize passwords, credit cards and other great advantage we have been waiting.

        Level feature in the application of the compass

        Just like other applications, the application of the compass got a whole new design, and also the application of the compass came a new feature called “Level”, which depends on the measure of the degree of acceleration in the iPhone, this feature lets you know of zero degrees out from the surface of the earth. Feature is available on the second page of the application of the compass.

        Drag from left to return

        This feature was available in all the system where you are, if you open a message for the content and want to go back to the message list, simply drag your finger from the north to the right to do that which is found in the system as a whole, both contacts and settings, mail and others.

        Access to the center of notices and Control Unit Center of the lock screen

        Update and provide a simple but extremely important, In the past, you must first open the device and then take a look at the center of notices, but the situation with iOS 7 change! You can now access to the center of notifications directly from the lock screen to see what you missed notices, and there is also a button “scanning” rapid.


        Apple has a lot of updates in the system Vhzi Pictures folder luck and plenty of these updates and additions, which were represented in a complete change in form and content became existing Lower comprises three boxes which albums and photos shared via iCloud and photos – arranged in the form of periods of time -, has Apple dividing Album to four key albums camera album, videos and panoramic photos and images flow.

        Defects in the system:

        Does not mean the system defects are the advantages wants some, but are intended to some of the problems that occur because of new features, some advantages caused remind them of problems, including:

        Disadvantages of the new research:

        Provided Apple search feature new and that allows you to write from any page screen just by dragging the screen from top to bottom but Apple has canceled Web search and Wikipedia from the list of search does not know if this is wrong or that Apple has deleted it is considered a defect in the system that has been This actually.

        Disadvantages Control Unit Center:

        Provided Apple this feature brilliant and Pending with its new but this feature may be inappropriate or disturbing in the beginning for example, if you are browsing Facebook, you drag from the extreme bottom of the screen to the top will show you Control Unit Center or you play the game subway or other did the same steps will appear you stop the game.

        Apple also enable the user to choose your favorite applications and also the settings, Most of us wants to put closure of the 3G or Aldata instead of flight mode, for example.

        Notifications Center:

        The new notifications center wonderful and orderly and you can view all notices missed and others, but the disadvantage:

        Weather has been removed and replaced with the new format, which you can not know the coming days.

        Calendar shows you permanently, even if you do not have any tasks which constitutes a nuisance.

        Gorgeous new stock appearance but occupy too much space.

  • There’s too much going on here in this app. It looks pretty but it takes too long to do anything. Fantastical is still king in my mind. I can schedule events in a snap and look whats going on easily.

  • Ity Bfd

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  • Phil Randle

    Freaking awesome calendar, few bugs at the moment where tasks will show multiple times in some instances, but otherwise very solid.