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With the next-generation full-size iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 reportedly entering manufacture – in time for an assumed Fall release – prudent folks may be looking to ditch their existing device ahead of launch, while it’s not yet obsoleted. Figuring as much, Best Buy will be kicking off a newsworthy two-day promotion tomorrow, June 12, where you receive a $200 Gift Card in exchange for your iPad 2 or iPad 3.

These credits are redeemable against any in-store or online purchase so now may be a good time to get rid of your outdated iPad and treat yourself to some fancy brand spanking new electronics from the retailer without breaking the bank. Full details are right after the jump…

Bonnie Cha, writing for the AllThingsD blog:

In some cases, the amount may be more than $200, depending on the model and condition of the iPad.

You must bring in your iPad to your nearest Best Buy retail store. The promotion is limited to iPads only, though they’ll recycle any tablet you may happen to be owning.

The program mimics Best Buy’s iPhone trade-in program that launched two weeks ago.

According to AllThingsD, there was an “overwhelming response” to that promo.

In fact, it was the single biggest day for Best Buy’s trade-in business.

Go figure.

  • Al

    I really don’t understand when retailers have these bogus trade in promotions…

    I’m guessing people are actually doing trade ins for their devices if retailers are continuing offering these deals. It’s jus the value of selling it on Craigslist or EBay is too much to pass up.

    But the flip side, I’m guessing people would rather not go through the effort of listing their device.

  • Rupinder S

    You can sell a 16GBiPad 3 for $500-$600, or maybe even seven hundred on Craigslist right now.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      No. I mean really. Why the hell would you buy something for more money that is a year old and used, when you could buy a brand new one from Apple? I guarantee you they’re not going for $500-$700.

      • Kurt

        700 bucks for a 16 gig iPad 3 that over heats and was discontinued in just a few months. Sure, people would love to pay 200 more than buying a current iPad 4. We believe him

      • dpacemaker

        No he thinks that because people are asking that much that they are “selling” for that much.

      • Kurt

        haha good point.