It’s arguably the worst kept secret in modern technology. In fact, it’s hard to really call it a secret anymore, because anyone with even a passing knowledge of smartphones will know that Apple tends to announce and release new iPhones around August/September/October time.

That’s why rumors start to really heat up around now, and photos of supposed screens, random cables attachments and claimed rear covers begin cropping up with increasing frequency. It’s as predictable as night turning to day, and we love it.

One of the perennial questions though is one that I’m being asked on a regular basis, and not just by techy types. The question is a simple one: what will Apple announce and will I want to buy it?

What that really boils down to is a simple idea, and that’s whether Apple will announce an iPhone 5S, or a shiny new iPhone 6. Regardless of which actually happens, what will it take for you to dump that iPhone 5?

Now we’re not really the best people to ask about that. Most of the iDB team will be upgrading regardless of new features, or indeed the result of a sanity check. This writer went through five different smartphones last year alone, so it’s safe to say that we’re not averse to chopping in our handsets, but we’re not exactly typical users. It’s you, dear reader, that has us intrigued. At what point do you decide that yes, that feature is what I’ve been waiting for and yes, Mr Cook, please take my money. It’s a highly emotive question, and one we wouldn’t dare answer for you – that’s what we have the comments section for, after all – but do allow us to post one or two possibilities, won’t you?

One rumor that just won’t go away, or at least we thought it had and then it reared its oversized head, is the belief that Apple’s next iPhone will grow once again. After years of iPhones sitting at the rather miniscule 3.5-inch form factor, the iPhone 5 saw a jump to a 4-inch display. Could Apple move along so soon? We’d argue not, but we must admit to it being a damn good reason to upgrade from an iPhone 5 and it’d be top of our list for sure. Not too big, obviously – we’re not talking Galaxy Note proportions. Oh heavens no, just something a little more beefy.

If screen size doesn’t float your boat, what about a fingerprint scanner? There’s almost no chance of this actually happening as far as we’re concerned, but seeing as the rumor won’t die, we assume someone somewhere actually wants it to happen. Are you that person? Does being able to unlock your iPhone with the power of the ridges in your thumb fill you with glee?

We didn’t think so.

For us, the biggest change that Apple could make to the iPhone is already upon us, and we’ve spoken about it at length for a while now. When the new iPhone reaches stores later this year, we suspect that iOS 7 will be the biggest change that users will notice, assuming Apple sticks to its iPhone – iPhone S cadence, that is.

And with iOS 7 chugging along happily on the iPhone 5, we’re not sure that the compelling reason to upgrade will be quite as compelling as we’d like.

  • Gorgonphone

    I did it as soon as the jailbreak was announced for the 5 and thats always my rule !!! No update until jailbrak is ready lol

  • Riley Freeman


  • Ryan Kincaid

    i would like to trade in my iphone 4 for a 5

  • Macdemon

    2Ghz quad core with ultra high-def screen of around 500ppi,

  • Patrick

    WTF!! i thought the fingerprint scanner was happening 100%, damn i already bragged about it to everyone i know. sigh but im still getting the 5s

  • Navaz Sayani

    New design and a bigger screen.

  • Jeff H

    It’s gonna take an iPhone 6. 5S and it’s duel led flash isn’t enough of an upgrade.

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Dual led, larger battery and gorilla glass 3 are what’s different. Most everything else is same in physical feature.

  • neutrino23

    Hard to imagine. I really, really like the iPhone 5. I’ve upgraded every year till now. I’ll probably wait for the iPhone 6. iOS 7 will bring lots of nice new features and I use the iPad to supplement the phone. I’m really looking forward to the iPad 5.

  • ce

    4.5″ 2k screen

  • Backfire

    iPhone 6

  • Tyler

    a free one

  • @sexyhamthing

    id have to actually own an iphone 5.

  • Milo

    Bigger screen if not I’m dumping the iPhone for sure

  • At

    I would need them to make the edge to edge display, with a 4.3 inch screen. I’ve seen some pretty beautiful mock ups that look amazing.

  • Satrop 

    A fu**ing miracle !

  • Jack

    What will it take for you to stop writing such lame articles ?

  • Saif Khalaileh

    4.3 inc display – a7 quad core processor – a full hd display 1080p – 13 megapixel camera – nfc – double led flash – better battery – oh … and a fingerprint sensor

  • Xee

    Bigger screen.
    Ability to chose default apps.

  • Blip dude

    Regardless of how good it is. I won’t be upgrading this year. An iOS 7 Jailbreak will be more than enough to keep me satisfied for at least another year. If history repeats itself, it’ll be some minor crappy update that will only 1 or 2 features the iPhone 5 doesn’t have (NFC I assume?). As long as Airdrop is there in iOS 7, then I am satisfied. Everything else the Jailbreak tweaks willl probably do better.

  • momerathe

    upgrade form my iPhone5? I’ve still got a 4S. And no, I’ve heard nothing that makes me think I’ll get a 5S.

  • Ben Kim

    Fingerprint scanner

  • Bunna Chea

    Iphone fan who once complain that android screen are way too big will beggin to say that iphone with bigger screen is perfect. And they will upgrade.

  • chris125

    Larger screen and bigger battery

  • Altinakis George

    To all thosecrappy Android trolls out there:

    Wanting bigger screen, SD card support, etc doesn’t mean that is same as your frappy smartass phones.
    Your app quality would always be the worst example of stable software. Crashing, lousy and ugly menu design, less textured and detailed games and so on.
    Compare S4 Real Racing3 with the one on 4S or even on 4 and you have your answer: all software made for high end android don’t comes near the quality of ios apps.
    That’s the biggest difference that counts for most of us.

    Not to mention that ugly yellowred oversaturated Super – my ass – Amoled screen that makes ALL Adroid games looks like all colours have a party! Amoled can’t adjust lifelike colours neither white color.
    And that all are the difference between android and ios phones.

    So the next time you try resemble future iphones to your lousy phones think all the above.

    End of story.

  • RourkeInsanity

    Come on people, you don’t want an even bigger screen! Listen to the people who used phones with bigger screens like the Galaxy S serie. They’re awful when it comes to usability (mainly with 1 hand). Current screen size is perfect! PPI ratio is pretty much perfect too.

  • Gal916

    Re-design and increasing the screen size a bit.

  • Guest

    I need bigger screen and a little design changing to upgrade my iphone 5

  • Dr. Joseph S. Curcio

    I would want the iPhone 6
    with the A6 or A7 chipset.
    I want the iPhone to be unlocked for any and all types
    of carriers in the US and elsewhere. Why are we always given an incremental
    upgrade instead of the best
    available equipment you have
    in the plans ? The focus on
    making a quick dollar rather that sticking w6ith the hugest Quality product has been and will be the downfall of many
    companies. Do the right thing
    and build a bigger and bigger
    customer base for continued record sales.
    I like iPhone but love innovation. Don’t forget the
    past mistakes of RIM not
    listening to their best personal customers. I have purchased dozens of iPhones for myself and extended family over the year and have a mature business experience.

  • Dr. Joseph S. Curcio

    iPhone 6,”A6″ Chipset.

  • Guest

    The newest Chipset !

  • gagetbOy

    Hardware: 4.3 inch 3:2 aspect ratio screen, 8mp camera with 4um size pixels, OIS, wide angle 2.1 mp back side illuminated front camera, stereo front facing speakers

    software: better sharing between apps, universal file system, and setting default apps

  • I’m still on iPhone 4S :p

  • Dr. Joseph S. Curcio

    Upgrade processor, lower price, higher trade-in values.