Real Racing 3 1.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Developer Firemonkeys and publisher Electronic Arts thus far issued two major content updates to Real Racing 3, enriching the experience by adding hundreds of new events along with an assortment of new vehicles.

Today, the dynamic duo released a third tentatively named ‘Prestige’ update along the same lines. If you’re a fan of high-speed racing games, the Prestige update should make you happy.

The content pack features some high speed cars from Mercedes-Benz and Bentley, more than 180 new events, twilight racing and the highly requested Time Trial mode. I’ve included more information and a video after the break…

This is your trailer.

In addition to Bentley and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Real Racing 3‘s Prestige update brings out a Time Trial mode with global leaderboards and ghost racing.

A new progression system lets you unlock cars and events as you progress through the new career. There are 180+ new events to keep you busy and Clean Race Bonus which lets you receive R$ bonuses by driving cleanly.

Speaking of bonuses, you will now get an R$ boost for the first race of each day. You can also earn bigger bonuses for consecutive days of play.

Real Racing 3 has always been one of the showcase iPhone 5 titles and this edition improves upon the already wonderful graphics with per-pixel shadowing on A6 or later devices.

Real Racing 3 is still free-to-play and available on the App Store, Google’s Play store and Amazon’s Appstore for Android.

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        hey daddy

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        Hi, what’s cookin?

  • Jo

    I stopped playing that game because it took up so much room and it was lame and asked for iap constantly. I once had to wait 3 hours before getting my car delivered or pay.

    • Freddy

      you can advance the mobile clock while closing any internet connection… get the car or delivery then return the time again. works everytime

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        WOA AWESOME you totally made my day man that is coooool i did not know!

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        tried it and it works.

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        I’m gonna use that with a bunch of my other apps.

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        That’s a great idea. I will try it myself.

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    IAPfree still working: safe to update

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    That game is to hard and boring its the gran turismo of ios