‘Different types’ of cooperation possible with Apple, says Mercedes-Benz maker

Mercedes-Benz maker is not ruling out the possibility of vaguely outlined “different types” of cooperation with Apple, which is rumored to be building an electric car of its own code- named Project Titan. “Many things are conceivable,” Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said in an interview with quarterly magazine Deutsche Unternehmerboerse published on Friday.

Daimler AG, a German multinational automotive corporation, owns a number of car brands such as the Mercedes-Benz and Smart Automobile, and was an important launch partner for Apple's CarPlay in-car software.

Mercedes-Benz hints at CarPlay aftermarket upgrades for older vehicles

I immediately noticed writing about Apple's CarPlay that our commenters have been wondering whether this new feature that basically puts iOS in the car front and center would be available for older vehicles.

Turns out this just might be a possibility because Mercedes-Benz, one of Apple's launch partners for CarPlay, has now officially confirmed that it is working on aftermarket installations for older vehicles.

Jordan Kahn of 9to5Mac was able to confirm with a Mercedes-Benz representative that the car maker is looking into getting an “an after-market solution for previous cars”, confirming the option should become available by the end of the year...

Mercedes-Benz posts CarPlay video tour showcasing real-world Siri integration

After Volvo yesterday posted a nice hands-on video highlighting Apple's newly launched in-car system dubbed CarPlay (previously known as iOS in the Car), Mercedes-Benz (one of the three CarPlay launch partners) has posted a video tour of its own which gives us a hands-on demo of CarPlay in its new C-Class and showcases real-world Siri integration.

The clip depicts a driver using Siri to get visual directions with a little help from Apple Maps and using a dedicated hardware button to interact with Apple's smart voice assistant. As previously stated, CarPlay does not allow for third-party mapping apps such as Google Maps...

Mercedes-Benz shows off CarPlay integration

After Apple formally announced its long-expected iOS in the Car initiative today at the Geneva Motor Show - rebranded as CarPlay - car maker Volvo was quick to post a video showing it off in action. Not to be outdone by Volvo, rival Mercedes-Benz has now shared additional tidbits pertaining to how it plans to integrate CarPlay into an upcoming C-Class.

And just like Volvo, Mercedes-Benz is keeping its options open by not pledging exclusive support for CarPlay. In addition to its own in-car entertainment system, the company is going to support not only Apple's CarPlay, but also Android-based in-car infotainment system when it launches later this year. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty...

Real Racing 3 Prestige update adds Mercedes-Benz and Bentley vehicles, more

Developer Firemonkeys and publisher Electronic Arts thus far issued two major content updates to Real Racing 3, enriching the experience by adding hundreds of new events along with an assortment of new vehicles.

Today, the dynamic duo released a third tentatively named 'Prestige' update along the same lines. If you're a fan of high-speed racing games, the Prestige update should make you happy.

The content pack features some high speed cars from Mercedes-Benz and Bentley, more than 180 new events, twilight racing and the highly requested Time Trial mode. I've included more information and a video after the break...