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Multiple sites are reporting this morning that Apple is set to launch its annual ‘Back to School’ promotion in the United States, and several other countries this week. In fact, the popular sale could kick off as soon as tomorrow.

Apple runs the Back to School promotion at various times in different countries, depending on their respective educational calendars. But the program launching this week is said to include the United States, Canada, and Europe…

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman has the scoop:

“The promotion will give eligible students an iTunes/App Store gift card with the purchase of a Mac, iPad, and for the first time, an iPhone. The gift cards that come with Mac purchases will be worth 100$ while the cards accompanying the iOS Devices will be worth $50.”

As usual, Apple will market these promotional gift cards as credit for purchasing educational-centric content. But just like regular iTunes cards, they will work across all of Apple’s content stores for media, apps and iBooks downloads.

MacRumors corroborates the report, saying that it has heard from its own sources that Apple retail stores will be performing an ‘overnight’ tonight to adjust signage and other materials. This suggests the promotion will indeed tomorrow.

Last year’s Back to School special ran from mid-June through September. But some suggest that because this year’s promotion started a bit  later, that it may run a bit later this year as well. Either way, get those credit cards ready folks.

  • Tom Sullivan


  • Boss

    It’s was better when they gave a free iPod instead of lame vouchers

    • Melvco

      yes, yes it was.

    • MarcPhilippeB

      Why should vouchers be lame? It’s free cash, you will use it anyway.

  • ProfessorX1®

    Instead of giving me a gift card with my purchase Apple, can you get me free Pussy? (:

    • tim


      also, ‘If you want porn, get an android’.

      • Rockwell mellow

        If it was impossible to view porn on iOS then android’s numbers would almost double XD

      • Guest

        Or jailbreak and get cydia… Just kidding

  • What about the iPod…

  • Using the iPad instead of textbooks sounds awesome. You can text and go on iDB instead of learning. It’s amazing. It’s the future.

    • You can JB the iPad and go around the teacher’s security measures! Jailbreaking will become sooper popular.

      • iosPixel

        The Same cant be said for the use of the word sooper.