iPhone 5S batteries on assembly line (NowhereElse 001)

A pair of images published by a French blog depict a tray of batteries on an assembly line, allegedly for the upcoming iPhone 5S and suggesting Apple’s manufacturing partners are now prepping to assemble the device in time for its rumored Fall introduction.

Numerous leaks over the past two weeks have suggested that Apple’s next S-upgrade most likely sports a twelve-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash for improved low-light photos, a new A7 chip and slightly revised internals, all encased in the familiar iPhone 5 form factor…

With the device now supposedly in production, leaks become the norm.

According to the French blog NowhereElse.fr which posted these images, the batteries appear to be of the same size like the current iPhone 5 battery.

iPhone 5S batteries on assembly line (NowhereElse 002)

That being said, you’re advised to apply a dose of skepticism as we can’t tell for sure whether or not these batteries came from Apple’s supply chain. Eagle-eyed readers could also point these things lack any markings, so we also can’t decipher their capacity.

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 (MacRumors 001)

For what it’s worth, MacRumors on Monday posted the above spyshot of the purported iPhone 5S internals, indicating the device may in fact have a slightly better battery.

If Apple stays true to its annual refresh cycle, we can expect the next iPhone to land in October, about a year after the debut of the iPhone 5.

  • Tonka Thor

    Are those condoms next the tray of batteries? I guess working at these facilities have their perks after all?

    • ace

      iCondoms i guess! lol

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        LOL! That made my day!
        “iCondoms, condoms never made better… since condoms.”

    • Gorgonphone

      Thats the only good thing about this

  • What are the condoms for?

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Finger cots. Quite common on supply chains. They protect the device components more so than the people handling them. Gloves seem better though.

      • yeah, I can imagine these being a pain in the a*se, constantly falling off fingers etc

      • Mykel Monroe

        They make your fingers sweat like a mofo. -_-

      • Leviscus Tempris

        Yes. There are issues with dealing with expensive tech like static discharge and others including fingerprints. Not sure the benefits of finger cots though. Always looked like condoms to me.

  • Gorgonphone

    Boring image and boring story

  • Mohammed Sahib

    I was hoping we can see the mAh of the 5S battery. Disappointed.