PatternUnlock Preview

PatternUnlock is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that brings Android inspired Lock screen security to the iPhone. It features user customizable unlock patterns and various Lock screen themes that can be user customized as well.

The tweak, which will sell for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, is due to touch down some time this weekend. For now, check out our brief preview video of the tweak inside.

We’ll have a full breakdown of PatternUnlock when it launches. Stay tuned for more coverage.

  • Riley Freeman

    Im shocked there’s an Article about a tweak that has about 5 replicas in cydia already

  • C Mac

    android lock is free and works great, nice features like lock bypass on certain wifi and bluetooth connections

  • This is actually identical to Android Lock XT or whatever it’s called, this version even appears to have less features..

    The only reason I can think of for this article, is the developer paid iDB

    • What a ridiculous and somewhat insulting claim.

      • I apologise, I did consider re-wording it after I wrote it, but it’s just strange that this warranted an article when it’s inferior to free alternatives

      • Riley Freeman

        You shouldn’t be apologizing. What you said is completely justified.

      • Don Reid

        accept that androidlock xt is also 2 dollars

      • blu

        Well, you have to wonder. Why is a paid app that does the same thing (or even less?) than a free one being featured?

      • Damian W

        Because the developer asked Jeff nicely to review the tweak he just created. This is Jeff’s job and the developer wants to have some good starting point. Simple, this video is mutually beneficial for them as it is for us, cydia users.

      • Exactly this. The dev got in touch with me and asked if we were interested to check out his tweak. That’s usually all it takes to be featured on iDB. Money is never involved when it comes to jailbreak tweaks. Ever.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Because iDB supports the jailbreak community and new developers, and even if they paid, what about it? There is nothing wrong about trying to ear some revenue out of these developers efforts. The AppStore is a good example and that’s why they are the revenue machine powering the industry unlike other ‘stores’ out there.
        But for what it’s worth, the developer of this tweak didn’t pay a penny for this article, hopefully that settles you down. 🙂

    • Damian W

      really…do you think some random guy from cydia would pay iDB. So question for you…how much do you think iDB got in their pocket from this dev? Paying iDB would cost him more, than he would make profit from the tweak. News flash for you…most cydia developers don’t make millions dollars on creating one tweak. Probably Auxo is the most popular, and it is exception because it was popularized too much on many many blogs, not just one.

      • I’m interested to see what you think the fees suggested here would be, iDB is relatively small, and they listen to the community/review tweaks from developers that aren’t too well known, so I doubt it would cost as much as you think it would.

      • Damian W

        assuming, even if he would pay 50-100 bucks (I have no clue how much it could actually be) for a preview, I think it would be very unlikely since iDB blog is all about getting news from everyone and everywhere. If they start taking money from people who actually give them news, then it is not gonna be a credible or up to date website anymore. They would in some way contradict themselves if they take payments from people who actually help them run this website.

        Regarding the paymant amount — it is relevant to effort put in creating video and views it receives on average and etc. Either way it was done for free obviously.

      • jp2002

        Why are you so dumb man???? Blogs don’t ask money to feature something. They instead pay the article writer for writing and making some video of whatever they feature Aaaaand they get the money (the thing which you are dying for) from Ads. The more articles they write and cover, the more viewers they would get and an eventual increase in ad revenue. I thought you would be knowing all this since you are a front end dev. Seriously you sound like an 8 year old kid right from your first comment. HOPE YOU PLZZ READ THIS, and stop bitching about iDB.

      • The irony of this comment has broken my irony-o-meter.

        Some blogs (not all) don’t ask for money, but that doesn’t stop them accepting money for a specific article to be written.

        What has advertising revenue got to do with being a front end web developer?

        Why am I dying for money when I’m 19 and I own a successful business?

        I sound like an 8 year old from my first comment? well boy you sound like Morgan Freeman in an intellectual debate.

        Finally, I’m not bitching about iDB, why don’t you remove your faces-stained penis from their virtual rectum? (Hows that for an 8 year old comment?)

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        I paid for Auxo and uninstalled it a few minutes after trying it on my iPhone. I gave it yet another chance last week and got rid of it a few minutes afterwards again. I believe Auxo is good in design and functionality overall, however the App icons are so tiny I don’t even think they thought about such a detail before releasing it.
        I believe Auxo is overrated.

  • Malan Raja

    So what if there are a hundred other similar JB tweaks, its just a preview, skip past if it irks you.

    • momerathe

      a review is only useful if it puts the thing being reviewed in the context of other similar products.

  • Don’t wannatell

    This tweak is not better than the free one. I know you put a lot of work into this, but please look at different direction. That kind of tweak is so many now.

    • Gorgonphone

      and switchers omg there are 10000000 switcher tweaks,..

  • Dylfo

    How is this new?

  • David

    iDB posts about new and upcoming tweaks which I appreciate and is the main reason I come here. Regardless if there are tweaks like this already, this is new so deserves an article. Quit whining, or they will stop posting about half the tweaks they do because there is one that is remotely similar. Thanks iDB for featuring this…

    • deepdvd

      Agreed. I think the primary reason this might be useful for a lot of people is that it looks more compatible with other tweaks than its competition. Not worth 2 bucks to me though.

  • Palmer Paul

    AndroidLock XT much?

  • Beta382

    When this launches, please make the post about it a comparison between it and existing tweaks that do the same thing. Telling the pros and cons between it and something else that does the same thing helps us (the user) make an informed decision knowing the alternatives. It also shows judgment on the part of you (the reviewer).

    Comparison posts (Decode Camera vs NativeQR (these released on the same day, why you only reviewed the more expensive and less feature-filled one is beyond me), Axis vs Grabby, Pattern Unlock vs Android Unlock, etc.) are so much more interesting to read than “This is what it does, this is how much it costs, this is where you can get it”.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      good idea

  • Riley Freeman

    My issue is not so much with the article although I do think its pointless, my main issue is with these developers that keep putting replicas in cydia.

    Merge 10 months later still not compatible with iOS 6

    Assistantextensions 10 months later still not compatible with iOS 6

    External iPod controls which allowed u to hit the volume buttons to skip or go backward on a song. Was never updated to IOS 5 or 6

    • Riley Freeman

      There’s linksafe which would ask you to confirm you want to visit the link u may have clicked on. I loved this tweak because so many times I would accidentally click on ads or something and it would make me exit where I was and I didn’t want to. This also has not been updated. If rather see someone update or duplicate those since they all no longer work on iOS 6 and were like 2 months away from IOS 7.

      P.s. I pay for 95% of my tweaks and this is why people don’t pay because they stop updating them and you’re left out in the cold. It’s worse when you don’t even get 2 OS versions out of it.

      • Damian W

        for the linksafe alternative try BrwoseInApp. It just as good.

  • Gurudas G

    FYI this tweak is now released in Cydia!

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I have androidlockxt enabled right now I love it no need for this

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    I think you pulled the trigger early on your comment as clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    AndroidLock-XT is a jailbreak tweak available in Cydia, FYI.
    So this new tweak ‘previewed’ offers pretty much the same functionality, although it is obviously a different tweak and a different developer.

  • mo0hi1t

    I’m happy with Piano Passcode.. 🙂

  • TuNuT

    Are the devs running out of ideas? I have the feeling that they are now trying to get as much as possible while they can. Once iOS 7 is released, if jailbreakable, most of these tweaks like this will be useless or get the incompatibility issue then never be updated no more…

  • Zeljko Nikolic

    and none of this is as good as the one from s4

  • Zeljko Nikolic

    but i prefer face unlock

  • Zeljko Nikolic

    nothing lags.dont know whst you with your safemode phone

  • Lol this tweek is so dam old.

  • Kai

    how come like even though i downloaded the jailbreak app but then i have to do freakin surveys!?