iOS 6 vs iOS 7 UI elements featured

iOS developer MPow recently tweeted an interesting comparison image of iOS 6’s UI views versus the new elements found in iOS 7. It’s a great way to gain a high level overview on the scope of the visual changes occurring with iOS.

The image compares common elements like the toolbar, tabbar, searchbar, switches, sliders, and much more. It’s a great way to appreciate some of the widely seen visual changes happening with iOS. If you happen to be a developer, or are at least interested in what it takes to create an app on iOS, you’ll especially appreciate this. Take a look inside for the full image.

iOS UI views comparison

As we’ve already come to appreciate, iOS 7 is a huge departure from all that we’ve come to know over the last 6 years. But this breakdown helps us to understand just how pervasive the changes are on a more intimate scale.

What do you think? Are there any elements from iOS 6 that you still prefer over the new iOS 7? Are there any particular elements that you’ll be happy to see gone? Sound off with your thoughts and opinions below.

  • Yash Gorana

    And then they said “It’s a copy of Android”

    *clap clap clap*

    • Cameron Chao

      it never looked anything like Android.

      • Yash Gorana

        I am a developer, i have seen the session videos and trust me, the internal part of iOS looks as beautiful as the new UI.

      • Ricky

        What internal part?

      • Yash Gorana

        How the parallax works. How the chat bubbles act like spring when we scroll vigorously. How does the blurred hierarchy works. etc.

        These have been done beautifully by apple.

        “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass” – Phil Schiller

      • Jay Kay

        We trust you ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • It does not look like Froyo at all but it looks like Jelly Bean now.

      • Cameron Chao

        i admit there are copied features, but design wise, it really looks nothing like android.

    • Sean Cua

      I really don’t understand how people get the conclusion that iOS 7 is a copy of Android.

      • Yash Gorana

        same here ! “it’s a windows phone ripoff”

        Nowadays understand people is like understanding female emotions.

      • Jay Kay

        People are always unreasonable, ur example fits perfectly, female emotions are always unreasonable

      • Because it uses a lot of bright colors and thin lines.

      • Ziaur Rahman Ryan

        It burns the android fanatics to say iOS 7 is better looking than their potato firmware. So they just say ‘iOS copied android’.

        And also it’s no windows phone ripoff, there’s no tiled animation or themes like windows phones in iOS 7. It’s just minimalism.

    • thisuser_unavailable

      android is not the owner of feature.
      as ppl say Apple should never add quick settings on ios. Apple just do ios to a different a easily used os. it is great.

      • Ryan Stack

        I think you a word

  • Bladimir Slavik

    Me encanta love it

  • Mohamed Ibrahem

    They have to add ability to change color of the theme to any thing darker and io6 seems to have better details in the small things

    • BoardDWorld

      Seems, so true…

    • Gorgonphone

      IOS6 lacks any design details and intricacies it looks like a concept sketch

      • Mike

        Hopefully as the final design comes to fruition it’ll have the details that are lacking

      • Bob

        iOS 7’s UI looks like line art that a kid would be attracted to. iOS 6 had full texture detail, things looked like their real life counter parts. iOS 6 held a vastly superior UI apparence than what iOS 7 holds.

    • Wamid

      Well, I’ve said it like this “even a simple act like changing your wallpaper affects the look of the whole OS” I think most of these are translucent. They’re not white per say.. But they adapt to what’s behind them, in a really impressive way I might say.. I don’t think it’s just a translucency. I think it works like the album view in iTunes for desktop.. The way they sample colors from the album cover and style the page with them

  • Evangeloz Tsalikidis

    hopefully a jailbreak in a few months allows for a “revert to iOS 6” theme.

    • Sigurd Boe

      Thats just ugly, Ayecon if anything.

    • Gorgonphone

      thats what i want should be easy since all the IOS6 assets are already there and ready to go lol

      • Dallas Groot

        Don’t get your hopes up. Theming From one iOS version to another is extremely hard, I did it from iOS 5 to 6, and half the stuff didn’t
        even work. And I think the only way it’s gonna work, that someone made a dream board theme. rather then a winterboard theme. (I am the one who made ‘ios54ios6’ free in Cydia.

    • Michael Allen

      You’ll be lucky if there is a jailbreak at all.

      • Mike

        There will be weither it be Evasi0n or Redsnow or a new Jailbreak

    • Damian W

      last time jailbreak release took about 5-6 months. So accordingly to the trend…this time jailbreak will take 8-10 months. Just about the time where iOS 8 beta comes out.

    • Mike

      I thought that originally but hopefully it’ll be alright on the final design

    • fuckshit


  • gio

    Copy of android?? what a joke!! You must be blind!!!

    • Marc

      except for the lock screen.

      • Evan_Beezy

        Android has like 10 lock screens. Any changes bound to look like one of them

      • Yo

        Yeah. true.

    • I bet you haven’t used an Android or even looked at one. Its really starting to look like Jelly Bean.

  • Beckz

    IO6 In Most Cases Look More Intuitive, Ios 7 Looks Too Cartoonish Hence Why There Is Doubt In A Lot Persons Minds And Also Too Much People Are Saying It Looks Google-ish (android) Not A Good Look

    • Lance Baker

      I’ll never understand the need to capitalize every word.

      • Gorgonphone

        stope trying to focus on semantics..

      • Joseph

        It’s hard to not to when reading it like that makes your eyes burn like the fires of Hell.

    • Gorgonphone


  • f1ght3r

    The UI seems to be geared towards the white iPhone. I hope they include an option to have a darker UI for the people with black iPhones. Just my 2 cents, and my OCD kicking in.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      I agree the UI looks to white for the black iPhone we need a black option

    • Kamrul

      Agreed, giving us another option wouldn’t hurt.

    • Jedediah Kramer

      I agree with your statement, but I am wondering if the reason the UI is more “colorful” is due to some truth about budget or next gen iPhones coming in color, and since the new iOS looks better on the white iPhone 5 thats why Apple presented on that device.

      • Gorgonphone

        not better just less bad

    • Adam Paulik

      Add dark wallpaper, cos it has the sence of content ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Gorgonphone

      that is what i was thinking if they implement a hue shift option it will be fantastic but i have a feeling I’ve is not talented enough to do such a simple obvious thing..

  • Roland Adi Nugraha

    ios 6 ui view is more detailed, ios 6 ftw

    • fyd

    • Marc

      more detailed?

      • fuckshit

        He means like more shinier, glassy and stuff. IOS 7 is just made ‘SIMPLE’. It really looks like a pile of shit to me.

    • Gorgonphone


    • Razin Yuzer

      there is no functionality in detailed texture anymore. its relevant years ago for people starting to learn smartphone UI they need to have references to real life objects but not anymore nowadays. Since majority of people getting more comfortable with smartphones.

  • Peter ฤแปฉc Phรกt

    iOs 7 is better than 6.And i dont think this nice looking OS looks like Android -_-

  • Matthew

    I really like the look of the new iOS. I don’t know what everyone else is talking about.

    • Kamrul

      Yeah same its a matter of opinion but imo it looks better than iOS 6 it still needs abit of work but thats why we have beta. I personally tried it out on my mates phone and it lookes way better than the screenshots and videos, you wont know till you try it out.

    • People are talking about how it looks too simple and and colorful.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I’m liking the new look

  • Isa Altintas

    iOS 7 looks more professional and futuristic.

  • Kamrul

    Much better looking than previous iOS

  • Sandeep

    In India still no iOS 7 can’t wait more daily i use to check update

    • Sean Cua

      In every country there is no iOS 7. The only ones that get to use it are those with developer accounts and those that download it off other people.

    • Evan_Beezy

      Lol you got to wait a few more months bro

  • Matt Taylor

    I absolutely hate the iOS7 UI! I think it looks like a class project from a school for specials! I don’t mind the homescreen as much and the lockscreen may grow on me, but that doesn’t matter because I will never upgrade to that ugly crap which in tern means I will never upgrade (Purchase) an iDevice again! And that bothers me as I have spent close to 600 on apps! If Apple refunded me that amount I would move away from apple just to avoid iOS7, but in reality I will now always be stuck with old tech (iPad3) so that I can use my apps ๐Ÿ™

    • BoardDWorld

      I can understand where you are coming from but it grows on you. First it’s no way those icons can’t be serious. At the same time it was in the back of my mind this is quite cool as it feels raw, like the original iPod’s interfaces “feel”. Then again it also feels very new. It will definitely keep Apple in the lead.

      • Gorgonphone

        okay its like this if apple admits that this design and UI is only 40% complete then i will stay optimistic but if they think that this look is good enough them im out.

      • Bob

        No, that is called Stockholm syndrome.

    • Gorgonphone

      dont worry as soon as it is jalbroken there will be and IOS6 theme to fix the IOS7 disaster..

      • Spencer

        I can only hope..cause thats the only, the ONLY way ill update.

      • kamranm1200


      • Calm down please. Not everyone that does not like the looks of iOS 7 is an Android fanboy. It’s their own opinion.

    • Chindavon

      Have you ever used it? It’s pretty slick.

    • Razin Yuzer

      You have problems with the “UI” or the “looks” of it. they are two different things.

      • Gorgonphone

        the look of the UI is a big part of the UI and can actually ruin a UI as exemplifies inn IOS7

      • Razin Yuzer

        Yes i can understand that, but for me, the UI of the apps is much better operates now then before. but the look of the icons kinda threw me off. but thats just me. I dont think its all bad as a whole.

    • Spencer

      I agree completely! It looks awful! it looks like no work went into it at all!

  • Matt Taylor

    I just hope to god the next iPad/mini is released before iOS7!

    • Gorgonphone

      not gonna happen… hey will all come with IOS7

  • Ricky

    I really like the ios7

  • Ian Tyreman

    I love the new iOS 7 I could not go back. iOS 6 now looks old and out dated after having iOS 7.

  • Tonka Thor

    Been playing around with iOS 7 for few days now. People should understand that it’s a beta 1 release. Everything feels a little incomplete and there’s loads of bugs or things that need tweaking. On the other hand, it’s a very stable beta for the most part.
    Aesthetically speaking it’s a welcomed change from iOS 6. I don’t care if it looks like Android, Android looks like iOS. Functionally, they’re both going to borrow from each other. It’s okay “trolls”. Don’t have a cow.
    They need to add quick reply to SMS. I can’t believe they don’t do this. Other than that everything is actually very nice.

    • Gorgonphone

      Just cause something changes does not mean it improves and iOS& is a perfect example.. instead of just insulting the realists take time to get the strength to keep apple on track quality wise dont just accept and encourage everything they do

      • Tonka Thor

        Everyone has a high expectation for Apple and this is their disadvantage.

      • Gorgonphone

        all they had to do is keep what they had and improve it..

      • Bob

        Or innovate by giving us options? Let us choose? That would be an innovation, wouldn’t it?

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    Just let me know when IOS 7 is jailbroke then I will upgrade. Till them, Ill be sending quick reply text from anywhere on my phone all day long.

    • Gorgonphone

      lo same here.. the IOS6 theme will be very very polar on the iOS& jailbreak..lllo

  • Gorgonphone

    in IOS7 they stripped out all the actually design from the UI.. what is left is a wire frame.. a wire frame is what designers you in the preliminary stage of a design project to plan space and volume before actual rendering starts… IOS7 lacks rendering.. Johnny ive was lazy and is using the “flat” concept explanation as a weak excuse.. it is possible to flatten the IOS look without completely removing all design value from it..

    I am really disappointed that so many apple fans are unwilling to constructively criticize apple products.. that is more than borderline cultish .. pleas people lets convince apple to keep giving us “steve quality” stuff..

    • Tonka Thor

      It boils down to opinion. Just like art. Paint splashed on a canvas is art to some and it’s crap to others. It doesn’t matter if you have a degree in design or not because people’s likes and dislikes are so diverse these days. But I agree, without Steve, Apple seems to lack that commitment to release first rate products. Almost seems like they’re doing it to keep shareholders.

      • Bob

        No one is there to kick their asses into gear and work or be fired.

  • babiloe

    it is good.
    but to be honest,
    putting gray letter over the white background, makes my eye working harder …

    might not good for old people

  • Grande PHD

    So much better. Next android will copy iOS 7 interface and fandroids will love it.

  • Zaidan Umar

    Its smaller, whiter, with a bit of green

  • Zaidan Umar

    Now the only question, should we jailbreak?

  • Tsavo Walker

    For those who used Xcode templates will things like the UITabber change automatically or will I have to go in and change it?

    • Ryan Stack

      I’m pretty sure it will change

      • Tsavo Walker


  • Ben Seiler

    Personally, I like it.

  • Scott Curry

    iOS7 is enough of a design upgrade, looks BEAUTIFUL, and I think will allow me to go without a jailbreak for a while. I’m doing a full restore to this one (gotta fix my album covers too anyway). Oh how I’ll miss quick reply though, but please hope hope hope it will get added before going GA.

    I really hope I don’t have top start every post with ‘in my opinion.’

  • Bing Beta

    those arent ios 6 elements they are ios 5

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    The only thing I’m not too fond off are the icons, but again, I think we’re all pretty much on the same boat. The one other thing that has been really getting to me is the music scrubber, I just can’t get my damn finger on it! It looks really nice, but I think functionality-wise, it needs a little help. I also wasn’t a fan of the color of the music app, but now, I really like it. So, then icons should get a little retouching (and I’m sure they will), and the music scrubber for sure!

  • iPhone 5 with IOS 7 Jailbroken = Perfection….

    • Gorgonphone

      10000% yes

  • Jurassic

    Graphically, the design of the iOS 7 interface gets rid of all the unnecessary visual clutter (gradients, outlines, fake textures, etc.). It is much easier to read and use than iOS 6.

    • Gorgonphone

      its gets rid of all the design period and makes it sterile and more boring then before… sad

  • DaveP

    anyone know a theme I can download that uses this ui I love the look, thanks all

  • William

    does iOS7 use windows 8 font?

  • Majedix

    Apple kills the beautiful UI in Roller ” picker view” & NAVbar. However, some of the UI needs to be dark in color for better vision.

  • gaurabmega

    The new UI looks great than the previous one.

  • scha

    I’m studying HCI, so I think iOS7 is a good and very nice design. People have choices whether they wanna upgrade to iOS7 or just stick with iOS6. Apple just change the design to be more simple in a very elegant way.

  • F*** dan

    it reminds me of android with a white theme. Those who disagree or downvote are apple fanboys and probably never used or seen pure android besides benchmark comparison videos.

  • Narbeh Malekian

    is there a theme that can replace all these things from ios 7 with the ios 6 ones?
    I’m looking for a full ios6 theme for my ios 7 device

    • Bob

      Agreed. I will not buy a new Iphone until I can have the theme of the ios 6 back. Just innovate, give us options and if apple wants to be too cheap, put it on the app store or let someone else do it and we can buy the theme.

      Jeee, I a no one has just stated how they can make more money from us.