WiPi Featured

WiPi is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to quickly access your device’s Wi-Fi picker. Using a simple Activator gesture configurable in the tweak’s preference panel, it’s a quick way to select a desired Wi-Fi network without having to resort to the Wi-Fi section in the stock Settings app.

Want to see how WiPi works in action? Then check inside for our hands-on video walkthrough.

One particularly nice thing about WiPi is its ability to automatically enable Wi-Fi if you happen to have it disabled, or even if Airplane mode is on. WiPi is an extremely simple tweak, and it features no options to configure outside of the custom Activator gesture. If you want to try it out, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be had free of charge.

What do you think about WiPi? Do you consider it to be useful for your day-to-day routine? Share your thoughts and insight in the comment section below.

  • Marc

    That’s cool. I’ll tell my son to put this in iOS 7.1.

    • charlie feathers

      When the jailbreak is released, right?

      • Marc

        Ah nevermind. I was trying to do a joke and name myself ”Tim Cook’s Mom” but it changed back to Marc.

  • Johnny Manidis

    I tried this, but I really think ‘YFiSelect4’ is better. It doesn’t have that obtrusive ‘scanning’ WiPi goes through every time. What do you think?

    • charlie feathers

      Totally agre with you! YFiSelect has been doing a great job at this with activator action or sbsettings toggle and looks damn good too! ; )

      • Johnny Manidis

        Haha, the only problem is no one knows about it! IDB hasn’t done a post about it since 2010! It’s a handy tweak!

      • charlie feathers

        lol yeah I know! I’ve been using it since my old iphone 3G haha.

    • benno

      This is correct, YFiSelect has more features than WiPi, but WiPi is free and YFiSelect is paid

  • MikeY

    This is cool! However, if I know the SSID of the network I want to switch to, can it be switched over automatically?

    (I was experimenting with Activator settings-I am able to create an action *after* a custom event is triggered set after switching to a user-specified WiFi network, but I do not see anything to make an action switch (or attempt to switch) to a pre-defined WiFi SSID.)

    Any ideas?

    This is the closest I have found and I thank you for this still useful tweak!