iOS 7 first boot featured

iOS 7 is a fairly significant change from its predecessors looks wise, but many of the functional elements of the OS are still the same. For instance, the initial setup wizard looks different, but the basic premise and much of the options and settings are much the same as they were on previous iterations of iOS. Check inside, as I walk you through the initial first boot setup process on video.

Did you notice how much thinner the new loading bar is on initial boot? I think the best way to describe the experience is “familiar, yet different.” What do you think about it?

  • Cazz

    I have the beta as well: even loading bars & apple logos are different.

    Theme is definitely a trip. Gestures are on point. To a certain degree eliminates home button.

    • Doesn’t eliminate the home button to any degree, I still need to press it to return to the home screen

      • Cazz

        Guess u dont use quick toggle switches. Do u. Lol

      • Toggle switches?

      • Cazz

        exactly shows how much u use them lol

      • ‘shows how much you use them’ the beta has been out for about 13 hours…

        Are you going to explain or?

      • Cazz

        nope, work is done here. Enjoy the beta! ^_^

      • look everyone, another person caught out for talking bollocks about something he knows nothing about!

      • Dafuq? Quick toggle switches? Are you referring to control center? If so you can’t get to the homescreen from there, if you are going to be an ass.. At least be an ass who knows what they are talking about. Dipshit.

      • TeddyBearStand

    • Adam Cohen

      hows the battery life cuz my battery is horrible

      • mine’s horrible as well.. not to mention the heating issue of the device

      • Chris Longden

        Last night after installing iOS7 and then watching it restore from an iCloud backup, I thought my iPhone 5 was gonna burn my hand it got that hot!

      • Michael Jack

        While using the the beta on my iPhone 5 today I noticed it got hotter than it’s ever been while using cellular data

      • RyanFoley

        Yea I noticed that last night, I thought my phone was going to brand an Apple logo into my hand. Maybe that’s the idea Apple’s going with….

      • mav3rick

        What to expect: screen is used as flashlight being mostly plain white.
        It might be called later “an amazing feature”: burn and glow in the dark.

      • Rico Haze

        I thought my phone was going to explode last night.

      • Cazz

        Then again it is a beta, its so so. Had to drop a cycle since 7 am

      • Micaiah Martin

        Stand bye life is great on my iPhone 4S. It does drain battery when the iOS is being medium to heavily used. Remember this is a Beta. So not really for every day use. Only for devs to develop for. I think once beta 2 or 3 is released. Apple should fix a lot of the battery issues.

      • Joseph

        mines terrible, in 10 hours barely any use, it dropped from 98% to 32%. Brightness was turned up though, but before i had ios 7 beta, i would text all day at work while brightness was up, and battery was always above 40%. This may be due to how the multitasking is ran, so i deleted all me multitasking que and i will see if it will help tomorrow. Also, it takes forever to charge if youre using it while charging.

    • mehrab

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  • Jailbreaker

    jeff i love you

  • BTW, is Spotlight gone now…?! They didn’t mention it but I just can’t find a way to access it…

    • iPhone Hrvatska

      slide down from center of the screen

    • Swipe down in the middle of any home screen.

    • Cazz

      Its still there: activated by pressing nd dragging home screen down.

    • Aaah, okay — thanks, guys…! 🙂

  • Ricky

    Hey jeff you actually use ipod for the ios7 beta. Do you feel any lag cuz in the bideo i didnt notice any but people are saying iphone4S are laggy?

    • Ian

      I had a little lag in the beginning. It seems better for me now. I have an iPod 5 btw.

      • Ricky

        Are you a dev?? If you are can you help me if not how? Thx

      • Ian

        I’m sorry, no. my cousin helped me, and he won’t be registering devices. You’ll have to find someone else. 🙁

    • Micaiah Martin

      My iPhone 4S isn’t laggy at all. Although Iv’e only had iOS installed for 24 hours. I’ll keep you posted!

  • Leandro Miguel Bas

    why do all ios 7 is on the white iPhone?
    does it look bad on the black one?

    • Cazz

      Only the l33t people choose white idevices :3

      • Leandro Miguel Bas

        But still i will like a picture so every one sees the difference ….

  • iPhone Hrvatska

    I’m guess there are now dynamics for iphone 4??

  • Saurabh Jindal

    after installing the IOS7 beta 1 can we revert back the iphone 4s to IOS 6.1.3,
    and if i install the ios it going to harm my warrenty?

    • iPhone Hrvatska

      you can go back to 6.1.3 until this fall

      • Saurabh Jindal

        will there be any affects to the warranty?
        and how do i install ios7 as i am not a developer.

      • iPhone Hrvatska

        no, and you can’t if you are not ddeveloper, unless you buy UDID from someone here on idownloadblog, I bought my registration for 3$, install ios 7, got disappointed and right now I’m jailbreaking my iphone on 6.1.2

      • Rico Haze

        How did you restore to iOS 6.1.2 my phone is on fire on iOS 7 battery life is horrible.

      • Saurabh Jindal

        you provided it with your normal apple id and did it accept it?

      • Rico Haze

        I used a provision didn’t put any ID in. Bought a slot from another developer.

    • Yaclexx
      • Saurabh Jindal

        and if i wanna restore it back to ios6?

  • andyr354

    Who else has been waiting hours for their UUID to register on Apple’s end? My 4s still says it hasn’t been registered in the developer program… waiting waiting…

    • FFF84

      I waited but not more that half an hour.

    • Yaclexx

      This may work for you:

      -Restore to your last 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 depend on your model

      -When finish activating your phone connect it to iTunes again

      -Press Option+Update and find the IPSW you downloaded ( do an update NOT a restore to IOS7)

      -Then enjoy IOS7

      • andyr354

        that is shift on a PC right?

      • Yaclexx

        I think is Alt on a PC
        fyi:a window will open for you to browse the ipsw file

      • Ian

        It’s shift. That’s what I did.

      • andyr354

        Did all that. But gave me an error on the update. Said unknown error. then makes me do a restore instead of an update.

      • andyr354

        Third, or maybe the fifth, time is the charm.

        Tried a different USB port the last time and she went. Up and working. Thanks!!

  • FFF84

    Hey Jeff,
    yesterday I installed io7 because I thought it will amazing, at first it was but after using it for couple of hours I found it’s so ugly.
    I don’t know why.
    please tell us what do you think about it after using.
    I really want all this new feature but with out this animations or with the old theme

  • Dare

    Is the share widget gone from the lock screen? I can’t seem to find it.

  • Jamie Tilden

    In the Compass app you can swipe over to reveal a level.

  • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

    I can’t wait for today’s podcast 🙂

  • n0ahcruz3

    Settings icon reminds me of sharingan 😛 naruto fan here.

  • Smeltn

    I installed clean, did not restore from iTunes/iCloud and my phone has not had any heat related issues. I also have had normal battery life.
    Keep in mind you are playing with your devices more, looking at it more, doing things, showing people, taking screenshots and posting them, so of course your battery life will be worse right now.

    • mehrab

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      It wud mean a lot to me

  • Guest

    Okay, so I installed iOS 7 beta 1 on my iPhone 4, but the background of the dock on the home screen, is completely visible, like it’s not blurred at all like it’s supposed to be. Can anyone tell me why?

  • CJ_Collin

    Okay, so I installed iOS 7 beta 1 on my iPhone 4, but the background of
    the dock on the home screen, is completely visible, like it’s not
    blurred at all like it’s supposed to be. Can anyone tell me why?

  • Naju Najeeb

    hi guys hw to install ios 7 in iphone 4 cdma

  • Gorgonphone


  • perfent

    Thanks Jeff. I agree with you, “familiar but different”. Personally, I love the difference!

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    People, if you’re going to complain about iOS 7 beta 1, maybe you shouldn’t of activated your UDID and downloaded BETA TESTING SOFTWARE onto an iPhone you use everyday. The battery life isn’t going to be where it’s at now, but it will get there by the time the public release comes around. The heating issue, battery life, lag, glitches… this all happened with iOS 5 beta 1 as well. iOS 6 beta 1 was much smoother because it was a much smaller update compared to iOS 5 and iOS 7.

  • Harscelle Goenka

    Hi Jeff, Could you please tell me what software you use to record your iPhone’s screen? It would be really appreciated. Thanks.

  • MunnySwirl

    because of ios 7 my next iphone will be white.

  • 1HARVEN1 .

    How I can use reader mode in safari??
    I used it a lot in ios 6

  • Jameslawrence

    Found lots of people complaining about problems and what a crap job apple have done with IOS7 but personally having been testing it on my 4S, it’s much better. I love the new interface, gestures and features. For a beta, its probably the most stable I’ve seen. Must be all the technology fags who can’t handle change.

  • Doreen Mendoza

    I installed ios 7 on my iphone 5 but it stucks on the homescreen with enter the passcode, i tried to press anything but it wouldn’t. Help me please. thank you

  • Mahi

    my compass app is not visible on my ipod touch 5g currently running on ios7 can anyone plz tel me what to do. i updated it from 6.1.3 to 7.0 Plz tell me what i will have to do.

    • Yaso

      HEy Guys I HAve Just Installed the ios 7 beta 3 and i have an issue which is the apple logo haven’t remved to the next move
      it just stay on the logo why that appened !!? -_-