Yo Sushi iTray

Yo! Sushi, a UK restaurant franchise, made a name for itself by delivering sushi to customers using the Japanese style ‘kaiten’ conveyor belt method. In a nice marketing gimmick, they are testing out the iTray, an iPad-controlled quadricopter which delivers sushi on flying trays to surprised customers. The method is being trialled by staff at Yo! Sushi in Soho, central London. Your video is right after the break…

The iTray brings the food to the table piping hot at 25mph, Metro reports.

Here’s the clip.

The concept is meant to illustrate how “light, exciting and fun” this type of food can be, per Yo! Sushi CEO Robin Rowland.

It’s more like a recipe for disaster, don’t you think?

  • milksop held

    Wow such an insightful artical thank you so much please write more like this

  • Stijn

    Haha cool

  • Moh@med Ahmed

    WoW Cooool

  • Eldaria

    That looks very much like an AR-Drone

    • Jonathan

      it is but without the top on

  • Jonathan

    quite gimmicky, would be less so if it flew itself

  • deepdvd

    Manager: “We are SO sorry that we cut your face with the propeller blade! This meal is on us this time. Come back again?”

  • sambuzzlight

    you even might get some severed fingers in your salad.. bon appetit!