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Spoiler alert! For folks who don’t want to ruin the surprises Apple has in store for us tomorrow, I recommend you stop reading now. The folks over at 9to5Mac say they’ve just been given a sneak peek at an early beta of iOS 7, and have described it in detail.

Contrary to a report from earlier today, it sounds like most of what we’ve heard about the next version of iOS is spot on. The entire UI has been completely redesigned with flat icons and other elements, and a new, Helvetica Nueue Ultra Light-like font…

No, those aren’t the actual icons you see above. But they are photoshop creations, by Michael Steeber, that are based on descriptions which closely match what the site believes we’ll end up seeing tomorrow. They’re quite a bit different from previous leaks.

According to 9to5, the iTunes icon is purple-ish with white iSync-like arrows instead of a music note. The Camera icon is done in a gray gradient and the icon is the same shape as the Lock screen grabber. Also, the Maps icon location is in a different place.

Here’s more from the site:

“Perhaps most interesting: There are two color schemes for many of these apps – one black-ish and one white-ish. We’re not sure if they are A/B decoys, if white iPhones and Black iPhones will have their own color schemes or as someone else suggested, the different color schemes might be invoked by the amount of ambient light or the time of day. But it is super-interesting, especially since we’ve heard whispers that the whole UI might shift slightly based on external factors similar to the way the music volume icon switches based on how you hold the iPhone.”

The report goes on to say that when a user is in ‘Black mode,’ the keyboard is black with gray letters. And when it’s in ‘white mode,’ it has gray keys with white letters, similar to the stock Android keyboard. It’s going to be quite the departure from the current version.

And they just posted a full screenshot mockup:


There’s a couple of things of note here. For one, notice how the signal bars in the top lefthand corner have been replaced by tiny white dots. And checkout the dock. The standard transparent, shelf-like graphic has been replaced by a simple straight white line.

Of course, there’s always the chance that the iOS 7 Apple shows off tomorrow could look nothing like this. But given 9to5Mac’s excellent track record in Apple intel, and the slew of matching reports we’ve seen over the months, we wouldn’t bet our money on it.

Stay tuned.

  • Pandy112

    IOS 7 will be available on iPhone 4?

  • klouud

    Why is everyone going so crazy over the “LOOK” of iOS7? Who cares?! Isn’t this a jailbreaking website? Is anyone here running the standard UI with the stock icons? I know I’m not – My iPhone 4S is completely themed out.

    What really matters is: how many jailbreak tweaks are going to be incorporated into iOS7.

    Who bloody cares about how iOS7 looks – just wait for a jailbreak and slap a coat of paint over it for the love of Pete. Its exactly what Android users do – how many Android power uses do you know that don’t run their phone with a launcher, custom theme, and custom UI?

    • klouud

      Answer: none

  • Guest

    spoiler alert but you put the icons at the very top?! good thinking

  • couchman

    UGLY !

  • iPhone Hrvatska

    There is nothing that iOS 7 will give us that we don’t already have with Cydia, and same thing goes for future iOS 8, 9….

  • iPhone Hrvatska

    I can already see that stupid video from apple where they explained
    how this shit looking UI is something the world has never seen before,
    it so simple, so beautiful…”We’ve taken the iOS 6, that was already
    the greatest OS on the planet, and make it even better. Yeah right, but
    not this time my friend, the time has come for me to say “Go fu.. you
    apple, see you in 15 years when you come up with something new, last two
    times you did that was iPhone 2G and iPad 1G, and that was way too long
    for taking credits today. Thank you and good night…did I say fu.. you
    apple, yes I did, ok, just to be clear, go fu.. you apple

    • Kaptivator

      Last time I looked in the dictionary, my name’s Ron Burgundy. What’s your name?

  • Craig Melville

    I don’t believe that these images are right. Someone has thrown you a curve ball.

  • Dylfo

    They look ugly. I won’t update if it looks like this no matter what features are added

    • iBanks

      Yeah…….. You will.

      • Gorgonphone


  • batongxue

    no shite!

  • Taf Khan

    According to Mac Roumors… I can watch the event live on my ATV…

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    I hope it doesnt look like this. Btw how to get the beta version of ios 7. And is it free of cost?

    • iBanks

      I hope it does look like this. Become a developer and you’ll have access to the beta. The beta is free, becoming an developer is not. $99 yearly.

    • iBanks

      If you know an developer, they can get you the beta for a small fee and you’ll have access to each beta release during the year.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Thanx for the info!!

  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    if it will actually look like this, im gonna vomit…

  • iBanks

    I’m confused on why so many people cry that they will switch to Android if iOS 7 doesn’t deliever to their expectations. An Jailbroken iOS device shits on any Android device any day and majority of you still haven’t scratched the surface on utilizing your jailbreak to the fullest. So because the implementations aren’t at stock level, they choose to switch? Lol. I’ve been team iOS since day one, sitting in lime for 6 hours to pay over $800 for my 8gig device, I sure as hell am not going to switch because I have overly high expectations that aren’t implemented at stock level. Some of you all are very interesting.

  • Don Dixon

    if it functions the way apple has always done then there is no problem. As far as switchng to a droid device? I dont want to run a virus scanner on my computer so why would I want to run one on my phone?
    The only think I would love to see on iOS is downloading from the internet, then it would be perfect

  • Prasoon Singh

    Anyone can photoshop this. This is fake. If it was real, Apple would tell 9to5mac to pull it down. Like how the iPhone 4 was leaked and Apple told them to pull it down. So this is fake.

    • iBanks

      You missed a part where it’s an mockup off of an description told to an artist. Not an actual screenshot of iOS7.

  • inf3rn0

    Almost had a heart attack (out of horror) before I saw the words, “No, those aren’t the actual icons you see above. But they are photoshop creations, by Michael Steeber”…..

  • StevenRandolph

    where’s that 10 million dollar clock

  • Surenix


  • balderoine

    who did this mock up it made me cry

  • queen_ir3ne

    Looks like Windows icons…but I’m not gonna make a fuss. This is merely a mock-up.

  • Jerry

    I pray to God & Tom Cruise this is not how the icons will look.

  • voyaflexel

    Kill Jon before it lays eggs!

  • kunal

    the icons are not appealing at all. The photo icon is good but the white background makes it look bad.

  • Dixon

    i wouldnt call Iphone boring .. Its only boring if its not jailbroken 😉 .. I like that the size of the I5 .. If i need bigger display i would buy a Tablet ! dont forget we Talking about Phones !!! Curently with all my tweaks its perfect and i miss nothing and i dont need any of the tweaks the new S4 has !! Only IOs style now is boring after ages of having the same look.IMO! but thats why i use Imiui Theme ..

  • Dixon

    Wtf .. Now i spammed !! Sorry for that ! I should write comments while sitting in the subway 😉 hate my carrier !! Should change !!

  • Steve Jobs

    haha the most cheap ugly looking icons i ever saw!!!!! thanx god for jailbreaking!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That’s unbelievably terrifying.

  • Andy

    It’s pretty ugly.. Especially the Camera app, and the gradient is just not working imp.

    Maybe it’s the wallpaper, hopefully.

  • alexanderlyd

    You’ve got to be f**** kidding me. that is absolute s***

  • Gorgonphone

    loollo this is the most terrible looking BS i have ever seen if apple does anything tis bad its game over

  • Gorgonphone

    this looks like a UI design a hardware designer would do…lolo good luck folks

  • Michael Allen

    There is no way, absolutely NO way these mockups are accurate.
    Jony would never allow anything this ugly nor would Apple take this kind of step backward.

  • lol. With the same IOS 6 background?

  • pauleebe


  • Ian

    I just got an update for Impossible Road, and one said,
    Flatter, non-glossy icon.
    You know what that means!!!

  • Jon Beaumont-Pike

    if this is what ios7 will look like my iPad will be on ebay faster than you can say jony ive

  • Jay Mac

    That looks hideous. It looks like what a knock off iOS would look like.

  • rockdude094

    Am I the only one that thinks that it looks terrible ?

  • nocountryforwho

    People are really picky and gross and offensive when it comes to the damn icons on their smartphones, damn.

  • Samir

    I really don’t see the issue everyone’s having with the icons… The color wheel on the photos app is much better than that god damn sunflower

  • Jason

    I can believe you people are getting all butthurt over the icons….shouldnt you be more concerned about the functionality and services that you pay for… god people…grow up!!

  • William sage

    Looks nice however icon for Game Center doesn’t look too good

  • Alexgsrubio

    Overall, I like so far the new interface design even though I don’t like at all the icons, they are frankly ugly, almost like Android. There seems to be an strange mix of styles here: Gradients (phone app, Music app, Safari. Flat translucent colors (photos app) and 3D styles (Game center) Where was the head of design?

  • Newnick94

    Ive always been an android guy…hated everything Apple did. Their yearly revolutionary ideas? Yea sure. This time around I had a S4 and took it back for reasons not about the phone (Sprint’s service is incredibly bad). In short its a fantastic device. I felt that I experienced android and wanted to try out an Iphone for once. Mostly because my current phone is 3.8in and the S4 was a little too big and the Iphone is a modest 4in. After seeing this ios7 update I think Ill go purchase that S4 again. Nothing revolutionary here. Different font ( which i personally hate) and the app icons don’t pop like they used to. To me it looks like I turned on the colorblind assist on the phone. Pretty ugly. Apple almost had me, but not anymore.

  • It’s true same like this 😀

  • Mike Castillo

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  • EpicFacepalm

    It’s real

    • Maxim∑

      Yeah I see that now :). I like it though after using it in real life it makes sense

      • EpicFacepalm

        It’s called Gradient Effect for reason

      • Guest

        It’s called Gradient Effect for reason