wwdc 2013 ss

Apple has this morning posted a new iOS application for its upcoming World Wide Developers Conference. The event, which starts one week from today, will feature a keynote by the company and a wealth of resources for 3rd party app developers.

The app will help WWDC attendees stay on top of the latest news and events going on at the conference, letting them navigate their way around the venue (Moscone West), watch daily session videos, and discover new labs and workshops…

From the App Store description:

Make the most of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference with the WWDC app. Even if you can’t join us in San Francisco, you can still follow along each day — session videos are just a tap away for all Registered Apple Developers. 

• Browse times, locations, and descriptions for sessions, labs, and special events
• Mark schedule items as favorites with a simple double-tap
• Watch session videos, available daily
• Start watching on one iOS device, and pick up where you left off on another
• Keep up with the latest news, get important notifications, and see daily snapshots
• View maps to find your way around Moscone West
• Provide feedback on session content and speakers within the session details view
• Add your attendee information to Passbook for speedier on-site registration

As noted by MacRumors, new this year is video integration. All Registered Apple Developers will be able to watch session videos from the conference as they are posted. Typically, devs have to wait until after WWDC for Apple to post the useful clips.

The conference will run from June 10 to June 14, and Apple has already announced that its keynote will be coming opening day—next Monday. And with previews of OS X 10.9 and iOS 7, and possibly new Macs and a new iRadio service, it should be fun.

At any rate, it looks like this app will only come in handy for folks attending WWDC, or at very least are Registered Apple developers. And if you fall in that category, you can find it in the App Store, for both the iPhone and iPad, for free.

  • bn326160

    The app has a surprising design. Not bad imo! 🙂

    I have a bit of an OS X feeling.

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      It’s the same design as 2012 WWDC app.

      • bn326160

        Whoops, no reason to be excited yet than.

      • Felix Lehmann

        The UI is new. Flatter. Like, Flatdesign.

      • BoardDWorld

        Except the UI is flat, by doing so makes it white. The black icons have a sharper more detailed imbedded look and are highlighted internally by a colour instead of externally by a square shadow. Fitting with rumours that different apps have different coloured buttons, they meant different coloured highlights.

        Up until this app I have been very skeptical but it is in fact clean & clear. I like it… Reminds me of Linux/Ubuntu UI. Will have to wait a few more days and see..

  • Andrew

    Thats iOS7! I Like it!

  • Stijn

    I like the design 🙂

  • charlie feathers

    Very nice if you’re a developer.

    • FreddyPancakes

      I downloaded it and I’m not a developer…

      • Ian

        Same. 🙂

    • John

      Nothing stopping you from downloading it App, after all, it is available in the App Store with no conditions…however if you’re complaining that you need to be a developer to utilise the full features of the App, may I remind you that it is the worldwide DEVELOPERS conference and not the FANBOY/GIRl conference.

  • mehrab

    That app has the rumored flat black and white ios 7 design all over it 😮

    • c0nath

      Yes! Black, white and flat all over! Looks great!

  • Prasoon Singh

    I agree with others. The app has that flat design to it like from the rumors we have been hearing about lately. I downloaded the app just because it looks amazing and to watch the live event. Can’t wait for next week!

  • omrishtam

    hmmmmm new design……suspicious……..

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I was reading the schedule and there are a lot of “Sessions to be announced”. I’m sure these are for all of the new features Apple is introducing, so hopefully there are a plethora of new features. It looks like there will be some great functionality added, and I know Jon Ive isn’t trying to ride his high horse like Forstall was. I know he truly cares about Apple and the products.

  • Kingmoe738

    Hope we can update to iOS 7 on the same day.. I’ll be traveling on June 12 and I won’t be having computer access for about 3 months…

    • Brandon Higgins

      If your a developer it may be the day after, but if your a consumer it never launches day of WWDC

      • Kingmoe738

        Damn yea. And I just remembered I can just upgrade using apples OTA updating thing.

        Hope it’s all worth it!

      • Brandon Higgins

        Any developer beta must first be updated through iTunes and thereafter can be updated to the rest of the betas! :p

      • John

        Not always, there have been incidences where Apple have not allowed OTA Updates for betas, even though you may already have a beta installed. iOS 6 went through a few Xcode upgrades before allowing OTA updates then another one or two Xcode updates before releasing the GM.

        (Of course as a Developer, you’re aware that you update your iOS Device through Xcode, right 😉

  • Mark

    Beautiful app icon..

  • Joshua

    Is there any way to watch these sessions without being a developer?