When a fan war breaks out over what the ‘best mobile platform’ is, I usually try to stay out of it. I like iOS better than Android, and believe it to be the superior of the two. But I know that’s just my personal opinion, and not a fact.

Truth be told, I actually like quite a few things about Android. The way it handles contacts, for instance, is great. You can text, email or call someone with a quick swipe or tap. It’s too bad I can’t do that in iOS. Or can I?

With this new jailbreak tweak from iLendSoft I can. Well sort of. The package allows you to quickly communicate with your friends and family in the Contacts app using 3 touch gestures: swipe left, swipe right, and long-hold.

quickgestures 2

Once installed, you’ll find these configurable options in your Settings app, as usual. You can assign 1 of 4 actions to each of the aforementioned gestures: call, message, e-mail, or FaceTime, and there’s a few other miscellaneous toggles.

In my testing, the tweak worked great. I set messaging as the left swipe, calling right swipe, and email long-hold. And sure enough, every time I swiped to the left on a person’s name in Contacts, a composition window popped up.

But as good as it is, I never found it very useful—most of the time I forgot the tweak was even installed. That doesn’t mean that others won’t find it handy though. And if you think that might be you, you can find QuickGestures in the BigBoss repo for $0.99.

Have you tried out QuickGestures yet?

  • Guest

    Great tweak! Im keeping it

    • SweKiwi

      .. but do you frequently, use it?

  • Sérgio

    Very simple, $0.99-worthy.

  • Cool…

  • F P

    Not working @ all for me. Swipes aren’t there. Emails pop up saying “not found”

    • Clark

      i have the same problem! don’t understand.

      • F P

        This is what I did to fix it…it’s on the developers homepage…
        Users excepriencing problems on version 1.3.1, do the following:
        1.) go to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/
        2.) delete com.iLendSoft.QuickGestures.plist
        3.) delete org.iLendSoft.QuickGestures.plist (if exists)
        3.) go to /Library/PreferencesLoader/Preferences/org.iLendSoft.QuickGestures/
        4.) copy QuickGestures.defaultSettings
        5.) go to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/
        6.) paste the file here
        7.) rename the file to org.iLendSoft.QuickGestures.plist
        8.) kill and restart the app, problem should be solved

        If you are already on version 1.3.2 and still got some problems, try to reset all settings by
        following step 1, 2, 3 and 8 from the instruction above.

      • Clark

        You are a super star! thank you very much for your help. 🙂

  • westerveld

    When there is a fan war about the best mobile platform, I like to stay out of it. Not because of what I dislike or like in the platforms, but because of the total irrational and irresponsible behavior. Such as calling a jailbroken system superior.
    Btw Likes and Dislikes are personal, superior is not, it depends on the inferiority of something else.

    Obviously I’m disappointed being dragged in, full of hope, with a non-jailbroken iOS Sorry

  • David Hvilivitzki

    For me it’s kind of pointless, I use Bitesms for messages and Callbar for calls, I rarely ever go into the phone app not to mention the contacts app

    • Kamrul

      Same, if I didn’t then I would get this for sure.

  • Eri

    My 95% of the calls and sms are to “Favourite” contacts. This tweak doesn’t work on “Favourites”.

    Until then it is useless.

  • F P

    Not compatible with Zephyr and i also had to delete a file on ifile to make this tweak work.

  • Wong King Hui

    Hi guys, any1 who knows of repos with free tweaks, kindly share with me & thank u in advance…..