Volume Amplifier Featured

Volume Amplifier is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to adjust the phone call volume on the iPhone 5 by up to 200%. Created by developer, Yaniv Danan, Volume Amplifier works by directly manipulating the speaker audio stream, which results in a significant amplification of sound.

Danan claims that his tweak differs from previous attempts at volume boosting tweaks, in that it manipulates the audio stream, instead of trying to alter specific configuration files. I’ve tested out Volume Amplifier for myself, and I can confirm that it does result in a significant boost in phone call volume on my jailbroken iPhone 5. Take a look inside as I go hands-on with Volume Amplifier on video…

Once you install Volume Amplifier, you won’t notice any new settings or options on your Home screen or in the Settings app. The only difference that you’ll notice from a visual perpective is that a new Volume Amplifier overlay appears when adjusting your volume for the first time while on the phone call.

You’ll also notice that the volume HUD now contains new “amplified by” text, and a secondary set of bars notating how much boost Volume Amplifier is currently providing. All you need to do is continually press the volume up hardware key on your iPhone 5, and once the 100% volume threshold is surpassed, you’ll see Volume Amplifier take over. You can, as noted, continue boosting the volume until you reach the 200% amplification level.

Volume Amplifier works in both normal handset mode, with headphones, or in speaker phone mode. All three modes work exactly the same, and all three receive a definite boost in speaker volume. As you can hear in the video, the volume boost is definitely noticeable. In fact, I found that boosting the volume too much results in a bit of vocal distortion for incoming voices. Unless you really struggle to hear people that you talk to, I don’t think that you’ll ever get near the 200% upper threshold level.

Volume AMplifier Activator

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to quickly reset the volume back down to 100%, you can employ the use of a handy Activation gesture. The gesture, assignable directly from within Activator’s preferences, allows you to perform a quick reset on the volume level to get back down to 100%.

I have a couple of concerns with Volume Amplifier. The first one I’ve already mentioned — it creates quite a bit of distortion at the upper volume levels. I also find it interesting that the tweak is limited to the iPhone 5, and with that, it’s only limited to phone calls. Even if the developer doesn’t personally see the benefit of opening up the tweak to other devices and other areas within iOS, I think it would be nice to at least have the option to do so.

Personally speaking, I’ve never had a problem hearing other parties on my iPhone 5, but I’ve heard the complaint tossed around a time or two by passersby. If you find that the iPhone 5’s volume isn’t up to snuff, then go ahead and give Volume Amplifier a try. For $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, you’ll receive a definite boost in sound, but remember, you’ll receive a nice helping of distortion to go along with the volume increase.

  • David Gitman

    As always older devices are left behind

    • Damian W

      The dev said Iphone 4 will be supported

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        It doesn’t even support iPhone 4S let alone the 4 or 3GS! How is this even possible though? I have little development experience so may be about to say something developers everywhere can laugh at but if someone develops a tweak for the iPhone 5 should it not work on all iPhones? I mean it is the same OS afterall isn’t it.? I could understand an iPad tweak not working on an iPad mini or vice-versa but we are talking about an iPhone here!

      • rasengan720 .

        what you are saying maybe applicable to apps developing.. but as far as developing tweaks goes it differs among devices and OSs

  • AF

    Iphone 5 phone call volume is already too high, I can’t actually make a call with the full volume! It doesn’t make any sense

    • Javier Martinez

      What about people that don’t have 100% hearing? DUH!

    • Kevin Guzman

      I’m partially deaf, so the boost in volume sort of helps.

  • Jacob S

    I can guarantee that over the time it will kill your iPhone speaker. Also you will get high volume distorted noisy speaker, nothing else!

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Not necessarily! In the EU (not sure about the US) there is a strict volume limit imposed on all mobile phones and music players so this tweak should help remove it….

      • czbird

        This applies to the headphones only.

    • Dady King

      Yes it will definately gonna effect ringer .. Bz company has set a lock for sound and we are just crossing the limit .. So that way it’s depend on us..

    • Naegi

      its true .It killed my iphone 5 speaker .Dont mess with it

  • samdchuck

    To bad it’s so limited. I’ve had an issue with the audio volume of videos and podcasts (not with music though) for years. I’ve tried every booster tweak I could find but none ever seemed to work (or at least not enough to matter). Trying to listen to most podcasts with regular earbuds in a car, or god forbid, a plane, is simply impossible for me.

    I know it’s not an issue that my iPhone can’t go that loud because music is consistently louder and more than loud enough to properly hear in noisy environments. But for some reason podcasts and videos have the basic sound volume significantly lower.

    • Javier Martinez

      I think they’ll fix it to cover almost all areas. If you look at the description in cydia. It says “just phone calls FOR NOW”

  • GaugePrower

    My sister’s iPhone 5 is one of the loudest phones I’ve ever heard. I can sometimes hear her playing Happy Street from the second story of our house and 3 rooms away. The in call volume is also very loud, just as loud as it needs to be, even for those that are hearing impaired, and also loud enough to hear someone clearly in a crowded area (Times Square, NYC) This tweak would make much more sense if it were intended for the iphone 4 (4s, and idk if anyone uses a 3gs anymore) instead, since I can’t hear my iPhone 4 for the life of me. Turned all the way up, in a library, I won’t hear it ring. I thought my speaker was damaged, not the case, even after a hardware replacement it was the same. I also checked 2 other phones to see if it was just mine…nope. The iphone 4 speaker just doesnt cut it anymore. I could imagine the frustration of a 3gs user since their speaker might even be worse. The 4s probably has the same thing as the 4. But anyway, the point is the 5th generation iPhone is finally right in the volume department, so the developer needs to change the tweak to support us with the quiet phones, or they won’t see any revenue. It’s as if someone wrote code to increase the volume on the BOSE sound dock… pointless. Good innovation, wrong platform.

    • Kevin Guzman

      Well, it makes both the phone call volume and the speaker volume louder. I get the speaker at the bottom of the iPhone doesn’t need to be any louder than it already is, but most people have issues with the speaker on top when making phone calls – its not loud enough to hear the other person on the other end of the call.

    • There’s actually a little tweaking you can do to boost the iPhone 4’s volume to be as loud as the 5 and 4S. Go to SiNfuliPhone com and search for Volume Boost. When I went from an iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4, I noticed the 4 was a lot more quiet compared to the 3GS with stock settings; after a little tweaking, the sound was indistinguishable…

      It’s Crapple that intentionally limited the volume to fool you into thinking newer device speakers are better; which Jeff here appears to have fell for (by the looks of this youtube video: http://bit ly/17oHKql).

  • Hey Benjamin, could you confirm if this tweak works on the iPhone 4/4S or not? I’m reading a lot of different things. /: Of all the “hit or miss” apps that are intended for a /very/ specific purpose in mind, Volume Amplifier is a BIG HIT for me personally. But alas, I do not have the iPhone 5.

  • RUU7

    Please give us that tweak for iPhone 4! Thank you SOOOO much!

  • Gorgonphone

    THIS IS GREAT FOR When im in my car with load road nose around.. great tweak

  • marcus1324

    Here is what the developer of this tweak should do. He or she should make make the option to have volume amplifier available on any idevice and any where on the device, not just on calls. The dev should also make it so that you can decrease volume more. Some of the songs I have are incredibly loud while I wear my Beats and its really bad. 1.99 is overpriced for a tweak like this but if the things I mentioned are added, everything would be perfect.

  • rasengan720 .

    any chance there will be a compatibility for the iphone 4 in the future? and will using these volume increasing tweaks damage the speaker to the point of no sound ever coming from the speaker?

  • AR

    Is jailbreaking iphone legal ?

    • H5ire

      Using UnJailbroken iPhone is illegal.!! 😉

      • AR

        haha 😛 then why does it void warranty and Apple wont accept your device if something happens ? 🙂

  • Ryan Burtch

    Has anyone noticed an issue with MUTE not working on speakerphone????

    • Bmk

      if you do a master reset, it deletes this I just noticed, have to reinstall

      • Ryan Burtch

        I figured out that it wasn’t this application causing the problem, but rather another application called “Audio Recorder”. That app disables the Mute functionality unless you are recording a call.

  • Javier Martinez

    This is not working for me. It says “press + to amplify) and I press it, but get nothing

  • Alexander The Impaler

    It supports iPhone 4 32 gb just installed it cause of losing volume after iOS 6.3.1 update when someone called I cod barely hear them, with this app it’s better but I would have preferred that the update would have not super my incoming call volume the way it did

  • Lil bibby

    How do I fix it when my speaker becomes staticky

  • Al

    How do I install this?

  • flowereyess

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