Winterboard theme (iOS 86, Anton Repponen 002)

If you’ve been following Apple stories lately, chances are you came across a news piece last week that calls for a black and white iOS 7 redesign.

You know, the facelift reportedly in the works under the guidance of Apple’s legendary design guru Jony Ive. It should be, in a word, awesome.

As asserted by the very reliable writer Mark Gurman, Ive not only got rid of skeumorphism, he also eliminated the shine and transparent gloss for one that’s flat and mostly black and white.

And with two weeks until Apple’s June 10 keynote at WWDC 2013, we’ll soon find out just how deep the rabbit hole of visual changes in iOS 7 go. For now, we’re asking you to join the discussion and tell us where you stand on the black & white iOS 7 revamp…

By the way, a lot of people are wondering about WWDC invitation graphics, seen below.

WWDC 2013

Blogger Joshua Merrill was first to speculate that it could represent a stack of colored app icons, where each color represents a particular (redesigned) stock iOS app.

Indeed, Gurman wrote in his exhaustive iOS 7 revamp story:

While the core elements of those apps are mostly white, each app has been given a unique button color.

Essentially, each app has a white base with a respective color theme.

For those wondering, Apple is also said to be testing a “dedicated, easily-accessible panel for Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode and Bluetooth toggles,” Gurman’s sources claim.

And just like that, not only does the WWDC logo suddenly make a lot of sense, we can now more or less accurately imagine the new look of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Winterboard theme (iOS 86, Anton Repponen 001)

As for the retro-looking images I used throughout this piece, they picture a Winterboard theme called iOS ’86, conceptualized by artist Anton Repponen and created by an Italian designer named Cody Gordon.

With that in mind, cast your vote now.


As always, feel free to discuss your vote with fellow readers down in comments.

  • Sentry

    People are taking things way too literal with these tidbits of information.

    It’s essentially like the old game of telephone with each source passing and retrieving information from someone else, slowly getting muddled and twisted as it goes along.

    • We aint making a retro phone… We upgrading. Hell no to black & white.

    • Liam Mulcahy


  • We are making judgements about something we haven’t even seen or had confirmed haha

  • Boss

    Don’t think it’s Black & White, with the colorful WWDC 2013 Logo their using

    • zachf914

      Thats a flat design. 🙂

      • Kurt

        flat and colorful are two different things.

      • Micaiah Martin

        true! and the logo is both!

  • drewstone

    if that’s the case, i hope they make black & white on option rather than the only way. b&w would be pretty boring imo

    • Kurt

      LG Prada 3

    • rudy

      i’ve tweaked my phone in black grey and white and have to say it’s not at all boring …..

  • Looking at and the results from the polls its seems most are excited about the redesign of the #iOS, but not happy about the black and white designed. Personally i think the redesign is cool but not to the extended of sticking to one colour i.e the black and white. We all want change i guess.

  • I’m excited about anything after six years of nearly nothing.

  • One more thing skeuomorphism *** Check the spellings.

  • PainToad

    You just got to look at the WWDC2013 logo to see what the icons will look like. Matte, flat and bright colours.

    • Prasoon Singh


    • Kurt

      🙁 I hate static icons. I like tiles. I wish apple would copy windows with regards to the spring board.

      • Micaiah Martin

        I like the idea of tiles, but I don’t really like the look of them. It always looks chaotic on the screen, but maybe thats just my OCD.

      • Kurt

        some tiles look chaotic. some i love. news is great, mail is great. when you don’t like it, you can turn them off so they are static. I do that on win 8 for some tiles. Peoples tile is annoying. I always see pictures of people I don’t want to see 😛

      • Micaiah Martin

        Ha ha oh ok. See I haven’t used a windows phone other than a couple of hours. One of the huge pros of it though is the colors. I have used windows 8 on a pc and although it looks good. It’s a pretty crappy os. Seems like it was only ment to look good.

      • Kurt

        I’ve never seen a windows phone in person haha, Samsung/LG Phablets rule here. I really like windows 8 but, they need better apps and apps that can run with VPN. Right now, when VPN is running, Metro apps don’t run. If there were some great apps, I’d love to have a surface pro. Until then, iPads for me.

  • Anthony Antunez

    I am thinking more like silver and black like the current Music app. I would love the entire OS to resemble that, so far it’s my favorite interface in all of iOS.

  • Francisco Perez

    Thank God for JB

    • Mista Bozack

      soo true dude!! an iphone without jailbreak is a boring smartphone!!

  • jo

    When will ios 7 be available?

    • Dylfo

      Not till fall

      • jo

        Mmkay thanks!

  • Mista Bozack

    how ever the new designe looks like one thing is for sure it looks better than the boring blue ios!

    • Kurt

      True…I just hope they get rid of the gray/white pinstripes. One of the most outdated looks of the OS for me, that and the lock screen.

  • Ivan Ivanovsky

    so after almost 70 years of color screens we’re going back to black&white? i don’t think apple is going to do this, even without steve …

    • Prasoon Singh

      They won’t. Apple isn’t too stupid to go black and white. It’s not the 80’s anymore.

    • Kurt

      LG Prada 3 did it and its very attractive. Remember, apple copied LG Prada 1 for the design of iphone 4. They might do it again, though i don’t believe this rumor. We will see in a few weeks.

  • Dady King

    Whatever it is .. I will keep my ayecon theme for sure because I just like it hell lot rather then any other theme .. Cheers for ayecon

  • Osama Muhammed

    words can sounds really really bad, i dont think apple is stupid enough to bring such a thing that 70% of users wouldnt like, of course theres something hidden behind those words, black and white are not meant literally; we will see

  • Stephen Hucks

    Hell no it looks stupid!!! Why in the hell would you go to black and white?? Apple is going to be the laughing stock of the cell phone community! Didn’t the color tv fade out the black and white tv, why would you go backwards??? If this happens, there ate going to be a lot of loyal apple customers who will jump ship and become android users, me included!

  • Prasoon Singh

    I think all of these iOS 7 rumors are false. There is no way Apple will make use black and white through out iOS 7. And how can Apple change hundreds of thousands of icons to be “flat”?

    • Kurt

      Knowing apple there won’t be any radical change. Just look at all their products. Year after year, same look. Mac OS X, has looked the same more than 10 years, and has had the same name even. I really don’t think it will be much of a difference. But I hope there will be change and there will be new features. Gimmicky features are more than welcome.

  • AppleFan

    cmon its not gonna be black and white like image above, something better maybe like android rom darkjelly

    • jgr627


  • Javier Martinez

    I find it funny that people don’t want the “black and white” iOS theme when they have NO idea what it will look like. Silly sheeple.

    • J™

      if u like it doesnt mean everybody will… if u hate it also doesnt mean everyone will… its to each of his own… one man’s meat is another man’s poison

      • Kurt

        anymore sayings you can throw in there?

      • J™

        in fact yes and its non of ur business

  • Ian

    I have to admit it. I hate it. It looks old and outdated. I want color, clean, widgets, easy, and a customizable iOS

    • Javier Martinez

      That’s a theme! It’s not the new iOS look. STUPID!

      • Electric Penis

        I now know where you live.

      • jgr627


      • Electric Penis

        The idiot shouldn’t use his real name on the internet.

      • Ian

        A. how do you know it’s my real name.
        B. If it is, I didn’t put my full name up.

      • Electric Penis

        Bitch, was I even replying to you? No.

      • Dylfo

        Electric penis is an ass!

      • Ian

        No, just supporting someone’s case. Problem?

      • Javier Martinez

        Wells name is not unique so good luck narrowing it down. And if you decide to come visit, bring your own beer.

      • Electric Penis

        I already narrowed it down. I have access to other things confirming it’s you, too.

        I’ll bring the dragon dildos, k?

      • Javier Martinez

        Sure! Btw, did you also find out how many guns I own? 😉

      • Electric Penis

        Cool! Did you know I know how to make C4?

    • jgr627

      No disrespect but #F*ckWidgets

  • Jay Mac

    I love how people are saying apple would never do black and white. Apple will probably do it. And they’ll walk up there and tell us why it’s for the better. It’s a shame really cause then who cares about a retina display any more? Who cares about seeing those “gorgeous” black and white icons or those “stunning” flat corners on each app. Cause we all know those great descriptive adjectives will be used to try and make it sound better than it actually is.

    It just makes no sense. I can’t believe this skeumorphism really was hated that much. Did people really care more that the find my friends app had stitched leather than they couldn’t quick reply to a text? Was it more important that iBooks liked a bookshelf than we couldn’t flip wifi on and off easy but had to go to 2-3 settings menus? Yea we need a redesign but going back to 1985 isn’t the redesign we need. So I hope everyone throws a party for no more skeumorphism and the welcoming of the boring black and white software. Causes I guess b&w is soooo much better than a notes app that looks likens note pad. Wow. This’ll be the first iOS with a animal title. Like OS X are big cats. iOS 7 will now be referred to iOS Zebra.

  • ZeRoLiMiT

    Black and white is horrible! We are moving forward not backward! Apple is about innovating not moving backward! I see color and a whole new way to do things!

  • maverick

    Trying again:

    dumbOS has only two key advantages: running smooth on fairly lower hardware specs and the eye candy look. Both characteristics appeal perfect to the masses. Attributes like round, translucent, 3D look, skeuomorphism on app skins came from Steve’s studies on calligraphy and his obsession with perfection. Perfect real life feel on the apps in this case. If they (Ive) don’t add real features for users, as every other phone has, and they screw up the look and feel of the jailOS, this will be the latest act for iOS. A jaibroken iPhone on 6.1.x with the possibility to share a file between different apps without perfectly stupid making copies of it in every app, this will be the latest greatest iPhone… HARDware design IS NOT SOFTware, human interface design. Soft… is not hard…

    • Piyush

      Dude , thats apps sandboxing , each app has its own sandbox, thats why app don’t interact with each other mainly for security reason , and ios is not like android or windows xp, it totally different platform they created from start to be used in simple way and i know some things are not simple , like using itunes on windows and copying files to iphone but once you get hang on it ,it gets pretty neatly done without mess.

  • J™

    B/W looks nice but it will not show the beautiful colours that the iPhone can display… if it is an alternative theme then is fine. hopefull its not gonna be the new look if iOS display

  • John Smith

    But for all we know the final form of iOS 7 could deviate very much from what the sources have been saying. I’m quite optimistic about what Apple has in store for us so I’m still looking forward to the unveiling on 10th June.

  • jgr627

    I hope apple starts selling themes in the App Store and just make it available so developers can make that easy money off it…’s a win win situation…..ppl will finally theme a phone as easy as installing or deleting a app……well time will cant wait to see what apple brings to the table in iOS 7

  • Let it come out. Then we judge.

  • Eldaria

    iOS is boring by now, but B/W???!?!?, looks like something out of 80’s.
    Just allow theming, and we can pick ourself.

  • yahmed

    There has been a huge misunderstanding. As in a previous article, it will be black, it will be white, but it will also be other colours. What this means, is that all the stock apps will have a white background (no more texture) and the banner and buttons will be coloured, each app will have its own colour (for example calendar may be red). If you picture this, it actually is a good look

    • What does “colour” mean? It’s spelled “color” with no u

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Different regions spell it differently.

      • yahmed

        Straya mate!
        I don’t know where you come from but here it’s spelt “colour”.

      • I come from the USA, lol 🙂 here we say “color.”

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Apple doesn’t necessarily needs overhaul the UI. They really need to add more functionality and loosen the grip and give user little more freedom for customizing the phone, both in looks and function. An UI overhaul with no additional functionality is a waste of time.

  • kadir

    iOS design doesn’t really need to change, it look pretty good now and even if they did heavy changes the entire world would be complaining the same way people were complaining about windows 8. But tbh i really want the lock screen changed. It’s ugly as hell.

  • Richard Thompson

    I know I’m probably taking the above shots way too literally…
    But, that looks like a display for a palm pilot from 2000. Unless there’s some major new features included I’d wait for the new jailbreak so I could make it look nicer.

  • disqus_N5OUQcFqlo

    The WWDC logo could be using the new icon for ios 7 , overlapping them one on top of another.

  • Maaz

    Black and white back in 80’s

  • I think the author here grossly misinterpreted the excellent, original and well sourced reporting from 9to5mac.

    Will we see less texture, drop shadows, etc. in iOS 7? Yes, it’s very likely. Will we see a “black and white” theme? Most definitely not.

  • JamieLee2k

    If this is the design I won’t be getting the new iOS till a jailbreak is available

  • Pedro Gonsalez

    Did anyone ever stop to think that this is a great idea for the visually impaired? Kudos to Apple on this one!

  • Tony Fung

    What do I think of a Black & White IOS?
    One word

  • TechnoDave

    Are you seriously just now seeing that the WWDC logo is a group of app icons??