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Avid Google Voice users will be happy to hear that there’s a new jailbreak tweak out that integrates Google’s SMS service into the stock Messages app. We’ve seen tweaks like this before, such as SMS GV Extension. But to my knowledge, none of them made it to iOS 6.

The tweak we’re going to be talking about today, however, does support iOS 6 (as well as later versions). It’s called SMS on GV, and like the others we’ve seen, it allows you to send and receive text messages using your Google Voice account from within Messages…

And it works just how you’d expect it to. Once the tweak is installed, you’ll pop into your Settings app and login using your GV credentials. From there it will verify you, and then you can get to work configuring the different options. There’s actually more than you’d think.

The menu features independent toggles for both sending and receiving text messages. Enabling the ‘Send via GV’ option means that all outgoing messages will come from your GV account, instead of your iPhone’s GSM module. And there’s also a ‘Receive via GV’ option.

As good as it all sounds though, there are some limitations. The developer warns that with SMS on GV installed, you can’t send pictures (or likely any MMS) via iMessage. And he says that the tweak won’t work with iPod touches, or iPhones and iPads without SIM cards.

But other than that, SMS on GV seems like a solid tweak. Honestly I don’t use Google Voice myself, but I can see how useful something like this would be for someone that does. If you’d like to check it out for yourself, you can find it in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for $2.

  • Mohamed Rimzan


  • This actually compiled from the source of GV Extention.

  • inf3rn0

    “The tweak we’re going to be talking about today, however, does support iOS 6 (as well as later versions)”

    Think you want to say, “as well as *earlier versions.”

    But all in all, I would’ve gotten this tweak right off the bat if it wasn’t for the incompatibility with the iPad and iPod Touch.

    • Angel Lallave

      later would imply versions more time. Earlier would imply less time. An early model honda civic is a 2013. But I guess you can interpret in cronological form in which case you are correct. #glass half full

      • chrisslowik

        no, you have it backwards. a latemodel car is a recent model.

      • IrocD

        wow angel was a dumbass, eh? lol

  • Ken B.

    As an avid GV user who finds it tiring having to switch between iMessage & GV apps, this great news!

    Despite it’s limitations, it’ll definitely come in handy.
    Thanks for the post.

  • Mr. E

    I personally don’t think it’s worth giving up iMessage pictures for this

    • Angel Lallave

      iMessage pictures work fine. Its MMS pictures that wont go through because google voice doesnt support it.

  • can you post how to do this manuallly?

    • Joseph

      There are two methods. First download both or just the extension you want, sms or phone.

      Make sure you have Openssh installed via Cydia. Download and/or install winscp.

      Connect your phone to the computer and open winscp. SSH to your iphone (google how to ssh via winscp)
      You should be in the root directory. Navigate to the Media Folder and open it. Open the Cydia folder (If it doesn’t exist, make one). Inside the Cydia folder, navigate or create a AutoInstall folder. Place the deb(s) into this folder.

      Reboot the phone (not respring)

      The extensions should be installed and available under the settings tab.

      ****If any of the extensions dont work, change permissions****
      To find out what files are installed in mobilesubstrate, go to the install package via Cydia and select “filesystem content”
      Keep those files in mind. Navigate to the root of your phone via winscp. Go to the Library folder > Mobilesubstrate > Dynamic Libraries. Right-click all the associate files and make sure permssions are set as follows
      for both plists and dylibs.

      I wrote this out of memory 😛
      If anythings incorrect, sorry but should be close to accurate.

      The second method involves saving the file via the iphone safari browser, navigating to the deb via iFile and selecting the file and selecting install.

  • bloodshed

    am i the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on!!

  • thetechmaster101

    I tested with the telephony mod on the iPod, it does not work. Error NULL

    • Angel Lallave

      If you read the article it clearly states it wont work with iPod or any device without native simcard support

  • Wait I can still send pictures to iMessage users and people with iPhones, but I can’t send to people without and idevice which is understandable and I don’t have an activated iPhone and it works perfectly.

  • Venu Reddy

    I developed SMS on GV. I looked at Zhi Zheng’s code but I rewrote it completely because his code was not object oriented and to make it easier to maintain going forward.

    The iMessage picture problem seems to be outside the tweak and installing BiteSMS seems to fix the issue. This workaround also is posted on another thread and has nothing to do with this tweak.

    I seem to have solved the iMessage picture issue and will shortly put it on Cydia. This will also have SBSettings toggle to switch Send.

    The tweak works with all iPhones. It does not work on iPods and WiFi iPads. I have no information on its working on 3G iPads.

    • Angel Lallave

      You are my hero. Thank you for developing this!!! My number 1 Favorite tweek.

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      Will you make it compatible for ios7 and freedompop once it hits iphone (cdma sprint)?

  • Zenia

    I tried to send a message but it kept telling me that the message is not delivered. Can someone help me out? 🙁

  • Angel Lallave

    and you are surprised

  • Donnie Civro

    Any support for iOS 7?

    • Meow

      Yes this supports iOS 7! 😀
      It is working flawlessly on my iPhone 5~

      • GVman

        anyone having trouble with receiving? I can sent with native sms app through gv but I can’t receive messages. I turn off receive vis GV in settings already

      • Meow

        Is your push notification for the native google voice app enabled? it needs to be enabled in order for the text to go to the native sms app.

      • jmonster

        it refuses to install for me?

      • Donnie Civro

        I am assuming because I owned this app previously in iOS 6 that is why it allowed me to download and install… Either way it works flawlessly to send and receive on my iPhone 5 on iOS 7 , however I do not like official GV app notifications. Does anyone know how to set up email notifications ?

      • Corie Allen

        Does this work on the ipad mini 2 with lte?

  • Lance Spahr

    I uninstalled this from my iPad and it still sends messages from google voice? Please help!

    • intellectual traits

      Same here, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!