Budget iPhone concept (iOS 7, Martin Hajek 003)

The renderings use Hajek’s past budget iPhone concepts as the basis for the hardware. As for the software, he incorporated a round of nice concepts by 3D artist Dámaso Benítez, picturing a flattened iOS 7 user interface that Apple’s design head Jony Ive and his team are widely believed to be working on.

His mockups, Hajek explains on his personal blog, serve to illustrate “how Apple might introduce the new, cheap iPhone.” More awesomeness can be found right past the fold…

Many watchers expect the iPod-ification of the iPhone to start with the introduction of the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone, both said to arrive in a variety of vivid color choices.

Enough talk, check out the mockups below and don’t forget to visit Hajek’s blog for more.

Budget iPhone concept (iOS 7, Martin Hajek 004)

Budget iPhone concept (iOS 7, Martin Hajek 005)

He even created a mockup of how Apple might promote the budget iPhone on its web site.

Budget iPhone concept (iOS 7, Martin Hajek 002)

Talk of so-called less-pricey iPhone has been picking up steam ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2013 conference, which takes place at Moscone West in San Francisco from Monday, June 10 until Friday, June 14.

If the supply chain chatter is to be believed, Apple’s contract manufacturer Pegatron is currently hiring an additional 40,000 workers on top of its existing 100,000 employees, allegedly as it’s getting ready to ramp up production of the budget iPhone.

Parts supplier ETrade Supply, which proved reliable with its past Apple leaks, last week confirmed that such a device actually exists. Despite using a rumored polycarbonate body rather than the glass and aluminum two-tone design, the device isn’t expected to skimp on features.

While Apple could opt for a lower-resolution camera, the budget iPhone is said to be powered by Apple’s upcoming A7 chip and feature the same four-inch screen found on the iPhone 5, if not larger.

J.P. Morgan thinks Apple could position it as a $350 mid-budget device, while most other analysts expect the budget iPhone to improve Apple’s market standing in emerging markets, where most handsets are sold off-contact and separate of wireless services.

  • Looks Awesome

    • Mohammad Ridwan


    • Man, no. I’m getting sick of these god awful metro-esque concepts. Apple will not pull this shit.

  • These pictures make them look so damn good and tasty…

  • Amp

    How about no.

    • Gorgonphone

      yes im going with no

  • Dylfo

    I wish the not cheap iphone looked like that

  • Yum Yum 😀

  • queen_ir3ne

    Hell no to the icons. Makes it look like more of a toy. The colors aren’t appealing either.

    • i doubt it would look exactly like that. That looks pretty cartoonish and low quality.. Low quality isn’t really apple’s MO.

  • Jakob Se.

    it’s a glossy iPod Touch. Not very nice.

    • yahmed

      It’s kinda like porcelain

  • Its really ugly. Something worse than windowsphone

  • Lol seems like playstation 1 graphics icons xD

  • Beta382

    You would think that after a while, people would notice a trend between these crappy iOS 7 concepts and things bearing the tag “iOS 7”. Those icons just look like a child’s toy. Apple is trying to remove the “hand-holding”, not add more in. It would repel users if that design actually happened to the icons.

    Also, the page that shows the “iPhone mini” in context on Apples site is just plain wrong. “Introducing the iPhone x with iOS x”. How much less exciting could you get? Even the overused “most advanced operating system in the world” tagline is better. And even calling a phone “mini” doesn’t seem like a financially sound tactical decision (considering the trend of increasing phone sizes even among non-flagship devices, which I personally think is going too far. Read: Huawei Ascend Mate)

    If you look closely, you will see that designers that make concepts and interfaces that are actually good don’t label their work as iOS 7 because they know better than that (read: Sentry, Joshua Tucker).

  • I see an iWatch in the website mockup :p

  • Kingman1003

    The phone concept itself looks pretty awesome. The iOS 7 concept interface, however, looks like it was developed by Fisher Price.

  • zac bishop

    Looks like a toy and the icons are too big

    Why not have surenix design it

  • I’m not planning on buying a new iPhone this year, but if the iPhone 4 doesn’t receive iOS 7, and a budget iPhone arrives, I MIGHT buy it.

  • Looks soooooo ANDROID
    I don’t will buy nothing like this.

  • Faris

    No. Next

  • i like the new IOS prototype but 3 apps on the bottom, i want 4

    • Gorgonphone

      i want 5

      • theres a jailbreak for that:)

  • Archit

    Seems legit…

  • I dont believe these mockups will look like the finished product. It’s starting to make more sense to release a budget iphone since now the ipod touch is a completely useless device that has no reasoning for a purchase. If you want it for music, the nano holds just as much and is cheaper and still a touch interface… if you want it for apps, the ipad mini is just a couple bucks more and you get a much better app experience that is still portable. All that the ipod touch is…is an iphone without calling capability, for the price of buying an iphone. So if you want the experience of an iphone, why pay the same price for a device that is incomplete? I believe that the introduction of a budget iphone is a smart idea to ring the death bell of the ipod touch.. but this isnt it. The UI and phone colors look too much like windows phone color scheme. The look and the “feeling” of the icons seem too incomplete and unpolished (android looking) I agree with the others, that rendering is of an iPhone made by VTech. Apple is too smart of a company to release this. I’ll still give props to the renderings though, i know how much time and effort it takes to model and texture something in such good detail.

  • Gorgonphone

    that UI looks like a kids toy…. FAIL…

  • Gorgonphone

    a budget iPhone 5 needs to look like the current ipod touch.. case closed.

  • That icons are too damn big!

  • If iOS 7 looks like (which I’m sure it won’t), then *barf*.

  • TeddyBearStand

    Never, ever, ever.

  • A budget iphone is a great idea as so many people loss they’re mobile phones every year and it may help reduce the insurance cost for everyone else if the hand set is cheaper

  • Ethan Humphrey

    Good good, but you forgot, the iPhone 5 has 5 apps and since this is bigger, shouldn’t it have at least 5 apps ( vertical, not counting the dock)

  • Siddharth Desai

    Looks like a Lumia running WP.

  • Kurdistan Apple

    This can get a lot of customers for appl. But the apps look like windows 8 Inspired

  • That’s considered as budget? Looks premium enough for me….except for the flat, lego pile UI.

  • No me gusta