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I rarely take the time to customize my iPhone with beautiful looking wallpaper, therefore, I don’t really mind the fact that many of the Lock screen elements hide much of the wallpaper from view. If you’re someone who’s really finicky about seeing more of your Lock screen wallpaper, then this new tweak has your name written on it.

LockStatusHide is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to hide the presence of the status bar while on the iPhone’s Lock screen. In my opinion, it’s not a tweak that works well by itself, but when combined with a tweak like Lockscreen Clock Hide, it can do wonders for your wallpaper.


The screenshots above feature LockStatusHide when combined with Lockscreen Clock Hide, and LockStatusHide on its own. As you can see, there’s really no question as to which looks better. If you’re going to use LockStatusHide, then I highly recommend that you take advantage of another free tweak β€” Lockscreen Clock Hide β€” to complete the clean look.

LockStatusHide Settings

LockStatusHide contains a few options in the Settings app, but the cupboard is mostly bare here. There’s an option to enable or disable the tweak without a respring, and an option to show the status bar when the Passcode is needed. I should also mention that the status bar reappears when you invoke the Lock screen music controls.

As someone who’s not really into the whole wallpaper thing, I’m probably not the best judge as to whether or not this makes a good tweak. I know a lot of you guys that read iDB are big on themes, so why not tell me what you think about it? LockStatusHide is a free tweak, and it’s available for download now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

  • Guest

    Wow, Jeff, you reached a new level of retardation by reviewing this crap! Congrats!

    • Ragip Karelli

      There are no much news so he has to review those crap tweaks hahaha!

      • im seriously wondering why you took time to come here and comment on a review of a crap tweak (crap from your point of view not mine)

    • Max Katzmann

      FYI I was asked to make this tweak and looking at the download stats there seem to be a lot of people that don’t think this is crap…

      • Guest

        It’s pretty bad technically…
        You should change the Statusbar Height property, so the Date Bar get moved up 20 Points.

      • Why don’t you create “Lockscreen Clock Move 20 Points Up” Tweak… then let Jeff review it??

      • Yeah, say that it is bad in his face and order him around to do something where you have no knowledge in coding whatsoever.

      • Max Katzmann

        Well this is at least somewhat constructive criticism. It shouldn’t start with “it’s bad” but I liked the idea and just submitted an update to allow what you suggested. Thanks.

      • Dan

        Can you please create a tweak that hides everything on my screen so that my wallpaper will always show?

      • “Lockscreen settings” is cool . Can hide everything including status bar

      • Ryan

        Take criticism like a man, stop always trying to defend yourself. Smart developers listen to both the praise and criticism.

      • It’s hard to listen to criticism when the person saying it sucks doesn’t actually say why.

      • Jeffrey Yeo

        do u even read what people post???

      • Did you even read some of these posts? One of them outright said it sucked, but the person didn’t say why.

      • marcus1324

        Max I saw this in Cydia yesterday and installed but then uninstalled simply because it didn’t look good with that bar of space between the clock and top of the device. It needs to be moved up.

      • Jeffrey Yeo

        Becos its a free tweak so no harm downloading it to try it out… for all u know they may have remove it the very next minute


      For you it’s crap, but for me it makes my lockscreen look neater because i have a full theme

    • Still more useful than another auxo article (unless if its out for the ipad) these are the kinds of tweaks I miss idownloadblog reviewing about.

    • Tom Canuck

      actually I could see this being beneficial for themers. Far from “crap”. Personally I’m a huge fan of the status bar, but that’s the beauty of Jailbreaking. Options.

  • Jeffrey Yeo

    This is an ‘awesome’ tweak….

    u wont know if u are out of signal and u wont know how much battery is left

    • jp2002

      lol. You have a point there.

  • Don’t people understand that tweaks like this and Lockscreen Clock Hide are just to make theming the device easier.

    • Max Katzmann

      Thanks! That’s just what it is intended to do.

      • I’m a huge fan of niche novel tweaks like this, thank you so much for making it and keep up the great work πŸ˜€
        I would be using it, but for the moment I just have the status bar being translucent. That’ll probably change by next week though πŸ˜›

  • Sentry

    People complain when Jeff stops covering smaller tweaks…
    …People complain when Jeff starts covering smaller tweaks

    β™ͺ the circle of liiiiife β™ͺ

    • Ian


  • Ian

    Now perhaps if it also moved the time to the top so you don’t see that ugly space, I would consider it.

  • Tweaks like this work pretty well and look pretty cool until you start getting notifications that hang around on the lock screen. Then the lock screen starts to look pretty stupid, in my opinion because you’ve got this blank block at the top.

  • Joe B


  • Tom

    why would you want this?

    • Luis Finke

      see above comments

  • Luis Finke

    you know android has a status bar on the lockscreen, right?

    • Max Katzmann

      Yeah but that’s not the point.

  • Damian Lillard

    I’m not attacking this tweak, I just have a simple query. I purchased Springtomize 2, the latest version when it was released. It has a plethora of options to achieve all of the same results as all of these “Hide status bar/ lock date” tweaks, and more.

    Wouldn’t anyone seeking to truly customize their lockscreen be better off with Springtomize instead?

  • I’m using this tweak and think its great, shows more of my wallpaper. Thank you.

  • Jeffrey Yeo

    yeah that looks nice

  • jamesBOMB

    may I know what theme are you using?
    I’m using Jellybean LS and tried apply this tweak and doesn’t work πŸ™

  • jamesBOMB

    Doesn’t work! iOS 5.1.1 iP4

  • tina


  • Tobi N Madara

    I want my status bar hidden except the carrier and battery percentage. Anyone knows how?