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Now that Facebook has finally fulfilled the prophecies, and entered the smartphone market, all eyes are on Amazon. The online retail giant has also long been rumored to be looking to get into the space with its own handset.

And today comes a new report that adds weight to the story. Citing sources familiar with the company’s plans, The WSJ says Amazon is working on a number of new hardware products, including a glasses-free 3D smartphone…

From The Wall Street Journal:

“The Seattle e-commerce giant has recently been developing a wide-ranging lineup of gadgets—including two smartphones and an audio-only streaming device—to expand its reach beyond its Kindle Fire line of tablet computers, said people familiar with the company’s plans.

One of the devices is a high-end smartphone featuring a screen that allows for three-dimensional images without glasses, these people said. Using retina-tracking technology, images on the smartphone would seem to float above the screen like a hologram and appear three-dimensional at all angles, they said. Users may be able to navigate through content using just their eyes, two of the people said.”

Amazon is also rumored to be working on a streaming music player—an iPod-like device with built-in Wi-Fi (and possibly 3G) for streaming music from its servers—and an Apple TV-like set topbox for its On Demand service.

The Journal says that it’s not clear what Amazon’s lineup of devices will be called or at what prices the company will sell them. But looking at its current Kindle tablets, it will likely sell them at cost and look to profit on services.

Amazon apparently plans to release some of these products in the coming months. If true, the fall is shaping up to be very exciting. Apple is also expected to release a bevy of devices in the third quarter, including its new iPhone 5S.

Glasses-free 3D smartphone? What do you make of all this?

  • Jaye

    I love Amazon and all, but I think their device might end up like HTC First/Facebook Home.

    • Gorgonphone

      exactly.. it will be another dusty crappy device citing on the back shelves at best buy..

      • Zaidan Umar

        You forgot bout kindle

  • Gross.

  • I thought we were past this 3D phase!

    • Gorgonphone


  • Because, you know, the novelty of 3DS did ever so well….
    3D thing is just ridiculous now.
    If done right its nice and adds to the product.
    But sticking it on anything and everything just makes it overly gimicky.

    • I’ve always used 3D on my 3DS, it works great on games. But I’ve used a friend’s 3D Phone and it sucks. 3D is much worse on there than on the 3DS for some reason.

      I can’t really see how 3D would be good on phones, apps don’t need to be 3D and 3D movie files are too big to store on a phone comfortably

    • “If done right..” You have to start somewhere. Failures lead to successes.

  • I don’t exactly think going the 3-D route is gonna do much for them.. nothing 3-D is ever actually that amazing.. and hearing this just makes me think back to the unimpressive Evo 3-D

  • Zorvage

    The 3D gimmick is over Amazone, stop living in 2011.

    • Gorgonphone

      well said

  • Gorgonphone

    Why???? 3D always suuuuuucks… oh and let me guess it will run crappy android

  • ??!! Glasses-free 3D phone is already available to buy in the market (Indian market + on eBay n allll).. “Micromax Canvas 3D” is already out, n the 3D effects r pretty damn good according to its price; Rs.10,000 ( approx 180$ ). I have already orderd it 🙂

  • Chuck Finley

    *cough* GIMMICK *cough cough* USELESS GIMMICK *cough cough cough* LIKE THE WII’S CONTROLLER *cough cough* GIMMICK. GIMMICK. *cough cough*

    Sorry about that, any time 3D gets mentioned I get this horrible cough.

  • Am I wrong for constantly being annoyed when people say Facebook entered the phone market? Facebook still does NOT make any phone. Software for a phone made by HTC yes… make a phone… no. Does Exxon make cars because they produce the gas that goes in them? I dunno… just a thought.

  • disk Latvia

    Hey guys these are just rumours don’t go criticising amazon until its confirmed

  • Malay Mody

    Even Samsung hasnt added this gimmicky 3D screen. Shows how much of joke it is considering samsung is the king of gimmicky features.

  • Prepare to be second fiddle to Nokia.

  • wheebang

    Amazon 3DS

  • Zaidan Umar

    First of all, 3D Sucks.
    Second, Its gonna be running android, all the more worse.