adobe project mighty stylus

 Adobe announced a number of new products and changes to its current lineup today, during a keynote at its MAX conference. The company is ditching its Creative Suite, and turning its focus to a new cloud-based platform it’s calling CC.

In addition to the software announcements, Adobe also showed off new hardware today. And there are two products that we’re particularly interested in, an iPad-friendly smart stylus code-named “Project Mighty,” and a digital ruler…

The stylus is a pressure-sensitive pen that connects with tablets and has the ability to store a variety of settings in the cloud. It looks similar to other pressure-sensitive styli we’ve seen, but obviously it’s more friendly with Adobe’s products.

TechCrunch has more on Project Mighty:

“The Mighty pen itself looks similar to something like the Jot Touch 4 pressure sensitive pen, but with full access to Adobe’s Creative Cloud services behind it. It’s a little like an entire artist’s box in a single device, judging by what Adobe has shown us on stage today. It also takes advantage of non-stylus touch, too, in a way that looks novel, allowing users to do things like erase with their free hand.”

And the stylus gets even more powerful when you pair it with Adobe’s digital ruler, code-named Napoleon. It too can sync settings with Creative Cloud, and TechCrunch says that it’s like having all of your drafting tools in a single package.

Both accessories sound interesting, but I’m especially intrigued by Project Mighty. It would seem like Adobe, who’s made a name for itself in the desktop graphic space, could make a compelling hardware/software combo for the mobile space.

It’s just too bad that neither one of these is a real product yet, and won’t be anytime soon. Both the stylus and the ruler are still in development, and there’s been no timeline given for when they’ll be available for purchase.

What do you think, would you be interested in Adobe iPad accessories?

  • waw…. i want one now!

  • Gorgonphone

    I HAT ETHIS COULD SHIT… DAMMIT.. OH and the ipad will not work well wit ipad until apple gives it proper touch screen tech like what intuous uses fro its drawing pads..

    • Om Soni

      What did I just read?

      • David Villamizar

        How could you even read that? It’s like Rajesh Koothrapali wrote that :s

      • Om Soni


      • Gorgonphone


      • Gorgonphone

        lol good one but its fixed now..lolool

  • Julio Merlo

    if you have one you can make a video please…

  • Ian

    Clean and simple. That’s what people like today.

    • Bob

      Do you like dirty and complicated?

      • Om Soni


      • Javier Martinez

        I do.

      • Ian

        Love it!

        No, seriously. Grumpy cat NO. 😀

    • notewar

      that’s my philosophy when picking up a girl from a club

  • iViperzLTD

    As long as there wont be any dodgy bugs I’m all for it! It shall be convenient to take notes in classes and wastes less ink xD

  • I Can’t Think of a Name

    Didn’t Steve Jobs say on the first iPhone convention he hated styli or something?

    • Gorgonphone

      yup but he is dead..

  • Unless they find a way to get around the awful feeling of a rubber stylus on glass, I can’t imagine this will be a hit. Glass just doesnt feel the same compared to the Intuos5. I think that might be what Gorgon was saying?

    • Gorgonphone

      apple need to use the intuous technology in ipad 5..

  • momerathe

    Creative Cloud? that sounds horrible. Better upgrade my CS license while I still can.

    • Gorgonphone

      yeah i hate all this damn cloud shit..