Exigency 03

Exigency is a new a jailbreak tweak that allows you to load up your contacts directly from the iPhone’s emergency call menu. That means that it’s totally possible to initiate a phone call from this menu, even when your phone is locked with a passcode.

Obviously, this isn’t the type of tweak to use if your primary concern is security. If convenience is more your thing, then you may want to check out Exigency.


Exigency features a preference pane, but the only thing it contains in it is a simple kill switch. With Exigency enabled, simply tap your “Emergency Call” button on your iPhone after using slide to unlock (your passcode must be enabled). Once you do, you’ll notice a new button for Call Contact. Tapping that button loads up a sheet listing all of the contacts configured on your iPhone.

Exigency 02

Ending calls placed with Exigency takes you right back to the Lock screen with passcode enabled. In theory, that should mean that the integrity of the Passcode should protect other areas of your device, but as you probably know, when you start messing with this stuff, nothing is guaranteed.

Exigency is available right now on Cydia’s ModMyi repo for free. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • Mr_Russ1an

    There is a spelling mistake in the title.

    • Om Soni

      Your instead of you.

  • Wow!! This one is gonna go places been wanting something like this for a long time now!!

  • Jeremy

    They should have that contacts list but only to a few emergency contacts (mother, father, spouse, sibling, close friend, etc.) not all of your contacts. Otherwise I would download it but no.

    • Rob

      I second this, then Apple should implement it into the stock OS

  • Eldaria

    With phones becoming locked down smartphones, the contact name “ICE” has lost it’s purpose. All phone vendors should be required to allow one or a few “ICE” contacts to be available no matter if the phone is locked or not.

  • Gorgonphone

    this is a great safety feature for kids and old folks in emergency situations i think..