Yahoo iPhone

It looks like Yahoo could stand to gain from the war that has broken out between Apple and Google. Now that the iPad-maker has cleared nearly every trace of Google from the stock iOS experience (besides web search), it’s apparently in the market for a new partner.

And that partner could just be the Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo. The web company already provides data for a few iOS apps, including Weather, Stocks and Siri. And according to a new report, it’s in talks with Apple to take that relationship to the next level…

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Data from Yahoo Finance and its weather site already come preloaded onto iPhones and Yahoo data like sports stats help power Apple’s voice-activated “assistant” Siri. But the companies continue to discuss new arrangements, including possible deals to get more content from Yahoo Sports and Yahoo News, among other Yahoo Web properties, preloaded onto Apple devices or available through an expanded partnership with Siri, one of these people said.”

The talks, which are said to be in very early stages, stem from both Apple’s want to push itself further away from Google, and Yahoo’s need to grow its presence on mobile devices. And given Yahoo’s content deals, and Apple’s large mobile install base, it’s the perfect match.

Another matter being discussed, The Journal says, is web search. Yahoo would like to provide search results for Apple in Safari, but the company has a long-standing deal with Google already in place. And besides, Apple knows that Google is still the best in that space.

But what about a workaround? Think about this: Ask Siri if there are any good movies coming out, or what the weather is like outside. Does she have to search the web for that? No. Now imagine, with more Yahoo data, how many questions she could answer without Google.


What do you make of all of this? Would a deeper Yahoo partnership be a good move for Apple?

  • Yahoo is the only search engine I have any amount of respect for.

    Google: “Let’s make a search engine to steal everyone’s personal information and then sell it to people”
    Microsoft: “I here Googles got this thing that can search the Internet maybe we should too”
    Yahoo: “Although we’ll be rejected by everyone we’ll somehow manage to do everything just as good as everyone else”

    I fail to see what data from Yahoo Videos could be used for though. I didn’t even know Yahoo had a Videos. I can see how news data could be useful though especially if it was integrated into Siri…

  • sleeperjoe

    Yahoo still does search? I thought they were just email and Flickr.

    I’m all for change and greener pastures but Apple has a habit of making these things default that we can’t even uninstall (Stocks, Weather). I’d hate to have a Sports app or a News app that I can’t uninstall as well.

    • Kurt

      You should get out more. They’re the second largest search engine.

      • iospixel

        For a generation google has been the go to. Hell many schools have google search implemented into thier own intranets for student use. I never hear anyone say Ill “yahoo”
        It in the western world.

        That being said its not a bad service.

      • Kurt

        yeah it doesnt have the same ring to it as “I’ll google it”…I ‘Yahoo!’ things all the time

      • Actually Google is biggest and Bing is the second biggest.

      • Kurt

        I double checked and some have Bing listed 2nd, and others have Yahoo! listed 2nd. But the future seems to be Bing’s. And since Yahoo! uses Bing’s indexes, I guess we should give Bing the credit 🙂

  • Why not, I think it’s a good idea

  • agree, cannot stand yahoo

  • AK

    Hate Yahoo. The worst thing ever and always!

  • Kurt

    More Yahoo! the better.

  • AMB_07

    Dont give a living crap as long as I can switch back to google, the best search engine.

  • Maybe this is a good idea, but I prefer Google Search, and I don’t want to switch from Google to Yahoo.

    And I see, than more iOS users is using Google, why they should switch on what they do not want to use?

  • yahoo!!!!!!