iPhone 5S (Martin uit Utrecht 001)

The next-generation iPhone, believed to be the iPhone 5S, is widely expected to land sometime this summer. This, despite the fact that the iPhone 5 just came out in September of last year, and Apple typically waits at least 12 months to update its handset.

And another report is out today in support of that theory. This one comes from the Japanese blog Macotakara, who cites sources familiar with Apple’s plans, in claims that both the iPhone 5S and rumored budget iPhone are going to be announced in July…

Macotakara (rough Google translation):

“According to reliable sources, you are more likely to speak the next iPhone will be announced in July, will be released in August from July. Has been rumored so far, iPhone and cheaper version is 5 color lineup, apparently, it seems that there is likely to be applied to three-color one color two colors also 5 iPhone iPhone 5S. However, I was not talking about the kind of detailed color sources.”

So what we gather from this information is that Apple is planning to unveil two new handsets, the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone, at an event in July, and release them the following month. And apparently, both handsets will be offered in multiple colors.

But clearly there’s still a lot of unknowns here. For one, are these colors in addition to the two that are already offered (white & black)? And what will the other colors be? You would think that that they would match up with the new colors of the iPod touch.

It’s worth noting here that Macotakara has a mixed tracked record regarding Apple intel in recent years. While it correctly described the 7th gen iPod nano and 5th gen iPod touch ahead of their unveilings last year, it incorrectly predicted an early April iPad event.

That being said, a number of credible outlets have reported that Apple is planning to launch new handsets this summer. So it seems all but certain at this point that we’ll see a new iPhone, and possibly a budget iPhone, at some point in the next few months.

In addition to coming in a variety of colors, other iPhone 5S rumors include an improved camera system, a faster A7 processor and a built-in fingerprint sensor. And this morning, Topeka analyst Brian White said he sees the 5S coming in multiple screen sizes.

  • Boss

    Only kids want colors and they ain’t got $650 for the lastest iPhone I can only see a Budget iPhone coming in colors like the iPod Touch

    • Malay Mody

      Kids have parents who will buy the latest iPhone for them for $200 (in the US of course), so it could very well come out in colors

    • Exactly!! Great Point!!

    • @dongiuj

      So adults only like black or white?

    • What? Only kids like colors? Sry but that’s just…not true. iPods sell in all colors too. Black and white are lame if everyone has them and people who say colors are not something Apple customers would like then you are just some new Apple Fanboy without knowledge of Apples history. Look at iMacs and iBooks. Would love iPhones with colors 🙂

    • Chindavon

      Wrong. Women love these colors and they are half if not more of the market. I’m a dood and would love color choice.

  • Wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just think it’s not going to happen. I’d rather Apple to make a tougher iPhone, and more scratch resistant, it’s enough for me.

  • I can see this happening, since the iPod has multiple colors. But this being apple they will charge extra for this.

    • Whatever I’ll pay for it lol

  • Joe

    My only concern with colored iPhones is what happens when you try to take a pic in low light? You might see a glare of the color seep into the pic. :/

  • Great. Now I have to choose between more than two colors.

    • First world problems! LOL

  • They said the same thing for the cheap iPhone that’s suppose to come out later this year as well.

  • I hope Apple puts more thought into an updated iOS than it did in offering multiple colored iPhones.

  • Jonathan

    Apple is really going to mess up the iPhone if they really do this. Seriously, come on. Don’t ruin one of the best products.

    • How are they ruining it. It’s not like they are not going to stop releasing the standard black and white colors. They will still release them, but will add a few more color options.

      • bloodshed

        yeah seriously, i don’t know how that would mess things up!!

  • I am only interested with the screen size they should make it even bigger … if they want to stay in the market.

    • Yeah, they’re doing SO poorly in “the market” as is. /s

      • Kurt

        iPhone 5 is free here, even calling existing customers asking if they want a free iPhone 5! It’s doing poorly here. Other countries it’s doing great, like USA, which is expected.

      • yes I agree with u guys ! but it is so sad I think since steave jobs died no body at apple knows how to make a phone with all the technologies out there …. F**k them at apple !!!

  • I bet they come in 2 colors as always (black and slate is still a black iPhone and same goes for silver and white -> white iPhone)

    • I’ll take your bet… I’ll bet you a pink iPhone 😛

      • Reply to yourself!
        Thanks, it just made my day, lol

  • Duhh, this makes iPhone cheap tbh. iPhone was meant to be cool and, most importantly, professional. Now it’s offering colors for kids.

  • f5faith

    I’d still end up getting the white version. Unless they bring out a purple one = O

  • I don’t see the apple logos being different colors. I think they will stay white. That way it offsets the background color.

  • Nouman

    great black and white

  • lame story but at least its not the budget iphone story again..lol