The idea is somewhat similar to Velox, which I still prefer over this concept. At this point, it’s clear that iOS 7 needs an easy way to access toggles. Will Apple make it happen? That’s the question.

What do you think?

  • I like this better than Velox – this seems to be able to be accessed from anywhere… which is the point. Velox is cool… but ultimately it is cumbersome, unorganized, and inconvenient. Probably the best way to do this is to expand the AppSwitcher and add in toggles and the like there, add them to notification center, or add a widget to the status bar that brings up a list of actions when you tap it.

    We also need Zephyr integrated into iOS for iPhone and iPod – it wouldn’t hurt iPad either. I don’t like the gestures native to iPad – I never used em.

    • Hotrod

      If its cumbersome, unorganized, & inconvenient, how is it cool?

      • really? I think the Lenovo Yoga is cool but useless because it runs Windows. I think the Mini Smart car is cool but impractical. The PS3 was cool but way too expensive at launch… want me to continue or do you need to go so you can troll elsewhere?

      • Hotrod

        Easy Timbo, I’m just saying adjectives like the ones you were suggesting simply dismiss the cool factor…especially inconvenient. That’s all, maybe my definition of cool wont allow for those things

  • jose castro

    i like it but i think they should widen the panels like for brightness ect…

  • So…… where’s the battery indicator πŸ˜›

  • lol .. horrible

  • dude


  • Blah..

  • only a few months left till IOS 7 and the new iphone;P lets just sit and wait


  • i am soooo tried or toggles and switchers…lolo its getting silly now… we can even really run a damn app 100% in the back ground but we can switch and toggle the universe..lolo

    • Joey_Mousepad

      What does the second O in “lolo” stand for?

      • out of control laughter

      • Kurt

        laugh out loud out

    • Kurt

      we CAN’T…and I agree that real multitasking needs to be priority. The problem with running backgrounder on iphone 2g, 3g and ipod touch 1, 2 was that fact you can’t run many apps because of the lack of ram. now that we have more ram and our processors are snappy enough, we should have real multitasking. but no, not with apple

  • Aaron de Silva

    Looks like android a bit for me..

  • Pakayu

    Can someone pls make it as a cydia tweak? I like more than sb or ncsettings.

    • Kurt

      same here

  • lol @ toogles! πŸ˜›

  • batongxue

    All I can tell is that the animation is pretty laggy….

  • Zorvage

    I don’t like it overlaying random things, what is this, Windows?

  • It really irritates me that the status bar shows 5:20pm but the lockscreen shows its 20:00+

  • Jordi Bull

    Horrible πŸ˜›

  • maverickmax

    not a good concept….

  • It’s alright

  • what are toogles?!?!

  • looks awful

    • Kurt

      If apple impliments this, you will say it’s gorgeous…and “it just works, it’s magical”

  • licco wee

    0:07 second.. toogles!!!!

  • I am sure it will lag on older devices :/ therefor apple wont do it

  • Jailbreak tweak: Yes, iOS 7 feature: NO

  • seyss

    the toggle problem was fixed years ago with NCsettings…

  • I must say i do like this. Colours custom for the menu as an option and I’m in! Would prefer over velox as I’m a folder enhancer fan. Sorry. I’m not changing for velox. I’m way too organized for anything else.

  • FLEX has solved my backgrounding meeds thanks for all who cared

    • Kurt

      Is it real backgrounding or is it one of those limited backgrounding tweaks?

  • Kurt

    Reminds me of webOS. I like it