If you have an iOS device with a front facing camera, you can use a new jailbreak tweak on Cydia to “merge” the wallpaper image with live video from the device’s front facing camera. Faded Camera Wallpaper is the name of the tweak, and it’s a free download on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. It’s a tweak that will display a faint video feed from the front facing camera, canvased on top of the Home screen wallpaper.

The tweak is exactly as described, and contains no options or settings, which is unfortunate. It might be an effect that you wouldn’t mind using from time to time, but there’s not even an off switch to disable it. As it stands, it’s a usable tweak, but it’s in desperate need of a preference panel to at least toggle it on or off. Without such an option, you have a surefire battery killer on your hands, as it appears that the camera is in action even when not at the Home screen wallpaper.

What do you think?

  • Waste of time for a developer to create this n not put a little more time to even put a toggle on/off. Maybe w/ an update ill try it out. For now, not even worth my time.

    • RarestName

      Read the tweak description, it says that it’s just an experiment.

  • This has got to be a bigger battery killer than Auxo (which is so overly hyped on here). After removing only Auxo, my battery will actually last all day again!

    • Really now? I’ve never been having any problems with auxo. Funny. Spell check wrote suck instead if auxo at first. I think auxo should have a on off toggle and an option to use the cards or remove them.

  • CameraWallpaper is the same exact thing except you can turn it off and you can change which camera you want to use.

    • Can you set the transparency? That would be a nice touch.

    • When I look up CameraWallpaper, it says “This product is not currently certified to be compatible with your device”: And there’s no update description mentioning support for iOS 6 and devices with the longer display either. Is it still safe to install or should I wait for an update that is guaranteed to support iOS 6?

  • yup still no backgrounder but we get this bs

  • JaeM1llz

    Thought we were finally going to get to see Jeff’s face!

  • Jonathan

    If your looking for something like this, and were waiting for something like this, you should try this out! (SARCASM)

  • This also works on the iPhone 3GS. It jut obviously uses the rear camera. Since it doesn’t have a front camera.