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If you’re not the type of person who takes pictures with their iPhone very often, you’ve probably looked into alternative uses for the camera grabber on your Lock screen. After all, if you’re going to have a button there, why not make it useful?

Luckily, there are a number of jailbreak tweaks available that allow you to change the functionality of the camera toggle to do other things like launch an application or toggle Airplane mode. And today, we’re adding another one to the list… 

PowerSwipe is a recently released tweak developed by jayja1lbreak that enables you to program the camera grabber to perform one of three power-related actions. You can set it to respring, power down, or reboot your device with a single swipe.

powerswipe 2

You can configure these options from within the Settings app. There’s a toggle to enable or disable the tweak, and a toggle for each action. And I like the fact that you don’t have to re-spring your device every time you decide to make a change.

While PowerSwipe might seem insignificant, it’s actually pretty handy—especially for someone like me who tests Cydia packages every day and needs to respring frequently. And it’s quicker and more lightweight than other tweaks like SBSettings.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can find PowerSwipe in the BigBoss repo, for free.

  • Ben

    Does it change the icon from a camera to to a power button? In first pic it’s still the camera.

  • Kids, we don’t need any more power off tweaks. Innovate instead of reusing the same concept over and over again. Cydia is a store, not a playground for you to submit copied tweaks to just to impress your friends.

    • Aehmlo

      Oh wow, you can hook a single method and put your own code in there (probably a crappy system() call, too). You should be proud.

      • Aehmlo

        Not even a list cell to pick the function – instead there are conflicting toggles. I’m all for people learning how to make tweaks, and for new developers doing things like this, but you don’t have to release it to Cydia – keep it to yourself or put it on your own repo – there are far better ones out there.

      • you are a idiot i know the code better than u and i’ve integrated cell into a upcoming update.

      • Aehmlo

        Calling me names isn’t going to help anything. I’m sorry for the previous rant, I’m just tired of people making the same tweak over and over again. My apologies.

      • steffen

        You’re* learn english 😉

      • the call they make are [(SpringBoard *)[UIApplication sharedApplication] relaunchSpringBoard];

    • copied u r a big huge big headed idiot. u think ur number 1 tweak dev since when did other tweak do this i hate bullies like u.

      • can u pls not spk like ths.

        On a serious note: no, this is not because I think I’m #1 or anything. Even if I was just a user and not a developer, I would have said this. Face the facts: Cydia is a store, not a playground. Put this sort of stuff on your own repo, not a stock one.

        “Since when did other tweak[s] do this?” Seriously? Just search for power in Cydia and you’ll see a list of the many billions of power/reboot/respring tweaks.

    • if u dont like it dont comment.

      • Welcome to the internet.

  • Raymond Spruance Lee

    I think I don’t need this tweak …..

  • hi there , my i5 keep reboot every times i slide it from locksrceen ,after installed weetrackdata n wee somethings tweak.and now my i5 cydia apps icon are gone even re-jailbreak it again.what should do to bring back cydia to my i5? thank you for the help.

    • Wee apps can cause problems. At lest with me they did recently. You should have rebooted into safe mode using the volume up button during a clean boot. This is key in saving your broken jailbreaks. But since you updated the iOS. What you should have done there was restore to a specific iOS from idownloadblog. You can still try that. I remember something about shsh blobs. I backed up mine. But haven’t had to use them.

      The thing to do here would be pray you can restore to an earlier iOS. And restart. Or try to wait till The next jailbreak.

      • As far as I know, you cannot restore iPhone 5 without updating it to the latest available iOS version. One thing is for sure -according to what I read around- if you are on iOS 6.1.3 on an iPhone 5, you cannot downgrade, at least not for the time being. There may be a solution to this in the near future.

  • This tweak doesn’t make any sense. When I want to respring, my phone is always unlocked, because I am playin’ around with it. Why the hell would I lock it and then respring?

  • Ahmadjoon

    OK! we understand u can make a tweak kiddy!!!

    • wow i dont see u developing tweaks.

  • Karim Savage

    I’d rather just use GPower.

  • Damian W

    another one….it gets irritating to see copy of a copy.

    • lol no other tweak does this.

      • Aehmlo

        Seriously? You sure about that? I’m all for devs making tweaks, but not a huge fan of duplicates.

  • ridonkulous

    I can do the same thing with Sbsettings from the lock screen.

  • What the theme is in the picture?

  • asdfsdfklhh

    not interested in tweaks developed by a 12 year old

  • Jonathan

    I only use tweaks made by people who don’t “typ lik dis”

  • Heidern

    Where can I find the wallpaper used in the screenshot please?

  • genXhippie

    What tweak “thins out” The lock screen slider as shown in the screen shot above, please?