T-Mobile iPhone 5

We reported last Friday that T-Mobile had begun deploying a special over-the-air (OTA) update which enables support for its LTE, HD Voice, the 4G indicator, Visual Voicemail and other network-related features on the existing (and unlocked) iPhones the company has been hosting on its network.

But soon after, the Deutsche Telekom-owned wireless carrier pulled a support document highlighting all of the changes that the OTA delivered, leading us to believe it prematurely rolled out the update.

Looks like we were right as it’s just been reported that both Apple and T-Mobile have officially pushed the carrier bundle (IPCC) to enable LTE and other T-Mobile network service on iPhones…

TmoNews notes that owners of the iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 who use T-Mobile’s network can simply go to Settings > General > About. If there’s an update available for your device, you should see the prompt.

If not, you can download the IPCC file straight from Apple using this direct link and toss it on your iPhone through the desktop iTunes app. OSXDaily has the full instructions on using IPCC files with iOS devices by enabling carrier testing mode in iTunes.

This carrier bundle turns on T-Mobile LTE for the iPhone 5, “and just enables general service for all the other iPhones,” according to TmoNews.

T-Mobile iPhone carrier bundle

Per T-Mobile’s own prematurely published (and subsequently pulled) support doc, the IPCC enables the following:

-Visual Voicemail
-4G network indicator
-Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS)
-AWS LTE (T-Mobile and officially unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 only)
-HD Voice (T-Mobile and officially unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 only)
-AWS HSPA+ (T-Mobile and new 2013 AT&T iPhone 5 only)
-Auto configures MMS settings
-Auto configures Personal Hotspot settings
-Auto configures APN settings for LTE connectivity

You may want to restart your device following the update.

By the way, I’ve read some folks lost their tethering after applying the IPCC so proceed with caution. Of course, if you’re jailbroken you could always get tethering back with TetherMe from Cydia.

Most people confirm the carrier update apparently works perfectly on jailbroken devices so you should be fine, but I myself cannot attest to this yet.

As you know, T-Mobile will start officially selling iPhones this coming Friday, April 12.

The company eliminated contracts in favor of monthly installments, so you could get yourself an iPhone 5 for $99.99 down and $20 per month over the next 24 months. The 32GB is $199 down, and the 64GB is $299.

The iPhone 4S is $70 down plus $20 per month for 24 months and the iPhone 4 costs $15 down and $15 per month over the next 24 months.

The new Simple Choice Plan offers unlimited talk, text and web and customers can upgrade to unlimited data (an extra $20), a second line (an extra $30, or $10 a month for each additional line) and more.

As for the carrier update, we very much invite T-Mobile customer who applied it to share their impressions down in the comments.

  • DJMannyD

    I just received my update when I went into settings>general>about this morning at 10am. The update just popped up and it then put my carrier setting to T-Mobile 14.1 and also I would like to add that I am on iOS 6.1 on my Verizon iPhone 5 and jailbroken. Now my visual voicemail works, I got the 4G indicator, I got the switch for LTE and also all my APN settings have been automatically setup except for the LTE settings, does anyone know what those should be at? My MMS works perfect and my calls do sound a little clearer.

    • TonyVee73

      Glad to hear that it works on Verizon iPhone 5’s. my wife’s is using a Verizon iPhone 5. Sorry, I can’t help you withe LTE settings

    • Its auto-configure. Its optional. I think you still can connect to LTE data

    • Bad news for you. Verizon iPhone 5 cannot connect to Tmobile LTE. Tmobile LTE is band 4.

    • loopyduck

      The only iPhones that are capable of running on T-Mobile’s LTE network are the AT&T iPhone 5, the direct-from-Apple unlocked iPhone 5, and the T-Mobile iPhone 5.

    • jalen springfield

      Could you give me the APN settings for me to configure with my Sprint iPhone 5, etc. HSPA+, MMS, Visual Voicemail? It should work, given that both are CDMA networks (Verizon and Sprint) ;P.

  • This is bad. I lost my tethering. How do I get it back

    • DJMannyD

      If your jail broken then just download tetherme from cydia. If not then just contact tmobile and they will turn it on for you. All plans come with tethering now but after 500mb it’s throttled unless you wanna pay for more tethering.

      • Oh but I recently updated to 6.1.3 on iPhone 4S. I can’t jail break neither I want to pay tmobile for that.

      • loopyduck

        Then if you aren’t on a plan that includes tethering (any of the new Value Plans), you’re out of luck.

    • As I tested, the Tethering setting wont appear in the Cellular setting, but you can turn on personal hotspot and the tethering still works. There just wont have a setting for you to configure.

  • I updated. I plugged in to iTunes and it asked me to update

  • Michael

    i have factory unlocked 4s and running the latest os. i plugged mine in to charge just a little bit ago and got the carrier update pop up in itunes. visual voicemail appears under the voicemail button in the phone icon. i’m not sure my mms is working because i tried to send a picture to a non iphone user and it failed (as usual). i am on wifi (otherwise edge) in nyc so can’t confirm 4g icon but big deal. still so many places with edge! might have to upgrade to the 5 – but then no more push gmail in native app unless i play for it. so much for making life easier.

  • This is great!!! I downloaded the file from the settings and ones it finished I turned off wifi and now I have the 4g sign!!!

  • I’m the owner of a Jailbroken iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.2.
    I pay for a 2 year contract in the Netherlands and they just introduced 4G here. (They didn’t have any 4G plans here.) I also read something about getting free 4G speeds but not paying more? Does anyone know about it? But thats off-topic. I read on iDB that I can’t install it because I’m jailbroken? What now? The update didn’t show up itself. And the IPCC you gave me was US only? What can or should I do to get the update WITHOUT losing my JB?

    • go to the US, put Tmobile sim card in, and you will have the update lol I think it only appear on iphone with Tmobile US sim card in it.
      I am using a jailbroken iPhone 5 and I can get the update (I plugged it to iTUnes)

    • doesn’t the link on the post shows how to install the update mannualy from your desktop itunes???

    • These posts are only for T-Mobile US. I’m also on T-Mobile NL, so I asked them and they said that we will have the 4G speeds on our phones by June to September.

  • bawstinmike

    just updated, AT&T unlocked, still can’t get the VVM to work.

    • reboot your iphone?

      • bawstinmike

        tried that and nothing.

    • loopyduck

      Call into support. It’s not initializing for a few folks. They can fix it.

    • I was told by tMo tech vVoicemail will not work on any iOS lower than 6.1.3. And it seems to be so. I get the vVoicemail interface, but it can’t connect even though my tMo vV account has been set up correctly, and verified by the tech.

      • TonyVee73

        That’s incorrect. I have a 3GS, a 4 and a 4S on 6.1.2 and vvm is working fine. Is may take a while for it to show. On my sons phone it took like 20 minutes after I did the update for VVM work.

  • Tate

    does this update make your data speeds any faster? i mean cant we get LTE anyway without the update?

  • TonyVee73

    So far, I’ve updated a unjailbroken 3GS, and a 4 ans 4S (both jail broken). I don’t use tethering so I’m not sure ewhite to look for there. The update works exactly as stated, otherwise.

  • if t-mobile would bring 1900mhz 3g/4g to my area, I would switch immediately. I hope my wish soon comes true 🙂

    (west-central mississippi) (like cleveland, ms area please)

  • Got my T-mobile carrier updated on my Apple unlocked & Evasi0n jailbroken iPhone 4 running 6.1.2. Went to Settings>General>About & got a dialog asking me to install the update. I did did have to call T-mobile to make certain Visual Voicemail was active on my account. It wasn’t. I was instructed to reboot my phone & did. vVoicemail interface on the iPhone is there, now may need to wait 2-4 hours for T-mobile servers to start pumping my voicemail to vVoicemail. It’s all good!

    • Do you mind typing out your data settings? I did the update but now the my data and MMS does not work.

    • BTW … Visual Voicemail just started working tonight, out of the blue, even though a T-mobile tech told me it wouldn’t on iOS 6.1.2, I was told my iPhone 4 needed to be on 6.1.3. Glad it works now … I still have my jailbreak too! I’m a happy camper! 🙂

  • Jonathan Saechao

    Does this update mean that i cant have 3g service anymore if im out of range for the lte towers? And btw, it doesnt say 4g, it just shows the E for me ;(

    • unless your in a refarmed area you wont get 3g unless you have the new t-mobile iphone/unlocked t-mobile iphone

  • Anyone know if you move the boundle file for LTE from an iPhone 5 to iPhone 4S works so you can you use LTE on 4s?

  • Adrian12369

    So I use tetherme for tethering. I’ll still he it after right? And will set up the tethering info? Because I heard if it does that I’ll be chargers for it.

    • loopyduck

      TetherMe works for me. I tether my iPad to it, so it’s pretty much undetectable. If you’re tethering your laptop or other device to it, you may or may not be caught.

      • Adrian12369

        Did you update your carrier settings? And it still works after?

  • Eric Su

    Finally have visual voicemail on my iPhone 4 after like 3 years. Woohoo!

    • what ios do you have? I have ios 5.1.1 and my phone is jailbroken and i still have not got anything

      • TonyVee73

        You have to be on 6.1 and above

  • Eduardo Arteaga

    Update my unlocked at&t to tmobile and it shows E. Is it because im out of range? And where can I see visual voicemail ?

    • loopyduck

      LTE is only in 7 markets; HSPA+ is in ~50. If you’re not in one of those metro areas, you’ll be on EDGE. Visual Voicemail is in the dialer, right-most icon on the bottom bar.

  • Jaydog7k

    Can I get this via OTA or do I have to use iTunes? iPhone 4S on iOS 6.0.1

    • loopyduck

      You can get it OTA if you go to Settings>General>About. However, the bundle only officially works (OTA or iTunes) if you’re 6.1 and above.

  • samuel

    anyone have the settings for the iphone 4?

  • Jeremy

    One question. How exactly do we pre-order the iPhone 4S for t-mobile? I see no option anywhere on the website or Apple’s site, yet I constantly see it in the press releases on this site.

  • facar

    lost Jailbreak on 6.1.2 iphone 4S?? with this update!

    • TonyVee73

      If you are Jailbroken with 6.1.2, you will not lose your jailbreak. Just go to Settings>General>About and accept the update. It will not update iOS, just the Carrier settings.

  • TonyVee73

    For anyone that has a Verizon i5 that was running 3G on T-Mobile, are you able to get either 4G or 3G? I updated my wife’s phone and now it’s only on E.

    My sons AT&T i5 is running on 4G after the update.

    • DJMannyD

      I have an iPhone 5 on Verizon and its now showing 4G instead of 3G after the update.

      • TonyVee73

        My wife just texted me on the bus on her way to work and she told me it’s on 4G.

  • MikeTomobile

    So check this out, they disable tethering and now force you to pay $15 extra.

  • Mike

    What about T-Mobile MVNOs like Simple Mobile, Solavei, Ultra mobile and others… What’s the deal with them?

  • TonyVee73

    My wife’s Verizon iP5 is only connecting to the E Network after the Carrier Update. Is there a way I can reinstall the old Carrier Bundle and reinstall the new one? Should I restore with iTunes?

    Her phone used to connect to 3G before the update.

  • Daniel

    Is the 4g signal going to get better? Because i keep having edge

  • Anyone got an update with iphone 4 JB 5.1.1?

  • Milad Khahil

    Worked on my Verizon iphone 5 with 4G Signal and my wife AT&T iPhone 4S with no issue you just loose the Hot spot which you can get TetherMe from Cydia and LTE on the Verizon (not compatible) Visual Voice worked fine only you loose your old saved one , it wiped all the old one out …

  • AbdulRahman Al-Taweel

    I updated an got a 4G signal on my factory unlocked iPhone 5 (from Apple store). Does “4G” indicate HSPA+ ? I do not get LTE on my phone yet (i dont think Colorado is one of the 7 markets with LTE yet). Does 4G actually indicate 4G speeds? Speedtest says its running at 9 mbps download.. hardly LTE speed

  • TonyVee73

    When I updated yesterday, I had 4G service on my phones at home. Prior to the update, I had solid 3G service at home. Today, all the phone are on E!!! In my car, I did notice it was going between 4G and E.

    Anyone else having similar issues?

    I’ve restarted my phone a few times, toggled between 4G and E and it didn’t do anything. Hopefully, T-Mobile is doing work on the tower by my house and 4G will return.

  • JonLeach

    I have the iPhone 4S on T-Mobile all I can say is that it bad. Data says E inside house-where I work. I have only been on T-Mobile for a few days my AT&T was much better. I have an unlocked iphone 4s from AT&T. Does the data speeds ever improve how do I improve them?
    I’m thinking of moving to Verizon, Does anybody know if the data will be faster there? Since it looks like Sprint is a no go from all the bad things I here.

  • you can call me Ray

    iphone 5 / Verizon simm/dma version already unlocked to use on T-Mobile when I bought it from Verizon. Just got the update from T-Mobile. Settings were change to allow LTE fast network but my iphone version(Verizon) will not support it “E” still shows, not 4G even after restart.

  • you can call me Ray

    does LTE set to enabled even though I can only be on “E” network, use more battery

  • ShadowSamurai94

    if i gevey sim unlocked can i get the update?…

    • ShadowSamurai94

      got it.
      had to manually apply it through ifile