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Trying to find a decent Lock screen theme in Cydia is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are thousands of them in there, and there are way more bad ones than there are good. So you’re forced to spend hours browsing.

But what if I told you there was an app in the App Store that, when coupled with a jailbreak theme, allowed you to either create your own custom Lock screen themes, or download hundreds of free themes, with a few quick taps?

Well, such an app exists. And if you haven’t seen it yet, this post is going to make your day…

Apparently, this little trick has been around for quite a while. But since it’s new to us, we figured it would probably be new to some of you as well. It involves the App Store app Clock Builder and the WinterBoard ClockBuilder 5 theme.

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Obviously for this to work, you’ll have to download both of these. The ClockBuilder 5 theme is free in the ModMyi repo, and the Clock Builder app is $0.99 in the App Store. I know, free would be better. But trust me, it’s really worth it.

note: for best results, you’ll also want to install a tweak like Lockscreen Clock Hide.

Step 1: once you’ve installed the ClockBuilder 5 theme from Cydia, you’ll want to activate it in WinterBoard by opening your Settings app > WinterBoard > Select Themes > TypoClockBuilder.

Step 2: after your device resprings, open up the Clock Builder app and tap the List button in the lower lefthand corner. Then tap the ‘+’ in the upper righthand corner and a rolodex should pop up with all of the different items you can display on your Lock screen.

clockbuilder 3

Step 3: you’ll obviously want to play around with it—tapping on any item reveals a toolbar that lets you choose fonts, sizes, colors, etc.—but when you’re ready, tap the Action button located at the bottom of the app. A menu will pop up with options to save your theme, share it or set it as your Lock screen. Select the latter, and lock your device.

And that’s all there is to it! Pretty cool, huh? It gets better. In the Clock Builder app, tap the Saved Themes button (to the left of the Action button) and tap the globe icon in the top righthand corner. There’s hundreds of free themes to download.

In addition to this being an awesome solution for creating and finding new Lock screen themes, I find it interesting that an App Store app can work in concert with a jailbreak tweak like WinterBoard. You’d think Apple would catch that.

Thanks Jack!

  • There should be a comma after “cool” in “Pretty cool huh?”. Also, there should probably be a comma after “Thanks” in “Thanks Jack!”

    • BudBud Ding

      OMDays, a Grammar Nazi…

      • Oh god I though ‘oh my days’ grew old years ago.

    • do you just spend your spare time surfing through blogs and looking for people’s imperfections? i though i had no life..

      • Ben

        No, he’s obviously just good at English and happened to notice a grammar error in the article. Care to explain what’s wrong with that?

      • I received about 20 upvotes on my last grammar correction. I guess iDB readers are extremely… fickle, for lack of better words.

    • TROLL.

  • I hope this app doesn’t get pulled off the store. It works like a charm!

    • Bradley Wyatt

      this app is actually quite old and has been around for a while, wont be getting pulled

      • Not exactly true. Just because an app has gone under the radar for this long doesn’t mean it won’t get pulled.

        Now that this app is gaining more attention, Apple is probably looking for an excuse to pull it.

        AppGratis just got pulled recently after managing to stay in the AppStore despite being very similar to AppShopper which was pulled a while ago.

    • just make sure you have the .ipa file with you.

  • Chuck Finley

    Now taking bets, how long will Clock Builder survive Apple’s Orwellian App Store policing?

    1 day? 2 days? An hour?

    • Dave Elg

      It’s been in the App Store for years now. Don’t see why they would suddenly pull it.

  • BudBud Ding

    Oh yeah, where is Jeff and his tutorial videos. Kinda miss them….

  • Gus Me

    I’ll take side bets on how long it takes “that guy” to come out and say this is old and has been using it for years…
    Nice work!

  • to theme or not to theme?
    well it looks so crappy that i decide not to theme 😉

  • Dave Elg

    You should also mention that like other lock screen themes, you’ll want to download and activate ClockHide in Winterboard.

    • SimonReidy

      You must have missed this bit:

      “note: for best results, you’ll also want to install a tweak like Lockscreen Clock Hide.”

  • You had me until Winterboard.

    • Winterboard works amazing on iPhone 5 as long as you use it responsably (don’t enable 5 themes at once.) It’s time to put an end to that.

    • Why? I’ve had no problems with Winterboard, and it only slows down your phone if you cram it full of enabled themes. You might as well stay away from Auxo, Zephyr, etc. because they use the battery.

  • Tom Canuck

    oh my… this sounds awesome 😮

  • Give Cody a break he is a good writer and his articles are well written. He is just covering for Jeff and he does a good job at it.

    • inf3rn0

      Thank you, this is exactly what I think when I see, “Where’s Jeff? We miss him!” This is not only a bit obnoxious, it also hurts other writers (who all do a great job) on this site.

  • Khawaja Harris

    still u have to jailbreak break ur device for all this process.

  • This does not seem to be working for me at all. I’ve downloaded all the appropriate packages, created a desired lock screen and still nothing.

    • bloodshed

      maybe you’re doing it wrong

      • I actually had a twitter conversation with the developer and there is a legitimate problem with some code that negated something somewhere. There’s a fix coming out soon.

  • so can this replace my lockinfo typography clock (that no longer works with lockinfo 5) if it can get the same look… AND work as the top lockinfo 5 widget i would be so happy.

  • Darren Case

    Another similar but less customisable is Typophone. There is an AppStore app that let’s you configure it with ease. Been using this for over a year now.

  • Does this have live updating, location based weather?

    • bloodshed

      yes, and you can set the refresh rate too.

  • Mirko

    this looks great, but what happens to the music controls that pop up double-pressing the Home button in the lockscreen, if Clock Hide is applied? Are those hidden too?

    • Darren Case

      Music controls will appear at the top of screen as per usual when you hit home button twice. Note when playing music the album cover will be displayed rather then the lock screen. When music is stopped the lock screen will re-appear.

      • Mirko

        thank you! I feared that the music controls would overlay the custom lockscreen, but that sounds good! I’m gonna try it. 0,99$ isn’t that much!

  • bloodshed

    this is awesome

  • Mr. Dumb

    Battery gets drained. Is it happening to me only?

  • tariq haidari

    SO OLD…..I had this long agoo
    LivePaper is better!!

  • BHoenes

    Use this on my phone – love it. Created a nice minimalist if lock screen (not enough minimalist themes in cydia – it’s all carbon and glossy.)

    Glad to see it’s compatible with iPad!

  • BHoenes

    Anybody else noticing problems with this in conjunction with BiteSMS?

    When I get a notification on the lock screen and slide it for quick reply, it resprings…

  • Hi everyone, I tried this trick and liked it for a while, but then I experienced a bug and I thought I’d share. Since I installed a theme as my lockscreen, whenever I’m on my phone and I receive a call, my “answer” button doesn’t work, while my “decline” call button works 1 out of 10 times. If my phone is in sleep mode though, no problem. If anyone as a solution, let me know, but I just uninstalled it for now… Nice while it lasted.