Well it’s Monday and most of you are returning to work or school and gearing up for the week ahead. What’s going to help, you ask? Well another theme post from your friends over at iDB of course! In this series we lay out instructions on how to turn that boring stock Lock or Home screen into a beautifully crafted setup. The Lock screen has been neglected by Apple long enough so lets make it feel special for once.

Let’s get started…

Replicating this Lock screen

Step 1: Download Winterboard (free). If you haven’t guessed by now, this Lock screen does require Winterboard so go ahead and download that from Cydia. This theming engine is a powerful yet low memory-consuming app (if you don’t have an excessive amount of themes enabled), from Saurik.

Step 2: Download Lockscreen Clock Hide (free) from Cydia. This app hides the default Lock screen clock and its background. You configure this tweak in the default settings app in the “tweaks” section.

Step 3: Download an SSH program for desktop or iFile from Cydia. We will be using one of these to change things like wallpaper and weather locations.

Step 4: This step is a little different/harder from our previous tutorials. Normally you would go into Cydia and download the theme from there but LS Climacons isn’t in Cydia. In order to get this Lock screen you need to download one or both of these files. The picture above on the left is LS Climacons Light (download link) and the one on the right is LS Climacons Dark (download link).

Step 5: Once you have the version you want open up your SSH program and navigate to var/stash/Themes.***** and place the Lock screen folder you just downloaded in there.

LS Climacons Light

Weather location/Clock to 12 hour format

Step 1: Open the LS Climacons (light or dark) folder you just placed in var/stash/Themes.***** and open LockBackground.html in text form using either the iFile “Text Viewer” option or a text edit program on your desktop.

You will see var locale = “GMXX3324” and you will need to change GMXX3324 to your zip code.

Step 2: To change the clock from 24 to 12 hour format simply open the LockBackground.html with a text editor again and find line 421 or search for this line of code- “12-hour format if needed” with the magnifying glass.

Step 3: replace the “0” shown in the screenshot below in “currentHours = ( currentHours > 12 ) ? currentHours – 0 : currentHours;” with a “12”.


Note for international users: head on over to the developers Deviant Art page for instructions on how to change the weather for those outside of the US as well as how to change the clock to 24 hour format.


Step 1: In the same theme folder where the LockBackground.html file is, you will see image files. One of these files is named LockBackground.png and this file is what will show up as the wallpaper on the Lock screen. The developer included some extra walls listed as LockBackground2 and LockBackground3 as well.

Step 2: To change the wallpaper to a picture of your own navigate to the theme folder on your desktop and place your picture with the size 640×1136 in the LS Climacons folder. Move the default LockBackground.png to your desktop (for backup) and then rename your picture to LockBackground.png once in the theme folder.

Activating Theme

Step 1: Now that you have the weather changed to your location and a wallpaper you fancy, head on over to Winterboard. Once there open “Select Themes” and tap LS Climacons (Light or Dark Version), and respring.

Step 2: Look down on the beautiful setup you’ve just accomplished, go ahead… take a minute, enjoy!

LS modding

You made it! Setting up Lock screens and other themes on your iDevice can be a little complicated but hopefully these guides help you through it. The trick when learning to use the filesystem to your advantage is to just take your time and follow these guides step by step. Do that and you’ll be golden.

Finn Kraft is the developer of LS Climacons and I think we can all agree he did a wonderful job. If you have any issues please post in the comments section and we will try to help.

Have a Lock screen or Icon/UI theme you think should be featured here? Leave a comment or contact me on Twitter @Max_Kas and be sure to let us know what you think of the this Lock screen in the comments below.

  • Ecko Vas

    Damn so much doing lol

    • It’s a nice change of pace because you can feel so accomplished by the end of it 🙂

  • Does this support iphone 4s?

  • lockscreen theme, why you so complex

    • There are lots of Lockscreen Themes Out there without the hassle, why do some theme creators don’t put some more effort in usability?

  • AndroidFTW

    lol on android i can just go to the android store n chainge my lock screen

    • aasasasd

      yap, ios themeing is not so easy and good

    • i wish i can say its as easy to upgrade the OS.

  • I love all of these themes but I hate to have winterboard on my phone

    • matt0815

      me too. but this works great without winterboard as well, try LockHTML2

    • iospixel

      Is winterboard really all that bad? Sure it had its issues but could one enlighten me.

      As for the tweak it looks so similar to my own customised lockscreen. Very nice!

      • Well I have learned that while I am running certain things off of winterboard that my phone is more prone to crashing and I dont know if it is still because winterboard has somethings to work out or what. It is also something that drains my iphones battery including when I am running something off of it. Now I know that Jeff did talk about him never seeing this happen to him no matter what he has downloaded on my phone but I have noticed that winterboard is just a huge battery killer. So thats just basically the two big things. It is unstable with my phone and crashes a lot, then it kills my battery like crazy.

      • It tends to slow down on certain apps, and plus winterboard is like a skin, it covers up the ‘apple’ theme and replace it with your choice of theme.

        Basically it ‘tapes’ over the original theme. And causes slight lag if you’re that picky.

      • iospixel

        I havnt noticed any real slowdown. How do you suggest I theme these files? Backup and replace the apple/app originals?

        For me the biggest lag I notice is from BytaFont – it’s by no means crippling but it definitely does affect the loading of table cells like the settings menu. But it’s milliseconds and worth the visual for me.

  • RarestName

    This looks complex to the average person, but looks dead simple to average jailbreakers. All you’re doing is to manually copy the theme over and edit a simple HTML file which already contains instructions typed out for you to read. And we know that the we can replace files in WinterBoard to override the one that came with the theme. So in actual fact, it isn’t complex at all.

  • Matt

    After accomplishing all steps listed, for some reason, my background image stops at the top of the new slider, leaving me with just a black bar. Did this happen to anyone else?

    • me too

    • Yes, it did on mine too. I’ve checked the size of background image and it is 640×960 <- isn't that iPhone 4/4S size actually? we'd need 640×1136 like Jeff is sayin on the post. I think something is wrong 🙂

      • he uploaded the iPhone 4/4S version. Should go search for the iPhone 5 version

      • Matt

        That is not really helpful. Why not try giving us a link. Because I already tried that, and had no luck finding it.

      • I already wrote a post with link etc, researched it selv, but it is waiting for moderation.. becouse its a link. So just wait.

    • Don’t just copy the folder that you download to Var/Stash/Themes. You need to make sure that you copy the the correct folder for your operating system from inside the downloaded folder to that location.

    • yes

    • Link fixed for iPhone 5 users. Thanks for the tip.

  • hmmm – tried it and my slide to unlock bar is black overlaid on the picture. maybe a springtomize setting?

    • looks like the second picture in the light theme (the mountains) is too small. used handy photo to lengthen and i am good to go. nice simple theme to switch in and out with peekly.

  • Already have LS Lyra installed, just installed this (which is pretty much identical way to Lyra) yet not working. Don’t understand it, surely all I should have to do is enable it in WinterBoard. May try uninstalling Lyra, but that shouldn’t make a difference. Any ideas anyone???

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Wow great theme too much to do

  • Great LockScreen. I love this sleek and minimal feel.

    If you want to use “WallpaperJPEGifier” tweak to change the background without having to put it through SSH, you can follow the (easy) steps below:

    – open the LockBackground.html file

    – locate the line of code (use CMD-F or CTRL-F from your computer, it is the 373th line)

    – and replace it by :

    Now, put your theme through SSH as you would do to install it, open winterboard, activate it, respring, and voila, you now can change your wallpaper Via Settings app (and only through this app, do not try to change it in Photos app, it won’t work). Remember to respring after changing your wallpaper.

  • looks great on my iPhone 4s, so I love the jailbreak.

  • So then how do we change the temp to Farenheight?

    • Follow the instructions. One thing they left out when you’re editing “GMXX3324” to your zip code also change “var isCelsius” to false. And that worked for me !

      • Jeremy

        Something happened to mine after I changed it to false. It’s a small issue but my carrier name doesn’t show not even if its unlocked, it will only show if I pull notification center down.

      • Thanks man!

  • What is the zip code for cities in europe? Can someone tell me the right zip to use for Berlin?

  • Zaki

    Too much for a theme 😛

  • Is there anyway to get the zip code to work for a UK location?

  • seyss

    why not release a .deb with all that already done?
    we could just install the .deb and baam

    • but its fun doing all the modding urself 😛

      • seyss

        I used to feel like that but after kids, wife, work and other stuff time has grown short!

      • iospixel


  • If you’re not familiar navigating through your device using SSH or iFile its going to seem a lil bit hard for you. But those users that are always tweaking a theme using iFile and know where everything is at this is actually very simple progress. Simple as that = )

    Good luck noobs, kidding = )

  • Good find friend !

  • Florian Lerch

    Thank you Max Kaslick for reading my post and reviewing this theme! 😀

  • Devang

    The best way to change the lock screen wallpaper in this theme
    1. download any iphone wallpaper–> convert it in .png format (“image converter” app can be used)
    2. paste the file in the Ls folder
    3. Copy the name of the file the Ls folder then Open the lockbackground.html and locate the line

    5. Now just paste the name of the file replacing lockbackground
    (For eg if the name of your file is IMG then the line should be


    • Zeeshan Mehboob

      how do i get LS for 3GS?

  • Really cute! But it does not fit with lockinfo…

    • Nelson

      Yes it does, in the appearance menu, set “hide lock clock” to on & the 2 other toggles under it to off. Then respring.

  • toptukun

    Pls make a video tutorial…

  • iPad3 Compatable ??

  • Followed all of the steps, and it appears that the lockscreen remains black. I can still see the time and etc from the theme but the wallpaper is black. What happened?

  • Alex

    Followed the steps to a tee, but all i get is the background i had before(not a theme, just a default style background). Suggestions?

  • I had a problem with my lock slider still showing… Not sure why?

  • arrontaylor

    i like themes like this, but the lack of notification integration really bugs me

  • wonderboydave

    does music controls pro still work after this tweak?

  • How do i get the degrees in ferenheight

  • Yashirah

    ok how can i change my lockscreen to the blue wallpaper? it stays stuck on the green one.

    • altheablue

      “One of these files is named LockBackground.png and this file is what
      will show up as the wallpaper on the Lock screen. The developer included
      some extra walls listed as LockBackground2 and LockBackground3 as well.” I’m guessing because I haven’t installed it, but I think you need to change the wallpaper you want to be named LockBackground.png.

  • Wouldn’t notifications spoil this whole theme? It would look very out of place right?

  • Nice ; but too much to be done:(

  • tggt00

    is it compatible with ipad?

  • I’ve followed everything exactly, except for the 12 hour time, as I like 24 hour better. However, when all said and done, my lockscreen hasn’t changed one bit, except for the larger time not being there because of the Clock Hide app I downloaded. Where am I going wrong? I have nothing else selected on my winterboard, either.

  • Malan Raja

    What about International users? how do we get our weather forecasts?

    • altheablue

      Go to the DeviantArt page linked in the article for instructions.

  • Installed, this theme is sweet!

  • on iPhone 4S why the bottom bar is not transparent ?

  • My phone looks much better now! Only problem now is the lock screen notifications destroy the look of it 🙁

  • Why is my weather saying -6 when it’s not? I’m in 14559

  • Does anyone know what value to modify to change the font color? Like if I want to change it to white for example.

  • Support LockHTML2? So it’s much more easy to change wallpaper (via photo app)

    Please! 😉

  • glyph

    what is the source html?help please

  • Maurice

    Does anyhow know how to reposition the words (clock, date, day etc)? Like move it downwards.