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Remember the good old days, in iOS 5, when you could listen to a video’s audio in the background on your device while multitasking? All you had to do was double tap the Home button, swipe to the left to reveal the iPod controls, and press Play.

But for some reason, Apple disabled this feature in iOS 6, leaving us without a native way to do things like listen to YouTube videos in Safari while texting or browsing Twitter. But the good news is, we’ve come across a fairly easy way to get it back…

Before we get started, I want you to try something. Open Safari (or Chrome), navigate to, and play a video. Now pause the video, close the app, double tap your Home button, swipe to the left and press Play. Did it work? No? Ok, let’s go.

Note: you’ll need to be jailbroken for this tutorial. If your device isn’t jailbroken, click here for more information.

Step 1: open up Cydia and tap the Manage tab located at the bottom of the screen. Select Sources > Edit > Add and type in the following: Now tap Add Source.

Step 2: once the repo is successfully added, select the Search tab from the bottom of the screen and do a search for BgVideo. This should bring up the tweak, which you’ll install like normal. Then, your device will re-spring.

Step 3: and that’s all there is to it! After your device re-springs, try playing audio from a video in the background by repeating the above-mentioned exercise. It should work this time.

I can only confirm this works with Safari and Chrome, but I’m sure it works with other browsers as well. And while I only tried it with YouTube’s mobile website, the developer says that it’s compatible with all sites that play videos through QuickTime.

Any questions?

Thanks Winona!

  • Only would help if you were listening to music on YouTube, not watching video

    • User

      That’s the whole point of this tweak.

    • That’s what this tweak is for. For people listening to music on YouTube. What did you expect? To have some picture in picture window show up in the corner with the video playing?

      • Kurt

        Can’t wait to have picture in picture window when I get the Note 3 this summer!

    • Bing Beta

      yourtube does this

  • Useful tweak, installed and working correctly 🙂

  • Nice tweak, but I use Music Tube for playing YouTube videos in the background. Music Tube also allows you to play YouTube videos when your iPhone is locked. The ability to play ANY QuickTime media in the background is nice feature of this tweak though.

    • luis gonzalez

      Yes Music tube is nice

  • Kurt

    I don’t use safari much. I do use Youtube on the subway from time to time and would love to be able to play a video and turn off the screen to save the little juice in the iphone battery that we have. 🙁 Maybe it will be a feature only given to the 7th gen iphone this year? There must be a reason why Apple took it away, and there can’t be a good reason.

    • Bob

      The reason why they took it away is obvious, people are less likely to buy songs from iTunes when you can simply just type them in on Youtube and listen to them in the background. That’s my theory anyways. There was a Youtube app in the appstore, they updated it to remove background playback as Youtube requested they do so. They also asked to remove caching. The app was called Foxtube if I recall correctly.

      • Kurt

        Your theory is very sound. I think you’re right. Makes sense. Thanks for letting me know

    • You can install a tweak called YourTube which enables background playback for the Youtube app, it can also remove ads, very useful.

      • Kurt

        I have yourtube. Never tried the background playback…let me try now 😀
        IT WORKS! Works like it works on other OSes! Thanks Andy!

      • Arjan Vlek

        On Android, background playback is also disabled from the YouTube App, so not all OSes have this feature anymore

  • Todd Pollack

    Will this work for the Slingbox app?

  • Very helpful. I wonder why they would take that out.

    • Cod3rror

      I hope it was just a bug/mistake and they’ll fix it.

      • No Whammy

        The ability to play videos “in the background” was a bug that they just fixed.

  • Awesome! It also works with Jasmine and some other apps! I was really missing this background feature in ios 6. Thank you guys!

  • Anybody else having problems with this tweak with Auxo installed on your device?

  • Marcel

    To bad I can not install it with IOs 6.. Needs 6.1..

    • T pepperoni

      U dont need the tweak u have this function already on 6.0

  • Love small simple tweaks like this 🙂

  • !Cek@

    Is there any way for original youtube app?

  • Can’t you tag this article with cydia or jailbreak at the beginning so people dont waste their time thinking it’s possible on a stock iphone till halfway through the article

  • sooo um i was just wondering is a dev has decided to work on fixing the back grounder tweak for IOS

  • yader

    thank you and thank god for copy and paste.

  • Denmark
  • I use TubeBox which is a great application to download YouTube videos and DailyMotion videos however it got removed from the AppStore. Luckily I still have a copy.

  • sadmo8d

    Nice. Is it possible to have this fix also to Protube or Youtube app?

  • Not working when private browsing is enabled

  • Cod3rror

    Awesome tweak!

    Why would Apple disable such a useful feature?

  • Thank you for this tip!! It was driving me crazy.

  • Gabriel Augendre

    Works with Dolphin too, thanks 🙂

  • Matt

    You Sir are AMAZING!

  • hiyel

    I am wondering why this tweak is not on a default repository. Is it safe to use third party personal repositories?

  • Rick

    Seems to work for streaming music from Google Play and Grooveshark in Safari as well. Great, because it was annoying to have one song play, then stop.