belkin ultimate case

Belkin today announced the online availability of its newest iPad accessory, the Ultimate Keyboard Case. Well, it’s available for pre-order today, and will start shipping to select retailers in May.

So what’s so special about the Ultimate Keyboard Case? With a keyboard that is just 6.4mm thin and weighing 17 oz, it’s now the slimmest and lightest keyboard folio of its kind on the market…

From Belkin’s press release:

“People-inspired tech brand Belkin announced today the availability of a breakthrough new iPad keyboard case—the Ultimate Keyboard Case. Using a revolutionary aluminum alloy and magnet construction, Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case is now the slimmest and lightest keyboard folio of its kind on the market, with a keyboard that is just 6.4mm thin and weighing 17 oz. Consumers can pre-order the Ultimate Keyboard Case at or purchase at select retail locations in May.

“We believe the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case will reinvent the iPad user experience,” says Jamie Elgie, senior director of product management at Belkin. “It gives the iPad all of the functionality of a laptop, while maintaining the sleek appeal of a tablet.”

Those are some pretty bold statements, but can the Case back it up? It would seem like it. As aforementioned, it’s extremely light and thin, and it has a host of features including its TruType keyboard.

-Specially machined aluminum alloy base reduces thickness while improving durability

-Keyboard is only 6.4mm thin and 17 ounces in weight providing a slim ¾” profile that highlights iPad’s design and minimizes bulk

-Magnet sensors automatically turn keyboard on or off

-Media Mode flat-fold hides the keyboard away for reading, watching movies or playing games

-Well-spaced, TruType™ keys for comfortable, laptop-like typing experience

-Three viewing and typing angles, with magnets that hold the iPad in place

-SoundFlow design for enhanced audio power

-Auto-awake magnets wake up your iPad when opened

-Shortcut keys for easy media control

-Bluetooth® 2.0 connectivity

-160-hour battery life under constant use, six-month standby battery life

-Rechargeable battery uses included Micro USB cable 

Looking at Belkin’s biggest competitor in this category, Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard, the two match up fairly well. They both advertise up to 6 month battery life, and they both have built-in magnets.

After purchasing my iPad mini, I got rid of my full-sized iPad and any desire to try to get real work done on the tablet. But if I was in the market for a keyboard case, I would definitely keep this one in mind.

If you’re interested, head on over to Belkin’s website where the Ultimate Keyboard Case is now available for pre-order. The black version is just $99.99, and the white is a little more expensive at $129.99.

  • Backlit? Then I don’t want it

    • Christopher Dierauer

      Backlit? Really – what Ipad keyboard/case do you know of that functions like this that is backlit? If you know how to type properly – backlit shouldn’t make any difference. get real!

      • Really Chris… Okay. So may you add why on earth are majority of laptop keyboards back lit; quite possibly because of its ability to see better in poorly lit areas; conference rooms during speeches, most classrooms during audio/video presentations, OR maybe when New York had a blackout for days—some areas weeks roughly five months ago. I guess the back lit keyboard was a dumb idea :/ , eh, scrap it. Bugger off fool.

  • The only thing putting me off buying this now, is the iPad 5. I’m assuming it will be compatible, but an assumption is not enough to fork out $129.99.

  • Is it backlit?

    • It’s not unfortunately. My argument is why call it The Ultimate Keyboard if you’re not giving it ‘ultimate’ feature to follow that ‘ultimate price!?

  • Ben

    Why the big stand at the back? 🙁

  • Mohammed Sahib

    $30 difference between the two colors?! Why? And 30% increase in price is hardly a “little more expensive”. I hate ads.

  • shar

    I remember reading comments about surface’s keyboard /& stand making the device useless because you can’t use it on your lap 😉