sticky icky

Folks who dislike the fact that iOS automatically dismisses notification banners after just a few seconds will be happy to hear that there is a jailbreak tweak out that makes them much more permanent.

Sticky Icky, written by developer Aleksander Azizi, lives up to its name by pinning new notification banners to the top of your iOS device’s screen, and keeping them there until you manually close them…

The tweak itself is fairly straight forward. There’s no Spring board icon, and there’s only one option in the Settings app for changing the banner dismissal button. You can choose from an ‘X,’ a ‘-‘ and others.

Once activated, all push notification banners will stick to the top of your device’s screen until you manually dismiss them, or your device locks. I found they stayed even when using fullscreen apps and games.

For the most part, the tweak worked well. But I did, however, notice that when my iPhone went into landscape mode, things got a bit glitchy. Additionally, I’d like to see time-based dismissals and other options.

Overall, though, Sticky Icky solves the automated banner dismal conundrum. So if that bugs you, I advise you to check it out. You can find it in Cydia, in the ModMyi repository, and the price is right at $0.

Have you tried Sticky Icky yet? What’d you think?

  • Mr.Ocean

    Nice wallpaper 🙂 is there a link to find it?

    • Even I was also about to ask that. :p

      • Kurt

        If you have photoshop, throw down a color you like, flat or with a gradient then add “noise”

      • Thanks for the suggestion!! I have never tried my hand at photoshop. So wont be going in for that. 🙂

    • Melvco

      Don’t remember where I found it. But if you @me on Twitter I’ll send it to you.

  • You guys are pretty persistent with this Talladega Nights reference.

  • King

    does it work with flagpaint?

  • Dexter

    Great simple tweaks like this is the reason why I jailbreak.

    • Aleksander Azizi

      Glad you liked it 🙂

      • tim

        mr azizi, this tweak is fabulous. ever since since intelliborn made message banners stay until dismissal, i have wanted this tweak. thanks heaps!

  • Eric M

    Does not play well with Messeges+ at all.

    • pony crest

      Works fine with bitesms

  • Reminds me of “Icky Vicky” from Fairly Odd Parents.

    • Matthew

      What does?

      • obviously, the name. (sticky icky)

      • Matthew

        Oh I see it now!

    • Joe Bobbins

      yes. I remember icky vicky.

    • RarestName


  • pony crest

    very usefull teak !

    • Aleksander Azizi

      Thanks 🙂

  • sabas.. where did u get this wallpaper . really like

  • Ugly though

    • Aleksander Azizi

      What is it that you don’t like about it? :/

      • All in all its very cool, I just wish that if you receive a ton of messages that instead of replacing the last it would stack them on top of each other leaving the most relevant on top, and have an option for messages being in reverse order so that they are in order like in the app. Also an additional option for max lines should be used too. So that if you have 5 messages from someone and the max is 3 then the most relevant 3 are shown. Or a completely other method would be to treat the alert banners as a list and scroll through them if they extend beyond the screen height. And a toggle to dismiss all if applicable on the lowest or highest banner would be cool, possibly the height of the dismiss button and if a dismiss button for a certain app is held and not tapped then a prompt to dismiss all from that app would be awesome! Just some thoughts!

      • And grouping said multiple app banners together too! And a way to organize them. Not trying to tell anyone what to do, but this would really hook a lot more people in my opinion!

      • And anther cool idea would be to allow activator gestures to dismiss a single banner or all of a group or all at once. Maybe separate gestures or a toggle menu, perhaps using activator since they have menus too.

      • iospixel

        And with all the time invested to make the above possible I would expect to pay. Not that it bothers me with a feature set like those mentioned above I’d be happy to pay. It would be like Springtomize for Notifications.

        Can anyone advise to where I can find a tweak that turns my banner into a scroller/ticker for the duration banner allowing me view some of the message like I’ve seen on android devices? I can’t remember which revision of android but it was a htc handset. If it doesn’t exist this too would be a nice addition.

      • I’d pay for all those features.

      • Justin Thurmond

        Reveal is the tweak you want

  • Dan

    Nice to see that good tweaks like this are still free.

    • Kurt

      I was thinking the same. Remember the days when everything on cydia and before cydia, installer, everything was free. iPhone OS 1.1.1 how sweet it was.

      • Even on 1.1.1 in Installer paid Packages existed, but they were shareware.

      • Kurt

        I remember installer had no paid tweaks until iOS 2.0 when Apple started selling apps. Then jailbreak revs started to sell them also

  • I like the fact that there is a “/sticky-icky-ooo-wee/” in the link. 🙂

  • Richard Fairbanks

    Ah, alas, it doesn’t work on the Lock Screen, where I need it. A wonderful idea though!

  • disqus_pzLWA7TQrE

    Suggestion,can u do the emblem style of dismissing the notification instead of the close badge on the right 🙂

  • genXhippie

    I have always been hoping for a great tweak as such. In addition, it’s free too, which makes it greater imo.

  • great tweak and thanks to the dev for putting it out for free!
    anyone know what the tweak was called that made the notification banner a bit thinner/smaller, i have googled the shit out of it and still cant fint it :/

  • adam lompis

    I believe sticky icky is also what people call marijuana! haha Do not mind the name though, just found it funny!

  • Peter Harte

    Could the dev make it compatible with emblem?