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In iOS 6, Apple introduced a handy new feature called Remind Me Later. It allows you, among other things, to set a time or location-based reminder when declining phone and FaceTime calls, so you don’t forget to return them.

But what if you wanted to set similar reminders when declining messages or other notifications? Unfortunately, you can’t. Apple has limited the feature to just the Phone app. Which is why, ladies and gentlemen, we jailbreak

AnyReminder, a jailbreak tweak recently released by developer yeahwangy, extends the ‘Remind Me Later’ feature to other stock apps in iOS including Mail, Messages and Safari. And you can even set reminders for app notifications.

Once downloaded, the tweak is configured in the Settings app, where you can enable reminders on a per-app basis, adjust denomination choices for time-based reminders and choose dismiss actions. There’s a fair amount of options.

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As for using the tweak, tapping the Camera grabber on the Lock screen reveals a menu with Launch, Dismiss and Remind Me Later options for present notifications. And it can be triggered manually in each app via the Share sheet.

The package as a whole is great, but there are a few things I’d like to see improved. First, it’d be nice to see more location-based reminder options other than ‘When I leave.’ And I’d also like to see quick responses for Mail and Messages.

Other than those missing features though—which I’m not even sure are possible at this point—I really like AnyReminder, and recommend checking it out if you think you’d use it. It’s available in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for $1.99.

Have you tried AnyReminder yet? Thoughts?

  • Joe Bobbins

    cool but I wouldn’t pay 1.99$ for it.

    • no money?

      • bloodshed

        well, if there is money, i wouldn’t spend it on such tweaks!
        this should be free or at most $.99, some devs really need to reconsider the prices they ask for such simple tweaks. they kinda force some users to pirate while they try so hard not to (i’m one).

      • Damian W

        this maybe simple looking tweak, but very smart and productive tweak. Overall, it is must have for people who get tons of messages a day. The price is fair when you compare it to Gridlock’s 5 bucks.

      • i dont have many tweaks…gridlock,swipeselection,nc settings,torch,airblue sharing and zephyr.thats enough…airblue was expensive but worth it.the other tools were worth the money too.All good tweaks and i use them almost every day.Still looking for some new stuff worth the money but i will not spend money for the look of my iphone.there are many tools you can change the look of the iphone for free.

      • Jeffrey Yeo

        Why u jailbreak ur phone when u say it will cause it to not work properly???

      • I can live with it and i am a advanced user.There are many people who dont know ehat they are doing.It was only a warning like:Do not install acidsiri for example because you only will se a white apple and a bootloop

      • Joe Bobbins

        No, it’s because it’s not the tweak for me, it wouldn’t be useful for me.

  • i have got this tweak and its decent. still some buggs though. swiping in the notification center near the camera grabber doesnt always work. also beware cos the dev doesnt reply to msgs u send him for any assistant. i msg him to fix the bugg and if possible include notification based reminder few days ago and no reply.

    • Damian W

      The dev replies only sometimes to crucial bugs. Other than this no response.

    • RarestName

      I don’t like it when developers ignore the users. I’ll not purchase this tweak.

    • Guessing it’s incompatible with tweaks like LockInfo and JellyLock?

  • I got the messages app turned on but it isn’t working for me, anybody knows why?

    • Did you pirate it?

      • Viktor_Zweig

        What’s the difference?

      • If you pirate it, it won’t work properly.

      • If you jailbreak then your phone will maybe not work properly

      • UltraHut

        jailbreak is ok without pirating

      • I’d never used to do the pirating thing. Then I lost access to my Paypal and did it after wanting tweaks for so long. Did it and completely ruined my os. Everything for most part was old, unupdated, and was opening access to raw ip addresses and slowing my phone to the pint where I almost unjailbroke. I since then removed xsellize and everything I got and guess what!? My phone runs great! Never pirate ever! I just got someone who I could pay cash to use their Paypal! 🙂

      • why negative?try auxo and zephyr together and you will experience that if you open some apps they will quit…Thats a fact.Its the same like installing a custom rom on an android device.There are errors.Thats why many people dont like android.A few developers cannot do the same job like thousand developers in a big company like apple.But thats the risk when you small tweak installed wrong and the probs are there.spo dont install more tweaks at once!!!

      • and dont give negative feedback….if your in a bad mood

      • Damian W

        jailbreak does not really cause issues. It is the single tweaks you choose to install on your phone. For example, dont install Auxo and Zephyr together. Choose only one at the time.

      • Don’t go roud telling ppl that jailbreaking will make your iPhone instable, becuase of that one fucking buggy Auxo, there are lots of tweaks around that will do the same without bugs, Mission Board for example.

      • Jeffrey Yeo

        U are joking right? Pls tell me u are

      • Damian W

        I have original and it stopped working. I can only get the Clear button but not the camera grabber.

  • It’s about time you guys said something about this tweak.

  • Does it work with BiteSMS?

  • Does it work with Lockinfo 5?